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Is It Okay to Friend Your Boss on Facebook? (66% Say No)

July 19th, 2011 07:30 admin View Comments

The increasingly digital world in which we now not only live, but also work, gives rise to a whole new set of questions about professional etiquette. When working from a public cafe, is it rude to jump on that conference call? Should you friend your boss on Facebook? Is using emoticons weird?

These are a few of the questions asked in a survey published recently by Harris Interactive and Intermedia. The survey found that 66% of respondents thought connecting with one’s boss via social networking sites like Facebook is inappropriate (presumably, LinkedIn is another story).

An even larger percentage (81%) thought that participating in a conference call in a public place was inappropriate, and the same percentage of respondents frowned upon the act of copying one’s boss on an email “to gain leverage.”

People are a little more tolerant of the idea of texting colleagues after business hours, as only 49% said doing so was not appropriate.


Source: Is It Okay to Friend Your Boss on Facebook? (66% Say No)