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Florida Researchers Create Shortest Light Pulse Ever Recorded

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SchrodingerZ writes “Researchers at the University of Central Florida have created the shortest laser pulse ever recorded, lasting only 67 attoseconds. An attosecond is a mere quintillionith of a single second (1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000). The record breaking project was run by UCF Professor Zenghu Chang, using an extreme ultraviolet laser pulse. “‘Dr. Chang’s success in making ever-shorter light pulses helps open a new door to a previously hidden world, where we can watch electrons move in atoms and molecules, and follow chemical reactions as they take place,’ said Michael Johnson, the dean of the UCF College of Sciences and a physicist.” Its hoped that theses short laser blast will pave the way to better understand quantum mechanics in ways we have never before witnessed. In 2008 the previous record was set at 80-attoseconds, the pulse created at the Max Planck Institute in Garching, Germany.”

Source: Florida Researchers Create Shortest Light Pulse Ever Recorded

SSL Pulse Project Finds Just 10% of SSL Sites Actually Secure

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Trailrunner7 writes “A new project that was setup to monitor the quality and strength of the SSL implementations on top sites across the Internet found that 75 percent of them are vulnerable to the BEAST SSL attack and that just 10 percent of the sites surveyed should be considered secure. The SSL Pulse project, set up by the Trustworthy Internet Movement, looks at several components of each site’s SSL implementation to determine how secure the site actually is. The project looks at how each site is configured, which versions of the TLS and SSL protocols the site supports, whether the site is vulnerable to the BEAST or insecure renegotiation attacks and other factors. The data that the SSL Pulse project has gathered thus far shows that the vast majority of the 200,000 sites the project is surveying need some serious help in fixing their SSL implementations.”

Source: SSL Pulse Project Finds Just 10% of SSL Sites Actually Secure

New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

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reuters.jpgNews agency Reuters launched a Social Pulse, which it describes as a “social media hub” that will display “the most talked-about news, companies and influencers across the Web.”

The site is unique in the news-curating space in that it uses trends from the Twitter accounts Reuters and its journalists follow to arrange headlines: in effect, the news agency is automating editing and story selection and putting it in the hands of “everyone from Nouriel Roubini and Jenna Wortham to John McCain and Rachel Sterne.”

Social Pulse has a business bent – one key section is where Reuters has posted with Klout to track what the “50 most social CEOs” are reading and commenting on. Other features include WiseWindow, a stock sentiment model for companies, showing whether social media sentiment is leaning toward favorable or unfavorable opinions, according to a blog post announcing the new site.

News organizations have increasingly warmed toward social media in the past several years. New York Times reporters like Brian Stelter and David Carr routinely tweet about stories they are covering and offer commentary to reactions about their reporting. Small and large outlets have used live-tweeted breaking news events and press conferences.

But the Reuters effort appears to be a major step forward in using social media to shape the news cycle. Presumably, story selection for the main news page will remain in the hands of Reuters editors.

The difference between that page and Social Pulse earlier this morning show that what Reuters editors think is important (Facebook IPO, Jobless Claims Fall and a story about the Federal Reserve, among others) is not necessarily in line with what’s getting traffic on Social Pulse, which was topped by a story about a drop in Iranian currency, an increase in planned layoffs last month and a feature on Swiss watch sales.

Of the three articles at the top of Social Pulse, only one – the story about layoffs – was a Reuters story.

Source: New Reuters Site Turns News Decisions Over To Social Media

The Best Personalized Magazines for Android Tablets

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You’ve probably seen the popular iPad app Flipboard; there are a number of competitors on iOS, most notably Zite. That crowded market looks different on an Android tablet though – so what’s an Android tablet owner to do?

I love my little Galaxy Tab for reading on planes or in a coffee shop. It’s smaller, lighter and feels better in my hand than my iPad. Where to read personalized magazine-style news with it though? I’ve tested four of the closest apps I can find and here are my impressions. These apps are great to kick back with on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee or on a plane ride. (If you can avoid the many conversations people on the plane will want to have with you about your Android tablet.)

This content series is brought to you by Samsung

Taptu and Pulse

Taptu is a lot like Pulse, which is many peoples’ favorite way to read news on an Android Tablet. I mean it’s a lot like Pulse, now that it’s no longer a mobile search app like it used to be.

The background colors are different. It syncs with social media accounts so you can read updates from LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter alongside topical and source-based feeds. Topic granularity is good, the interface is attractive and the app is free.

Syncing with Google Reader is limited to 100 feeds, which makes it of little use to me personally. Pulse is limited as well, but that might not matter to many other people.


Feedsquares syncs with Google Reader and displays all your subscriptions and articles in an attractive interface of squares. Feedquares is also free and could be visually ideal for some users.



Feedly syncs with Google Reader and has no limit to the number of feeds you can import. It offers updates in a very clean layout with more white space than any of the alternatives. It’s a cross-platform app that also works on the iPad, iPhone and in desktop browsers. It’s a smart, well-developed service. When the iPhone version launched in January, I said it might be the best mobile feed reader on the market. It’s still my favorite and I like it better on my Galaxy Tab than on any other device.

Those are the best alternatives to Flipboard that I’ve been able to find for Android tablets. All of them are pretty good and I think Feedly is great. Many other people swear by Pulse. These aren’t quite like the magazine type apps you see on iOS, but they can make for a great weekend afternoon of casual reading none the less.

Source: The Best Personalized Magazines for Android Tablets

Peruse Nearby Groupons In Your Pulse Reader

June 22nd, 2011 06:32 admin View Comments

Pulse is not just for news feeds and Facebook links. Now you can also get nearby daily deals. With the latest update to both the iPhone and Android apps, when you enable location sharing, Pulse will pull nearby Groupon deals.

Pulse lets you subscribe to different deals by city. You can see them as a stream in your Pulse reader, along with deals from nearby cities. If you click through to purchase one, Pulse will get an affiliate fee. It’s certainly a better way to peruse the deals than the daily email. You can also save a deal for later purchase.

These are regular Groupon deals, not the instant Groupon Now deals that pop up in Loopt, but as Groupon Now expands to more cities, Pulse may add those in the future.

Source: Peruse Nearby Groupons In Your Pulse Reader

4 Million Users Strong And Apple Design Award In Hand, Pulse Grabs $9 Million Series A

June 16th, 2011 06:00 admin View Comments

Apple doesn’t hand out a lot of design awards. When they do, it’s a pretty clear indication of the apps they feel best showcase their platforms. This year at WWDC, one of the winners was Pulse, the visual news-reading app created by Alphonso Labs. And Apple isn’t the only one taking notice of the app, so are investors.

New Enterprise Associates, Greycroft Partners, and Lerer Ventures have just poured $9 million into Pulse. As you might imagine, the nice-sized Series A will help the small team grow and continue to push towards creating the perfect news reading apps for modern devices. NEA’s Patrick Chung will join Pulse’s board, and Greycroft Managing Director Alan Patricof and Lerer Ventures Manager (and Huffington Post co-founder) Ken Lerer will serve as advisors to the company.

While it first launched on the iPad and got some nice early traction (and mentions on stage by Apple during events), Pulse is now available on the iPhone and Android devices as well. With the new money, the team will be looking at other platforms too. Presumably, things like webOS for the new HP tablets coming out.

Pulse also recently passed 4 million total users across all the devices they’re currently available on. And a couple weeks ago, they launched a new way to save stories for later reading,

With the new money, they’re just shy of $10 million in total funding.

Source: 4 Million Users Strong And Apple Design Award In Hand, Pulse Grabs $9 Million Series A

The Best-Dressed Nerds Are Wearing These Open-Source iCufflinks

June 15th, 2011 06:38 admin View Comments

The nerds at Adafruit, our favorite open source hardware makers, have just released the iCufflinks, handsome, battery powered glowing cufflinks that pulse at the same speed as the Macbook’s “sleep” light. The circuitry inside is entirely open source (you can grab the source here) and the $128 links are made in North America and Canada.

They used an oscilloscope to actually reverse engineer Apple’s pulse pattern, a calming fade that is actually timed to the respiration of the human body at rest.

Read more…

Source: The Best-Dressed Nerds Are Wearing These Open-Source iCufflinks

The Nintendo 3DS, Headaches, and Bad Journalism

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brumgrunt writes “A British paper is claiming that the Nintendo 3DS poses some kind of health risk. The claim sounds interesting, until you see how that conclusion was reached. ‘On the 6th of April, the paper conducted a scientific experiment in which a 22-year-old member of the staff had his blood pressure and pulse taken after playing the 3DS in different situations – at rest, while walking, or while taking a ride in a car. The Sun came to the startling conclusion that the man’s pulse and blood pressure were higher while walking than while sitting down, yet concluded, apropos of nothing, “Children should not be left to play on it for hours.” The article neglects to point out that a raised blood pressure and pulse is perfectly normal, and you’re as likely to experience such a physical response while walking and reading a book as you are when playing the 3DS.’” Pocket Gamer posted a humorous follow-up, using the Sun’s own methods against it.

Source: The Nintendo 3DS, Headaches, and Bad Journalism

Pulse Updates iPhone And Android Apps With Social Feeds, Improved Sharing, More Sources

March 25th, 2011 03:44 admin View Comments

an innovative news reading app for mobile devices, has updated its iPhone and Android apps with a number of new features including new content sources and improved sharing with social feeds and news discovery features.

Pulse, which is developed by Alphonso Labs, launched last year via an iPad app as a more seamless (and visually appealing) way to read your RSS feeds. But recently, Pulse ditched RSS in favor of hooking up with APIs to access content. Pulse’s home screen renders stories from your feeds on a dynamic mosaic interface and via a touch interface, allows you to swipe up and down to see headlines from various sources, and right and left to browse stories from a particular source.

Pulse users can now bring in their news from 60 sources as opposed to 20 sources previously. And the developer has improved the speed and performance of the app with faster image loading, three times the load speed, and more.

While you could previously share content on Facebook and Twitter, you can now pull in content from your social networks and platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Reddit and Hacker News (it doesn’t appear to integrate with Twitter yet). The app specifically has an in depth integration with Facebook, allowing you to like and comment on news that is posted within the Facebook feed. This was previously added to the iPad app.

Users can auto-populate an entire page of news within the apps with multiple sources for politics, finance, sports, or other subjects.

With this update, Pulse is playing catch up to Flipboard, which populates articles and images your social streams like Twitter and Facebook, and presents them in a visually appealing, magazine-like format. But Pulse says that smartphone users now account for nearly 70 percent of Pulse’s total installs and is actively going after the mobile market as well as tablets.

Source: Pulse Updates iPhone And Android Apps With Social Feeds, Improved Sharing, More Sources

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight On The Northwest

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greennwmap.pngAt this week’s One Million by One Million roundtable, we put a special focus on entrepreneurs in the northwestern part of the United States, and we had three presenters, all from Washington.

The first, Nitie Mehta from Redmond, Washington, presented Dental Office Services, a business process outsourcing (BPO) concept targeted to help small dental offices handle their office management, financial processing, claims collections, and patient communication functions

Nitie is working with dentists to validate her assumptions about the service, and she is a member of the 1M/1M premium program. In the spirit of 1M/1M, I invited the audience to connect her with dentists in the United States who may be willing to speak with her and help her understand the specifics of what she needs to put together in her offering. And readers, I request you to do the same. Please feel free to e-mail Nitie with your suggestions through 1M/1M

Meanwhile, I also asked Nitie to look into what athenahealth offers in terms of dental practices since they are one of the most successful SaaS-enabled BPO companies in existence right now in the field of healthcare IT. It would be a good idea to explore what part of their technology could be used to deliver what Nitie wants to offer. You can read more about athenahealth here

We also had two other entrepreneurs who are working with the William Factory Incubator in Tacoma, Washington

Wise Mind Studios LLC

Scott Deutsch and Robin Deutsch with Wise Mind Studios LLC in Tacoma presented Life Skills Winner, a learning app to help autistic and developmentally challenged children learn certain skills. The app has just been released and has been downloaded about 250 times in a week, which is a good start

While I like the basic concept, the company needs to do a lot of positioning work. It’s a bit all over the place, trying to cater to everybody and their mother (literally), including refugees from developing countries. I advised them to focus on parents of autistic children of a certain age band, say 5 to 7 years. It is that kind of precision that will drive a focused go-to-market strategy


Then Greg Snead, also from Tacoma, discussed Orbiter, an RFID venture that is moving along quite nicely, having clocked more than $700,000 in revenue last year. The company has bootstrapped using services, a philosophy we espouse heavily in 1M/1M, and has simultaneously gathered a group of angel investors who are supporting it through the next phase.

At this point, Greg is in the process of bringing in two additional investors, and the primary topics of our discussion were valuation and ROI issues around the new investors. Orbiter expects to give its investors a 15 times return on investment based on their current pipeline and revenue forecast. If that does happen, I would say the investors will have done extremely well

Happy Grasshopper

In addition to the Northwest contingent, we had Dan Stewart from Safety Harbor, Florida, pitching Happy Grasshopper. Dan is also a premium member of the 1M/1M program and a serial entrepreneur, having done about seven companies so far.

Happy Grasshopper is an e-mail marketing service that assists real estate agents in reaching out to their networks and generating referrals. Dan is already seeing strong conversion from site visitors to free registrations (over 17%, which is excellent), and reasonable conversion from free to paid subscribers for the service. Dan wanted to know how to increase the conversion

My sense is that because Dan has such good ROI case studies, it would simply be a matter of showcasing these case studies prominently on the landing page and then focusing on increasing traffic flow into the site. We discussed a numbers of customer acquisition methods to do so. We also discussed Dan’s options vis-à-vis channel partners

Social Pulse

Up last, Thomas Vellaringattu from San Jose, California, pitched Social Pulse, a service through which he is helping small businesses that are not terribly net savvy set up profiles and use social media to market and curate relevant information to help them market

Tom wants to use college students and unemployed people and arm them with the Social Pulse platform, such that they can market the service in their local region, as well as make money by building and managing Social Pulse profiles on behalf of local small businesses

Tom has positioning issues and has presented Social Pulse as a much broader service than what it needs to be. We discussed ways to acquire small business customers and how to recruit college students through internships

Next week, we are going to partner with the Indian Angel Network for the strategy roundtable. You can register for the next roundtable here

You can also listen to the recording of today’s roundtable here and select the business you like best through a poll on the 1M/1M Facebook page. Recordings of previous roundtables are all available here.

Sramana Mitra is the founder of the One Million by One Million (1M/1M) initiative, an educational, business development and incubation program that aims to help one million entrepreneurs globally to reach $1 million in revenue and beyond. She is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and strategy consultant, writes the blog Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs and is author of the Entrepreneur Journeys book series and Vision India 2020. She has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Source: Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight On The Northwest