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Ask Slashdot: What Is Your New Years Eve Tradition?

December 31st, 2012 12:58 admin View Comments


skade88 writes “What does the /. community do to celebrate New Years Eve? Does your city do something cool and unique to celebrate? Do you celebrate with fireworks in front of your house or in your favorite MMO (WoW, Minecraft, etc..)?”

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Ask Slashdot: Easiest Way To Consolidate Household Media?

December 30th, 2012 12:24 admin View Comments

Data Storage

First time accepted submitter Lordfly writes “The wife and I have started looking to buy a house. In the spirit of that, I’ve been giving away books, CDs, and DVDs to ‘downsize’ the pile of crap I’ll have to lug around when we do find the right place. That got me thinking about digital files. I’m perfectly okay with giving up (most) books, CDs, and DVD cases. The only music I buy are MP3s anyway, and we stream most everything else if we wanted to watch a show or movie. That being said, I have a desktop, my wife has an old Macbook, we both have tablets, and I also have an Android smartphone. I’d like to set up something on an extra Windows box shoved in a closet that lets me dump every digital file we have (photos, music, ebooks, movies) and then doles it out as necessary to all of our devices. Unfortunately my best computer geek days are likely behind me (photography and cooking have consumed me since), so while I CAN schlep around a command line, I’ve lost most of my knowledge, so go easy on the ‘just apt-get FubarPackageInstaller.gzip and rd -m Arglebargle’ stuff. Something easy enough for my wife to use would be a major plus. So: What’s the best way to make your own personal ‘cloud’?”

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Ask Slashdot: How Would You Convince Someone To Give Up an Old System?

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First time accepted submitter Vanderhoth writes “I’m currently serving as a new member of a board for a not for profit organization. The board currently has a few other members, and a couple of vacant positions. One of the issues I’ve noticed since joining the board is the method in which they conduct business is very out of date. The member that maintains our web presences (Bob) has developed a system over the last ten years to allow us to store documents, such as agendas and minutes on a website server.

Some of the big issues are:

1.) The system is very disorganized, there are documents from the late 90′s that aren’t relevant, but have to be sifted through to find more current stuff.
2.) Often documents are not where they should be and are difficult to find.
3.) No one except Bob really knows how the system works.
4.) No one really wants to use the system because of the monster it’s become.

My concern is if Bob decided to leave the organization no one would be able to maintain the existing system and we would be scrambling to put something new in place. I feel, for what we want to do, Google Docs would be an excellent platform for collaborating and sharing documents. The other board members, except Bob, have agreed with me, but are worried that bringing the issues with the existing system may cause offense and ultimately cause Bob to leave. Other than being overly vested in a system he developed, Bob is an important part of our board and a very valuable member.

We’re already having a difficult time finding members to serve on the board so it’s very important that we don’t lose any existing board members. I’m hoping that I can convince the Bob to start supporting some Google docs objects on the site and try to wean him off his existing system to something a bit more manageable and collaborative that can be passed on to new members and maintained easily.

I don’t want this to turn into old dogs and new tricks. I’m not that far behind Bob in years and can appreciate the difficulty of being told it’s time to give in to something more modern. I’m wondering how the situation could be approached tactfully so maybe Bob will see how much easier a new system could be for everyone, including him.”

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Ask Slashdot: Is Going To a Technical College Worth It?

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First time accepted submitter blandcramration writes “I have recently decided to further my education with a technical school associates degree. I am a first quarter student in my third week as an IT student. I have taught myself Python and have been working with computers for over 10 years. We’ve been learning C++ and though my instructor appears to know how to program, he doesn’t really understand the procedure behind the veil, so to speak. In a traditional learning environment, I would rather learn everything about the computer process rather than fiddle around with something until I figure out how it works. I can do that on my own. I think the real issue is I’m not feeling challenged enough and I’m paying through the nose to go to school here. Am I even going to be able to land a decent job, or should I just take a few classes here and move on to a traditional college and get a computer science degree? I’m much more interested in an approach to computer science like From NAND to Tetris but I feel as if I should get a degree in something. What are your thoughts?”

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Ask Slashdot: Best Linux Game For Young Kids?

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First time accepted submitter pseudorand writes “I have a 3 year old that I’ve so far kept away from TV and computers. I met a gamer who has a 1 year old that plays xbox (probably better than I do). I believe kids should experience the real world first, but computers will obviously be a basic job still for the foreseeable future and I’m afraid I’m letting my kid fall behind. I’d like to responsibly introduce my son to computers so he can start developing hard-eye coordination, typing skills and learning UI concepts. What’s the best (Linux, of course) game to get a kid started with? Shoot-em-up’s are obviously out, but I’m more concerned with something that will help him understand how to interact with a mouse, keyboard and screen and hold his attention rather than something ‘educational’ because there’s plenty of (probably more effective) ways to teach math, reading, etc. that don’t involve a computer. So far I’ve tried Tux Racer, which held his attention for 10 minutes or so. He doesn’t quite get pressing multiple keys simultaneously yet.”

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Glenn Beck Reports CIA Plot Between Embassy Killing and Something Awful

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An anonymous reader writes “Here’s one that even The Onion would reject as too blatantly ridiculous: American right-wing radio and TV clown Glenn Beck believes that Sean Smith aka Vile Rat, the EVE Online diplomat who was killed earlier this month during the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, was actually a CIA agent, relaying communications to his fellow undercover agents at Something Awful.”

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New York Plans World’s Largest Ferris Wheel

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justelite writes “It is an old trend to build “The World’s largest…” something. One of the latest somethings is a 630-foot tall Ferris wheel planned for Staten Island. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said ‘The New York Wheel will be an attraction unlike any other in New York City even unlike any other on the planet.’ Designed to carry 1,440 passengers at a time, it’s expected to draw 4.5 million people a year to a setting that also would include a 100-shop outlet mall and a 200-room hotel.”

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Can Microsoft Really Convince People To Subscribe To Software?

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curtwoodward writes “For most consumers, monthly subscriptions are still something for magazines and cable TV. With Office 365, Microsoft is about to embark on a huge social experiment to see if they’ll also pay that way for basic software. But in doing so, Microsoft has jacked up prices on its old fee structure to make subscriptions seem like a better deal. And that could really leave a bad impression with financially struggling consumers.”

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Ask Slashdot: Hackable Portable Music Player For Helicopters?

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First time accepted submitter mrhelio writes “I work for a medium-sized helicopter company; we mainly fly tourists around on sightseeing flights. My company needs help finding a hacker-friendly portable music player for our helicopters. We have a problem with our onboard music players — mostly because it is an obsolete terrible design. The manufacturer has made an updated model, but it’s basically the same obsolete design with the same terrible software and user interface. We are worried about spending $1000 per unit on these because the manufacturer will eventually stop making replacement units and then we will be force to buy upgrades for our entire fleet again and get everything recertified. (Any piece of equipment hard mounted in a commercial aircraft has to be certified by the FAA and it takes a lot of paper work, time and money for that to happen.) So we have a new plan: get portable music players like iPods, and plug those into the aux input in the intercom system. We need something that has nine hours of battery life, can hold at least three hours of music, and has remote control options for start, stop, volume, and selecting tracks and playlists, and a display that is visible in bright and sunny as well as dark conditions. The remote control option is the toughest part to find. The pilots need to be able to control the music without taking their hands off the flight controls for safety reasons. There are buttons and toggle switches already designed into the flight controls for these kind of purposes and we have mechanics/ engineers that can wire it all together, but the music player has to support the remote interface in the first place. Our first choice would be to give each pilot an iPod, but Apple is notoriously anti-hacking and anti-open source, plus you have to pay them ridiculous licensing fees to get access to their USB interface. So we are looking for a manufacturer that is open source / hacker friendly and makes something that meets our needs. Do you know of anything that would work for us? Maybe something that runs Rockbox? Should we just break down and design something from scratch like the Butterfly MP3 player?”

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Do Tech Entrepreneurs Need To Know How To Code?

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An anonymous reader writes “Learning to write code has become something of a trendy thing to do. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he intends to learn code this year. Estonia has recently announced a scheme with the aim of getting every 6-year-old in the Baltic state to learn programming skills. The demand has spawned a number of start-ups offering coding lessons. General Assembly, which teaches off-line courses, has recently opened up in London and is recruiting ahead of a launch in Berlin. On-line education site Codecademy landed $10 million to expand from its home base in New York. Zach Simms, the 22-year-old co-founder, said in an earlier interview with The Wall Street Journal that not everyone has to learn to code, but everybody ‘needs to learn the notions of algorithms, realizing what you can use code for.’ But do they?”

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