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Nimble’s Unified Social Contact Manager for Teams Reaches 2.0

February 14th, 2012 02:27 admin View Comments

nimble_socialnetworkpuzzlepieces150.jpgToday, Nimble launches a missing piece of the Web. The 2.0 version of its relationship management software is now available, and it’s free for individual users. Nimble consolidates your social network contacts and activity. It helps busy people stay in touch with contacts or customers wherever they’re active.

The public beta launched in March 2011 and has racked up 30,000 registered users at 2,800 companies since then. But the most attention-grabbing number is that the average user spends nearly three hours per day using it. Those are hours Nimble users aren’t spending jumping between disconnected inboxes across various networks. Nimble lets them manage their contact and customer relationships in one unified place.


Nimble 2.0 has an all-new UI. It tracks your social interactions from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Skype, Foursquare, LinkedIn and more, all in one stream. It also unifies that dang red notification number across your various networks.

nimble2_2.jpgMessages can be sent on any of those services, as well as email, all within Nimble. It lets you consolidate all those networks’ annoying email digests into one message, which the Nimble user controls. It now includes Facebook brand pages and Google+ contacts, and it integrates with a bunch of outside services for reaching customers.

It connects to Wufoo forms, MailChimp email campaigns and HubSpot inbound marketing leads, so you can spot new people right away, connect with them, and save their contact info. Once a contact is saved to Nimble, the user can add notes, events and custom info related to that person.

And that’s the free version.

For $15 per user per month, businesses and multi-user teams can share one set of contacts. It’s like a shared Outlook address book, except it tracks those contacts across various social networks. At any time, anyone on the team knows where a contact or customer stands, who on the team is in touch with them and so forth. Tasks can be assigned to team members within Nimble, so everyone knows who’s responsible.


Nimble 2.0 also adds privacy settings for messages, so communications between one team member and a contact in Nimble don’t have to be shared with everyone.

If you have to maintain lots of online relationships across various networks, you need a tool like this. Nimble is geared towards businesses who value personal relationships with their clients and associates.

Nimble is free for individual users. The first 200 ReadWriteWeb readers to sign up here will get free access to the business version of Nimble for 90 days. If you try it out, let us know what you think in the comments.

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IntelliScreenX Public Beta Released; Jailbreak App Revamps Notification Center

October 29th, 2011 10:24 admin View Comments

Behold: Path Comes To Android In Public Beta

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Well, well, well. It looks like everybody’s favorite limited social networking and photo-sharing app has finally come to Android. That’s right, Path announced via its blog that Path for Android will be available in the Android Market beginning today. And sure it enough, it is. Check it out. But this is by no means a finished product. Path considers Version 1.0 of its Android app to be a public beta, using it to test the waters and learn what works and doesn’t work as it ports to a new mobile OS.

This maiden voyage for Android has quite a few of the familiar features that Path fans have come to enjoy, but according to Path Co-founder Dave Morin, there’s much more to come.

For those unfamiliar with Path, the startup was founded in 2010 by Dave Morin and Dustin Mierau as an alternative approach to the idea of broadly sharable social information, targeting sharing among a smaller group of close friends and family. With a 50 friend limit, Path chose to offer no outside sharing features, Facebook, or Twitter. The team later amended this by adding a complementary app for Twitter photo sharing called With and has added a host of features, like Stacks, and more.

Since its inception, the startup has grown in fits and starts, but has been on a kick this year, turning down a $100 million acquisition offer from Google and raising an $8.5 million round from Kleiner, Index, and more.

Though the app got its start on iOS and has grown its feature set on Apple’s platform, today proves that there’s no OS bias over at Path. After all, it seems par for the course today for app developers to start with Apple before moving to Android. As is such, Path’s Android v1.0 doesn’t quite offer the full suite of features available on iOS, but it does include quite a few of the components Path is known for.

Users capture and share photos with the same 50-friend limit, tag moments with people, places, and things, view friends’ moments, and make use Path emoticons to let friends and family know how you feel about their pictures and moments. Users can also take advantage of chat, see when friends have viewed their moments, and even publish a few moments to Facebook.

It’s a great start for an Android public beta, and there’s more to come. As Path’s blog entry indicates, the startup will “continue to iterate and release updates with more features frequently”, and uses can expect things to improve rapidly as Path continues through beta.

Path is currently available for users of Eclair version 2.1 and up.

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Yotpo Raises $800K For Its Opinion Aggregation Engine

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Tel Aviv-based Yotpo announced today that it has raised $800K in seed funding. The funding was led by 2B Angels and PLUS Ventures, two early stage Israeli investment firms focused on communications and new media.

According to Yotpo Co-founder Tomer Tagrin, the startup will use the funding to expand its user base, ramp up hiring, and position itself for launch later this year.

So what is Yotpo? It turns out this is a surprisingly open-ended question, as the startup only opened its doors to public beta testing a few days ago. But, in the big picture, the company describes itself as a social business-to-business tool that “makes your customers happy” by facilitating a better user experience — specifically for the owners of blogs and eCommerce sites.

Though “making your customers happy” may sound appealing, I think that’s what most businesses might say they’re trying to accomplish. So what does that mean for Yotpo, in application? To begin with, as mentioned, Yotpo will be targeting bloggers and eCommerce sites, with plans to expand beyond these venues down the road.

So, for example, let’s say you own your own blog. You may then be familiar with the challenge of attracting new readers to your site, and once you’ve got them reading your content, with the challenge of how to keep them coming back. Not to mention, the tricky task of getting your readers involved and engaged by commenting, re-tweeting, sharing, and so on.

In turn, bloggers often struggle with creating content that is truly valuable to their user base, and keeping that content applicable as new users arrive and the tastes of existing users change. Of course, this isn’t a problem we at TechCrunch are familiar with, but it’s been known to happen.

So, say you’ve just written a post about a new Apple gadget, Yotpo is creating a tool that will read the content of your post and serve your readers with real opinions about the new gadget from elsewhere on the Web. As a blogger, you would embed Yotpo’s tool on your site, enabling it to read your post and (in realtime) scour the Internets to search for related content. Using its algorithm (“special sauce”), it will aggregate opinions on identical subjects, rank them based on how valuable they will be to your users, and then serve them to your faithful.

The idea being that your reader, now informed about what others are saying about this very gadget, will be more likely to engage with your content, share a comment, re-tweet, and continue to visit your site. As is often the case, there may be loads and loads of content about the particular subject you’re writing about, and your reader may not have been able to wade through each and every article. Thus, serving him or her with targeted excerpts (the “bottom line”, as Tagrin calls it) from the most relevant articles and blogs on equivalent topics could very well make them feel more informed, fitter, happier, and stronger. Or at least one of those.

The application of this idea to eCommerce is easy to see — if marketplaces can serve their shoppers with opinions, reviews, and analysis from others who have bought similar products, for example, then you’ll have more intelligent (and presumably happy) buyers. Obviously, sites like Amazon and Yelp (and hundreds of others) already offer thorough reviews by customers who have enjoyed (or not enjoyed) similar products, or restaurants — and offer recommendations for similar products. That idea is not new.

But applying the instant, realtime review and analysis option to bloggers and smaller eCommerce sites is appealing. The ability to use one widget or plugin, (or in whatever capacity Yotpo’s tool is realized), to aggregate and serve users with relevant opinions across the Web is a valuable goal. Hey AdSense makes tons of loot based on not-so-dissimilar model.

Of course, creating an algorithm that smartly serves readers with real analysis and opinion and not just content based on some keyword that happened to match up with the aggregating algorithm is easier said than done. And, of course, how the tool’s interface is designed, whether it shows 1 opinion or 30, a single line of text, or entire paragraphs, remains to be seen. That’s the real kicker. Good design, easy-to-use, and works everywhere. Now that could have lasting effects.

The startup is still in beta, so there is time to work these things out and do necessary testing and due diligence. At the very least, it will be interesting to see how the startup puts its idea into practice.

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An anonymous reader writes “ just launched a public beta which aims to take the agency into the future. The $1.35 million site follows the lead to Drupal. Agency director Steven Van Roekel spoke with O’Reilly about the agency’s push for an open platform: ‘It’s not breakthrough stuff, but it’s breakthrough for government.’”

Source: A Modern Open Platform

ClamAV For Windows Open Beta Begins

January 16th, 2011 01:41 admin View Comments

An anonymous reader writes “The public beta for ClamAV for Windows 3.0, which includes full integration of the ClamAV engine into the Immunet Protect product, is now open. If you are interested in playing with ClamAV for Windows 3.0, please see these forums. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available for download. ClamAV for Windows should not be confused with ClamWin, a separate project.”

Source: ClamAV For Windows Open Beta Begins

DataHug Aims To Map Digital Business Relationships

November 9th, 2010 11:32 admin View Comments

When I visited Dublin recently for the F.ounders event, I didn’t even get around to attending the bigger event that was happening alongside it, the Dublin Web Summit. I did, however, get a chance to meet one of the co-founders of DataHug, which won the event’s Spark of Genius startup competition (and a prize package worth €30,000).

Founded in late 2009 by former consultants Connor Murphy and Ray Smith, DataHug essentially enables clients to “better understand and exploit” the collective company network. Or as one of the judges at the startup competition put it more eloquently: it’s like “LinkedIn on steroids as it not only answers who knows whom, but also how well they know them”.

The product, a Web app, is currently in alpha preview mode only and in trial by a select few customers only, but you can sign up for the beta here (and see some screenshots below).

Basically, DataHug is building technology capable of intelligently indexing corporate email systems and generating actionable insights about the everyday connections between people based on the gathered data. Which sounds bafflingly useful for any company to my ears.

We’ll update on the company’s progress once DataHug gets around to releasing the public beta of its software, which should be before year’s end.

My guess is many companies are going to hugely appreciate all the intelligence they can gather about their people’s business relationships. The great thing about DataHug is that the data is already there for the taking – they’re just putting a terribly useful layer on top of it.

Keep an eye on this one.

Source: DataHug Aims To Map Digital Business Relationships

Secure Communication Comes To Android

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An anonymous reader writes “Forbes is reporting that Moxie Marlinspike and Stuart Anderson’s startup, Whisper Systems, has released a public beta of two Android applications that provide encrypted call and SMS capabilities for your Android phone. In the wake of recent GSM attacks, it’ll be interesting to see if smartphones end up providing a platform that fundamentally changes the security we can expect from mobile communication.”

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Red Hat Releases RHEL 6 Public Beta 1

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An anonymous reader writes “It was way back on 2006-09-07 when Red Hat released its first public beta of Enterprise Linux 5. Today, after more than three years, Red Hat finally releases its first public beta of its next-generation OS: RHEL 6 public beta 1. From the news release: ‘We are excited to share with you news of our first public step toward our next major Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform release with today’s Beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Beginning today, we are inviting our customers, partners, and members of the public to install, test, and provide feedback for what we expect will be one of our most ambitious and important operating platform releases to date. This blog is the first in a series of upcoming posts that will cover different aspects of the new platform.’”

Source: Red Hat Releases RHEL 6 Public Beta 1

Redsn0w Public Beta Released To Jailbreak iPhone OS 4

April 16th, 2010 04:40 admin View Comments

iPad Jailbroken

iPhone Dev Team has released the first public beta of Redsn0w to jailbreak iPhone OS 4.

However, this version of Redsn0w (0.9.5) is not meant for iPhone users as many things such as jailbreak apps won’t work. It is targeted at developers of jailbreak apps so they can fix their iPhone apps before iPhone OS 4 is released in summer.

MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team made this announcement via Twitter:

1st public 4.0b1 jailbreak .. Only JB devs til they fix their SW! iPhone3G+Mac only til more is working

iPhone Dev Team has explained the reason for releasing the jailbreak only for jailbreak app developers:

Please not that this beta is not meant for the average end-user. There are many things “broken” with jailbroken apps in the 4.0beta1 environment right now (that's the real reason we showed “Veency” in the 4.0 jailbreak demo video last week, instead of say, which is broken!). This beta redsn0w allows the developers behind those jailbroken apps (like!) to fix their software before the general public gets iphoneOS 4.0.

Because it's meant for JB app developers, this beta redsn0w does not perform hactivation. You'll need a properly-registered developer UDID with Apple to get past the activation screen. For similar reasons, there is no Windows version of this beta redsn0w (since apps are developed on MacOSX). Please don't pirate Apple software.

For now the first beta of Redsn0w supports:

  • iPhone 3G only

  • Mac OSX only

  • iPhone OS 4 beta 1 only

Dev team has also warned users who depend on a carrier unlock to avoid iPhone OS 4 beta 1 as it includes a baseband update.

With the public release of jailbreaking software for iPhone OS 4 released, it needs to be seen when iPhone Dev Team and Geohot release jailbreaking tools for iPhone OS 3.1.3 for iPhone 3GS users.

We’ll keep you posted if there are any further updates so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via Dev Team’s portal]

Source: Redsn0w Public Beta Released To Jailbreak iPhone OS 4