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Live Blog: The Data World – Buildings, Homes…You Name It

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ibmpulse.jpgToday’s live blog comes from IBM Pulse where we will explore how data moves to the greater physical world, be it buildings or physical objects.

It’s also an event that demonstrates how deep Tivilo is still embedded into the enterprise data center for the the management of IT assets. We’ll be sure to hear more about that in the keynotes this morning.

Let’s get started.

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8:13 A.M PST: The event is just getting started. IBM is setting the stage with three main themes:

  • Better optimization
  • Developing better systems
  • Analytics

8:30 a.m. : Dr.Danny Sabbah of IBM is on stage. He is discussing the instrumented world that is interconnected and intelligent.

8:39 a.m: Starting to get into instrumentation, discussing DC Water, the Washington D.C. water system with pipes that date back to the ivil war. Instrument data on the pipes and in the system allows for the assets to communicate with the people who administer the system. That’s cool.

8:43 a.m: The Amsterdam airport needs to be better optimized. They can do that with robots, software and analytics to create intelligence, learning and continual optimization. It’s creating space where there was none before. Robotic luggage system saves 40% in costs.

8:48 a.m.: IBM is developing an integrated service management platform on a Web-oriented architecture. They say it i an open initiative on an pen architecture and federated systems. It means transparent interaction in a Web environment. The process is designed to be collaborative from strategy to the actual devices in the world that are instrumented to collect data, transmit and analyze for predictive capabilities.

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