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NASA Craft To Leave Vesta Heads For Dwarf Planet Ceres

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DevotedSkeptic writes “NASA’s Dawn probe is gearing up to depart the giant asteroid Vesta next week and begin the long trek to the dwarf planet Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt. The Dawn spacecraft is slated to leave Vesta on the night of Sept. 4 (early morning Sept. 5 EDT), ending a 14-month stay at the 330-mile-wide (530 kilometers) body. The journey to Ceres should take roughly 2.5 years, with Dawn reaching the dwarf planet in early 2015, researchers said. ‘Thrust is engaged, and we are now climbing away from Vesta atop a blue-green pillar of xenon ions,’ Dawn chief engineer and mission director Marc Rayman, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., said in a statement. ‘We are feeling somewhat wistful about concluding a fantastically productive and exciting exploration of Vesta, but now have our sights set on dwarf planet Ceres.’”

Source: NASA Craft To Leave Vesta Heads For Dwarf Planet Ceres

Mobile Operator Grabs 4G Lead In UK — But Will Anything Work On It?

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pbahra writes “Finally, the U.K. is going to get a 4G mobile-Internet service. For a country that was once at the cutting edge of mobile telephony, its lack of high-speed mobile broadband was becoming a severe embarrassment. Everything Everywhere, Britain’s largest mobile network operator, has been granted permission by U.K. regulator Ofcom to provide next-generation LTE services as early as Sept. 11. Although Ofcom’s ruling is a significant step for the U.K.’s telecoms future, the choice of frequency — 1,800 MHz — means that devices that can take advantage of the much faster data speeds that LTE offers — theoretically up to 100 megabits a second — are limited. Currently the only significant market using the frequency is South Korea. While 1,800 MHz is in use in a small number of European countries, and in Australia, numbers of users are small in comparison to the U.S. This means devices may be harder to get and cost more. So, anyone who thinks their new iPad is going to zip along at 4G speeds is going to be disappointed; the new iPad only supports U.S. LTE frequencies. For the same reason, those hanging on for the new iPhone, expected to be announced on Sept. 12, in the hope that it will be LTE-compliant are unlikely to have good news. Even if there is a new iPhone, and even if it is LTE-enabled, will it operate on Everything Everywhere’s frequency?”

Source: Mobile Operator Grabs 4G Lead In UK — But Will Anything Work On It?

SAP To Plead Guilty For Downloading Oracle Software

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itwbennett writes “Slashdot readers will remember that on Sept. 1, a federal judge overturned a $1.3 billion judgment and approved SAP’s request that Oracle accept a lower award of $272 million. Now, according to court documents filed this week, former SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow will plead guilty to criminal charges of copyright infringement for downloading software from Oracle’s servers. Sentencing will take place at a hearing on Sept. 14.”

Source: SAP To Plead Guilty For Downloading Oracle Software

NZ Illegal Downloading Crackdown Law In Effect

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First time accepted submitter sfranklin writes “As of Sept 1 at midnight, ‘anyone caught downloading copyrighted content illegally could face fines of up to $15,000 and have their internet cut off‘ in New Zealand. You don’t even have to do the deed yourself. The ‘account holder needs to know what’s going on even if they themselves don’t do anything online…’ Scary stuff, although I wonder how much actual enforcement is likely to happen.”

Source: NZ Illegal Downloading Crackdown Law In Effect

Electronic Life Makes Evolving Art

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brilanon writes “Good news! On Sept 4, critterdrug, the a-life lab for the twenty-teens, was updated to make generating a species almost trivial. A new video shows semi-random artificial animals gaining neurons and synapses as they compete to draw a gradient on an animated shared canvas which constitutes 1024 frames spread through time. The canvas is a 10-megabyte digital background for the lossy neural nets that populate the world. What you get are cellular automata run by psychic neural nets that are bound by the rules of a survival contest with physics. Features implementations of telepathy, Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields and five types of drugs. The key assignments have changed since critterding; check the changelog on the web page for the new ones. Happy hacking!”

Source: Electronic Life Makes Evolving Art

Nokia Names Microsoft’s Elop As New CEO

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itwbennett writes “Nokia has tapped Stephen Elop, former president of Microsoft’s business software group, to become its new CEO effective Sept. 21. Elop will replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, who loses his board seat immediately and will step down from the CEO position on Sept. 20. Microsoft said Elop will leave immediately, but the company doesn’t seem to be rushing to fill the vacancy at the top of one of its largest divisions. ‘I am writing to let you know that Stephen Elop has been offered and has accepted the job as CEO of Nokia and will be leaving Microsoft, effective immediately,’ Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrote in a letter to employees late Thursday.”

Source: Nokia Names Microsoft’s Elop As New CEO