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A Real-Life Jaws Off the Jersey Shore, In 1916

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A Boost For Quantum Reality

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Eponymous Hero sends this excerpt from Nature: “The philosophical status of the wavefunction — the entity that determines the probability of different outcomes of measurements on quantum-mechanical particles — would seem to be an unlikely subject for emotional debate. Yet online discussion of a paper claiming to show mathematically that the wavefunction is real has ranged from ardently star-struck to downright vitriolic since the article was first released as a preprint in November 2011. … [The authors] say that the mathematics leaves no doubt that the wavefunction is not just a statistical tool, but rather, a real, objective state of a quantum system.”

Source: A Boost For Quantum Reality

The Real Problem with Driverless Cars

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Wall Street Journal Unveils Online China Econtracker

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china govt office 150.jpgChina Real Time, the Wall Street Journal’s blog devoted to the world’s second-largest country, has developed and launched China Econtracker, a valuable tool to access and understand economic data on the country.

Dealing with the statistical bureaus of the world’s second-largest economy is even less pleasant than it sounds. So the Journal has created this well-organized, graphically effective and easy-to-use site. It organizes data by month-to-month and year-over-year presentations and users can switch from one to the other.


China Econtracker offers outlays of data based on gross domestic product, industrial value added, fixed asset investment, exports, imports, trade balance, foreign exchange reserves, consumer price index and bank credit.

It provides a source for each set of data and allows users to post the results to their Twitter account or Facebook page.

Whether your are among those likely to wind up “fighting it out with journalists at the State Council Information Office or getting lost for hours in the maze of Beijing’s Internet” as Tom Orlik writes on China Real Time’s post on the Econtracker, or just someone who wishes to be more informed about one of the most important economies on earth, the site looks to provide a real utility.

One commenter on the post, however, said:

“Chinese export statistics originate in individual customs declarations. These declarations include an ever expanding and now very likely statistically material amount of trade ’roundtripped’ through Bonded Logistics Parks in China in order to realize export VAT refunds. One of the many reasons that this statistic, like any other in China, is simply not reliable.”

Now, if you understand that enough to agree or disagree, you may not need this tool. For the rest of us, though, I still think it will prove useful, however reductive and unreliable statistical collections may be.


Government office photo by Daniel Gao | other sources: China Digital Times

Source: Wall Street Journal Unveils Online China Econtracker

Real Racing 2 Now Available in The Mac App Store; Allows You To Steer With Your iPhone, iPad

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Hold the Candy Coating: Here’s a Tribute That Speaks to the Real Steve Jobs

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The House From Pixar’s Up!…in Real Life

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The House From Pixar’s Up!…in Real Life

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Terror Arrest Used As Fodder To Fund Real ID Act

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BeatTheChip writes “There’s been a lot of buzz in recent days concerning the deadline to deliver on the federal Real ID Act. Congress is looking for corners to cut. One tactic is to attach emergency policy to the Real ID in order to sustain funding for its development by authoring members in Congress. In an effort to link the two, Rep. Lamar Smith and others asked DHS to increase enforcement of the Real ID Act over a terror suspect apprehended by lawful means.”

Source: Terror Arrest Used As Fodder To Fund Real ID Act

UpTake Networks Buys Social Hotel Recommendation Engine

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UpTake Networks announced today that it acquired, a social hotel recommendation site. With the purchase, terms of which were not disclosed, UpTake aims to “accelerate their investment in the online travel research experience and drive more free, qualified leads back to travel sites”.

UpTake already operates, a semantic search engine designed to help travelers research and decide where to go, stay and what to do.

Yen Lee, co-founder of UpTake, explains the decision to buy Real Travel thusly:

“We acquired Real Travel because their product vision and approach are similar to, they have a highly talented team and they have a global footprint covering more than 200 countries.”

UpTake, which was formerly known as Kango and changed its name to UpTake Networks in March 2008, says it intends to continue to operate as an independent site.

UpTake was initially founded in 2006 and is based in Palo Alto, California. The company has raised $14 million to date.

According to its CrunchBase profile, Real Travel has raised $1.8 million (from Mike Maples and Reid Hoffman, among others), although it appears some funding rounds are missing in the database. The fact that the latest press release to be published on Real Travel’s site dates back to July 2007 doesn’t help, of course.

Source: UpTake Networks Buys Social Hotel Recommendation Engine