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Injunction Blocks “Don’t Be Friends” Law For Missouri Teachers

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Mr.Intel writes “A Missouri Circuit Court granted an injunction today, blocking the state law (PDF) that would ban all electronic communication between teachers and students, including their own children that was set to take effect on Sunday.”

Source: Injunction Blocks “Don’t Be Friends” Law For Missouri Teachers

Does Religion Influence Epidemics?

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sciencehabit writes “Whether or not they believe in God, evolutionary biologists may need to pay closer mind to religion. That’s because religious beliefs can shape key behaviors in ways that evolutionary theory would not predict, particularly when it comes to dealing with disease. According to a new study, some of today’s major religions emerged at the same time as widespread infectious diseases, and the two may have helped shape one another. The same dynamics may be reflected today in how people in Malawi deal with the AIDS epidemic.”

Source: Does Religion Influence Epidemics?

Fedora 16 Alpha Released

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AdamWill writes “Fedora 16 Alpha is released today, featuring GNOME 3.1.4 with a unified input indicator for keyboard layouts and input methods, KDE 4.7, GRUB 2 on new installations (with GPT disk labels) and several other major changes. You can download it now. Remember to read the important information in the release notes and common bugs page.”

Source: Fedora 16 Alpha Released

“Woot” Becomes an Official Word

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tekgoblin writes with a quick bit about new words in the COED. From the article: “Concise Oxford English Dictionary is the smaller but most widely recognized derivative of the official Oxford English Dictionary, which is celebrating this August its 100th anniversary. To celebrate, the lexicon published its 12th edition today that adds more than 400 new entries – many of which reflect the technological vocabulary found in today’s society, like ‘woot,’ ‘mankini,’ and ‘jeggings.’”

Source: “Woot” Becomes an Official Word

HP Spinning Off WebOS and Exiting Hardware Business

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A number of readers submitted rumors about a few announcements HP was to make today. Now that has actually happened and the news looks grim. For starters they are exiting the tablet and phone market and repositioning webOS for use in appliances and vehicles. While confirming they are in talks to acquire Autonomy, they also announced they are considering exiting the PC hardware business entirely in order to focus on their software business.

Source: HP Spinning Off WebOS and Exiting Hardware Business

LinuxCon 2011 Keynotes Streamed Free

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DeviceGuru writes “All keynote sessions from the LinuxCon North America 2011 conference held in Vancouver this week are being made available for free public streaming today through Friday (August 17-19). One noteworthy highlight: today’s 4:45 pm (pdt) keynote will feature Greg Kroah-Hartman in conversation with Linus Torvalds. Viewing the streams requires free registration.”

Source: LinuxCon 2011 Keynotes Streamed Free

ARM Sees Mobile As the Future Gaming Platform of Choice

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Stoobalou writes with an interview in Thinq with a few folks from ARM on their plans for the future of embedded graphics. From the article: “‘If you’re looking at the visual experience that we can deliver on a mobile, in terms of the capabilities of the devices that are on the market today, increasingly it is visually outstanding — but we need to do more maths, because we have an increasing screen resolution and we have increasing content complexity, and we have to do it all in pretty low power. So, if we look at where we were a few years ago, if you take the benchmarks of a VGA display and typical low-res content — all of a sudden, by the time you get to a 4K screen and some of the complexity of tesselated stuff you see in DX11 today, you’re talking about a 500x increase in performance.’ … ‘We’re still maintaining that 1W power envelope within your mobile device, yet being expected to deliver 500 times the performance,’ Hickman added. That’s a major undertaking, but one which the next generation of Mali processors will work towards.’ All of the graphics development in the embedded world is nice, but it is disheartening to see the lack of source code for all of the new mobile GPUs.

Source: ARM Sees Mobile As the Future Gaming Platform of Choice

What Today’s Coders Don’t Know and Why It Matters

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jfruhlinger writes “Today’s programmers have much more advanced languages and more forgiving hardware to play with — but it seems many have forgotten some of the lessons their predecessors picked up in a more resource-constrained era. Newer programmers are less adept at identifying hardware constraints and errors, developing thorough specifications before coding, and low-level skills like programming in assembly language. You never know when a seemingly obsolete skill will come in handy. For instance, Web developers who cut their teeth in the days of 14.4 Kbps modems have a leg up in writing apps for laggy wireless networks.”

Source: What Today’s Coders Don’t Know and Why It Matters

Borderlands 2 Announced

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First Person Shooters (Games)

Today, after Eurogamer spilled the beans earlier than Randy Pitchford would have liked, Gearbox and 2K Games officially announced Borderlands 2, the sequel to 2009′s well-received shooter/RPG. It’s planned for sometime between April 2012 and April 2013, and will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows. Gearbox plans to demonstrate the game in its current state during Gamescom and PAX Prime later this month.

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The End of the Gas Guzzler

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Hugh Pickens writes “Michael Grunwald reports that President Obama will announce today a near-doubling of fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, and the Big Three automakers — GM, Ford and Chrysler — will support it in a final deal that will require vehicle fleets to average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, which will reduce fuel consumption by 40% and carbon emissions by 50%. Although environmentalists had pushed for 60 mpg and the White House had floated a compromise of 56.2, 54.5 is pretty close, considering that last year’s standards were only 28.3. ‘I might point out that the same auto industry that ran attack ads about how 56.2 would destroy their businesses and force everyone to drive electric cars has embraced 54.5 as an achievable target,’ writes Grunwald. ‘It almost makes you wonder if the automakers may have exaggerated the costs of compliance, the way they always do.’”

Source: The End of the Gas Guzzler