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Draft of IPCC 2013 Report Already Circulating

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First time accepted submitter iggymanz writes “More precise modeling has changed some long term climate predictions: sea levels to rise almost a meter more than present over the next century, but past dire warnings of stronger storms or more frequent droughts won’t pan out. Instead there will be less strong storms, but peak winds in the tropics might be slightly higher. Temperature rise of global average will be about 3 degree C total, including the 1 degree C rise over the 20th century. In places where precipitation is frequent, it will become even more frequent; in arid areas, the tendency will be to become even drier. Some new arid areas are expected to appear in the south of N. America, South Africa and Mediterranean countries. Overall, hardly a doomsday scenario.”

Source: Draft of IPCC 2013 Report Already Circulating

Ask Slashdot: Is the Rise of Skeuomorphic User Interfaces a Problem?

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An anonymous reader writes “The evolution of user interface design in software is a long one, and has historically tracked the capabilities of computers of the time. Early computers used batch processing which, is mostly unheard of today, and consequently had minimal human interaction. The late 60s saw the introduction of command line interfaces, which remain popular to this day, mostly with technical users. Arguably, what propelled computer use to what it is today is the introduction of the ubiquitous graphical user interface. Although graphical interfaces have evolved, in principle they have remained largely unchanged. The resurgence of Apple saw the rise of skeuomorphic graphical user interfaces, which are now starting to appear on Linux. Are skeuomorphic designs making technology accessible to the masses, or is it simply a case of an unwillingness to innovate and move forward?”

Source: Ask Slashdot: Is the Rise of Skeuomorphic User Interfaces a Problem?

Gartner Buzzword Tracker Says “Cloud Computing” Still on Hype Wave

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If you’re sick of the term “cloud” to refer to pretty much anything on “the internet” and consider that phrase a symptom of useless MBA, PHB, PowerPoint talking points oozing where they don’t belong, sorry — you’ll probably have to endure it for a while yet. Nerval’s Lobster writes that Gartner’s 2012 Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies says that “Cloud computing” (along with a few other terms, such as “Near Field Communication” and “media tablets”) is not just alive but growing. “Gartner uses the report to monitor the rise, maturity and decline of certain terms and concepts, the better for corporate strategists and planners to predict how things will trend over the next few months or years. As part of the report, Gartner’s analysts have built a Hype Cycle which positions technologies on a graph tracing their rise, overexposure, inevitable fall, and eventual rehabilitation as quiet, productive, well-integrated, thoroughly un-buzz-worthy technologies. Right now, Gartner views hybrid cloud computing, Big Data, crowdsourcing, and the ‘Internet of Things’ as on the rise, while private cloud computing, social analytics and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon are coasting at the Peak of Inflated Expectations.”

Source: Gartner Buzzword Tracker Says “Cloud Computing” Still on Hype Wave

Sea Level Rise Can’t Be Stopped

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riverat1 writes “Sea level rise won’t stop for several hundred years even if we reverse global warming, according to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. As warmer water is mixed down into the oceans, it causes thermal expansion of the water. Under the best emissions scenario, the expected rise is 14.2 cm by 2100; under the worst, 32.2 cm from thermal expansion alone. Any water pumped from aquifers or glacial/ice sheet melt is added to that.”

Source: Sea Level Rise Can’t Be Stopped

U.S. East Coast a Hotspot of Sea-Level Rise

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Harperdog writes “Nature just published this study of sea-level rise (SLR) and how global warming does not force SLR to rise everywhere at the same rate. Interesting stuff about what, exactly, contributes to this uneven rise, and how the East Coast of the US, which used to have a relatively low sea level, is now a hotspot in that sea level there is rising faster than elsewhere.”

Source: U.S. East Coast a Hotspot of Sea-Level Rise

NC Planners May Be Barred From Using Speculative Sea Level Rise Predictions

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ideonexus writes “Republicans in North Carolina are floating a bill that would force planners to only consider historical data in predicting the sea-level rise (SLR) for the state as opposed to considering projections that take Global Warming into account. NC-20, the pro-development lobbying group representing twenty counties along the NC coast, is behind the effort and asserts that the one-meter prediction would prohibit development on too much land as opposed to SLR predictions of 3.9 to 15.6 inches.” Scientific American has an acerbic take on the bill.

Source: NC Planners May Be Barred From Using Speculative Sea Level Rise Predictions

Bands’ Twitter Accounts Hacked To Display Pro-Paul Tweets

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ronpaul_150x150.jpgDon’t be fooled: Nicole Scherzinger, No Doubt and Rise Against have not officially (or even unofficially) signed-on as Ron Paul supporters.

The Twitter accounts of all three recording artists appear to have been hacked early Wednesday morning, according to MSNBC. The hacker or hackers posted messages supporting Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“As you would all assume, We DO NOT support Ron Paul,” Rise against said in a message to fans after the posts were discovered and removed.

“No political endorsements at this time,” No Doubt added.

All three artists are signed with Interscope records. Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Branch, who are on different labels, have unofficially thrown their support behind Paul, which may have tempted Paul-supporting hackers to go ne step further in portraying him as a rock star candidate.

We’ve reached out to Interscope and Paul’s campaign staff for comment and will update when we hear back from them.

MSNBC said the first Tweet on No Doubt’s twitter account read “”Today We Officially Endorse Ron Paul 2012″ and included a link to a site to make donations.

A follow up Tweet reading “If you actually read what Ron Paul is saying, you will discover that for the first time in your life a politician is not lying to you” was posted a short time later.

Photo credit Gage Skidmore.

Source: Bands’ Twitter Accounts Hacked To Display Pro-Paul Tweets

Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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The original Planet of the Apes had a lot going for it: a compelling lead, an interesting story, a convincing world, a couple of good quotable catch phrases, and of course the not-really-all-that-surprising twist ending. Of course, it was a bit cheesy too. Different trailers for ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ had me concerned and excited: was it going to be a Sci-Fi film, or an action film? I am pleased to announce that it is mostly the former and it’s totally worth checking out. Read on for my brief review.

Source: Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Debt Deal Reached

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United States

Global markets are on the rise in response to a deal between President Obama and congressional Republicans on the debt. The deal would cut more than $2 trillion from federal spending over a decade. However, most economists think this isn’t enough and does not remove the threat that the nation’s AAA credit rating could be downgraded.

Source: Debt Deal Reached

How Increasing Cloud Reliance Affects IT Jobs

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snydeq writes “Kevin Fogarty takes a look at how the rise of cloud computing will impact IT jobs, outlining which roles stand to gain prominence in the years to come, and which roles will suffer as organizations extend their commitments to the cloud. ‘Ultimately the bulk of IT could look more like a projects office than the way it looks now, when most of the hands-on work is done inside. It probably won’t be a total transformation, but moving into cloud, there will be more of that and less DIY.’”

Source: How Increasing Cloud Reliance Affects IT Jobs