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Superpoke Players Sue Google

February 8th, 2012 02:43 admin View Comments


mikejuk writes SuperPoke Pets is another casualty of Google’s aggressive spring cleanup… But unlike other users of Google’s trashed software, Superpoke users have decided to fight back with a class action. The aim is to recover the money they spend on virtual gold used as a currency to buy clothes for their virtual pets. The total ‘amount in controversy’ exceeds $5,000,000 — a sum that is credible given that there were at least 7,000,000 users. So if you are considering adding a virtual currency to your app you might want to think of the future.”

Source: Superpoke Players Sue Google

‘Superpoke’ To Be No More, Thanks To Google

August 28th, 2011 08:28 admin View Comments


angry tapir writes “Apparently the age of ‘superpoking’ social network friends and throwing sheep at them is coming to a close. Google plans to shut down the social applications developed by Slide, a company it acquired a year ago for US$182 million. Slide products include SuperPoke, and photo management and decorating tools like Slideshow and FunPix. Slide’s applications like Slideshow were very popular on MySpace during its heyday, and found success on other social networking sites, including Facebook, where the sheep-throwing feature of SuperPoke caught on, entertaining and annoying many.”

Source: ‘Superpoke’ To Be No More, Thanks To Google