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Autonomous Vehicles and the Law

January 25th, 2012 01:17 admin View Comments


Hugh Pickens writes “Google’s autonomous cars have demonstrated that self-driving vehicles are now largely workable and could greatly limit human error, but questions of legal liability, privacy and insurance regulation have yet to be addressed. Simple questions, like whether the police should have the right to pull over autonomous vehicles, have yet to be answered and legal scholars and government officials warn that society has only begun wrestling with laws required for autonomous vehicles. The big question remains legal liability for the designers and manufacturers as some point out that liability exemptions have been mandated for vaccines, which are believed to offer great value for the general health of the population, despite some risks. ‘Why would you even put money into developing it?’ says Gary E. Marchant, director of the Center for Law, Science and Innovation at the Arizona State University law school. ‘I see this as a huge barrier to this technology unless there are some policy ways around it.’ Congress could consider creating a comprehensive regulatory regime to govern the use of these technologies say researchers at the Rand Corporation adding that while federal preemption has important disadvantages, it might speed the development and utilization of these technologies (PDF) and should be considered, if accompanied by a comprehensive federal regulatory regime. ‘This may minimize the number of inconsistent legal regimes that manufacturers face and simplify and speed the introduction of these technologies.’”

Source: Autonomous Vehicles and the Law

Hosting Services May Be Breaking Syrian Sanctions

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judgecorp writes “Many Syrian government sites and services are hosted outside the country, in the U.S., Canada and Germany. A recent report suggests the hosting services may be breaking international sanctions against the Syrian regime, and assisting it in committing ‘crimes against humanity.’”

Source: Hosting Services May Be Breaking Syrian Sanctions

China Removes Cyberwar Video, Denies Everything

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jjp9999 writes “Anyone looking for the video clip showing the Chinese regime launching cyberattacks using script kiddie tactics was greeted with a message stating ‘Error Page — This page does not exist anymore,’ on the state-run TV website. The propaganda video, still available on YouTube, included a clip showing an unseen user launching a cyberattack against an Alabama-based website of the Falun Gong meditation practice. China’s Defense Minister told the Washington Post via e-mail that the video was ‘pure action of the producer,’ adding that the ‘Chinese military has never implemented any form of cyber attacks.’ The statement is the common line given by the regime after they’re tacked with launching a global cyberattack — including after GhostNet, Operation Aurora, Operation Night Dragon, and Operation Shady Rat were revealed.”

Source: China Removes Cyberwar Video, Denies Everything

UK To Shut Down Social Networks?

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Social Networks

Stoobalou writes “In a move worthy of China’s communist regime, UK PM David Cameron wants to shut down social networks whenever civil unrest rears its head in Britain’s towns and cities. Speaking in the House of Commons, Cameron said, ‘Everyone watching these horrific actions will be struck by how they were, organised via social media. Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill. So we are working with the police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.’” So far I haven’t heard anyone blame the Rock ‘n Roll music, but if social networks aren’t a good enough culprit, you could also try blaming video games.

Source: UK To Shut Down Social Networks?

US Patent Regime Is Absurd

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An anonymous reader writes in with an opinion piece in the Economist about the the effects of patent trolling on the US economy. The author argues that the US patent regime is causing the US essentially to harm itself. Things have gotten so bad that paying for protection is par for the course.

Source: US Patent Regime Is Absurd

Chinese Censorship Gets Blasted By NTD TV

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jjp9999 writes “Despite years of pressure from the Chinese regime, independent television station NTD TV will resume its broadcast throughout China with a Taiwanese satellite. Chinese residents throughout the mainland can receive the broadcast using satellite dishes (which are illegal) and get a glimpse of the world beyond the Great Firewall. Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) satellite provider fought the ruling tooth and nail, yet folded under pressure from the Taiwanese premier, the vice president of European Parliament, human rights groups, and other international bodies. A similar case took place when French satellite company Eutelsat cut NTD TV’s broadcast into China just short of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Although they said the outage was due to technical problems, an investigation by Reporters Without Borders caught Eutelsat employees red handed, recording admissions they cut the service due to pressure from the Chinese communist regime.”

Source: Chinese Censorship Gets Blasted By NTD TV

NZ MP Enjoys Copyright Infringement, Votes For 3 Strikes

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An anonymous reader writes “As New Zealand politicians are looking to rush through a new copyright law, 92A, which imposes a ‘three strikes’ regime on people accused of file sharing, some New Zealanders were a bit amused to see Parliament Member Melissa Lee stand up to speak in favor of the bill just hours after tweeting how she was enjoying a compilation of music put together for her by a friend. Does that count as her first strike?”

Source: NZ MP Enjoys Copyright Infringement, Votes For 3 Strikes

Shervin Pishevar: “Twitter and Facebook are shields against future genocides” [TCTV]

February 24th, 2011 02:40 admin View Comments

With regime change in Tunisia and Egypt, and Libya’s uprising continuing apace, a growing number of commentators are hailing the influence of Facebook and Twitter in helping world-be-revolutionaries coordinate their actions.

Earlier this week, SGN founder and angel investor, Shervin Pishevar tweeted that “Twitter and Facebook are shields against future genocides. Like new antibodies in the body of humanity” – which is pretty damn profound. So profound, in fact, that I brought him into the TechCrunch TV studio to explain himself.

As an on-the-record skeptic of the role of social media in causing revolutions, I wanted to know how the “social media revolution” differs from previous communications revolutions. We also discussed how the Rwandan genocide might have been covered differently today, how the Internet can avoid being shut down by dictators and Pishevar’s involvement with Openmesh – a project that aims to use technology to keep communications channels open.

Video below.

Source: Shervin Pishevar: “Twitter and Facebook are shields against future genocides” [TCTV]

Inside Australia’s Data Retention Proposal

June 16th, 2010 06:05 admin View Comments

bennyboy64 writes “New details have emerged on Australia’s attempt at getting a data retention regime into place, with meeting notes taken by industry sources showing exactly what has been proposed. In a nutshell, the Australian Government wants internet service providers to keep anything and everything they have the ability to log and retain for two years ‘at this stage.’”

Source: Inside Australia’s Data Retention Proposal

Iranian Crackdown Goes Global

December 5th, 2009 12:26 admin View Comments

An anonymous reader writes “Tehran’s leadership faces its biggest crisis since it first came to power in 1979, as Iranians at home and abroad attack its legitimacy in the wake of June’s allegedly rigged presidential vote. An opposition effort, the ‘Green Movement,’ is gaining a global following of regular Iranians who say they never previously considered themselves activists. The regime has been cracking down hard at home. And now, a Wall Street Journal investigation shows, it is extending that crackdown to Iranians abroad as well. Part of the effort involves tracking the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube activity of Iranians around the world, and identifying them at opposition protests abroad. People who criticize Iran’s regime online or in public demonstrations are facing threats intended to silence them.”

Source: Iranian Crackdown Goes Global