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UK Government Changes Tack and Demands Default Porn Block

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judgecorp writes “British Prime Minister David Cameron is set to reverse a policy announced last week, and demand that ISPs filter adult content by default. This system would require users to actively opt out of a filter designed to block adult content and material about self-harm. Last week, after consultation with parents, the Department for Education had said that an opt-in system would be sufficient and no default porn block would be required, but the Daily Mail has announced triumphantly that Cameron will be presenting the policy in the paper. MP Claire Perry, who has argued for the block, will be in charge — and freedom of speech campaigners have branded the sudden change of mind as ‘chaotic.’”

Source: UK Government Changes Tack and Demands Default Porn Block

British Prime Minister To Announce Porn Blocking Plans

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Overly Critical Guy writes “British Prime Minister David Cameron will announce network-filtering plans targeted at porn websites, possibly requiring users to ‘opt-in’ with their ISP to access such content. The idea has support from MP Claire Perry, who said, ‘There is a “hands off our internet” movement that sees any change in how access is delivered as censorship.’”

Source: British Prime Minister To Announce Porn Blocking Plans

Ignite100 Showcases Nine Teams To Investors — Here’s A Quick Rundown

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Nine teams from the new Ignite100 accelerator based in the North East of the UK, which launched with a £1m fund that invests up to £100k per team – are presenting to investors in London today. Their own descriptions of themselves are below:


“ArtSpotter is a female-led London based startup creating an interactive art map that allows users to discover and interact with what’s going on in the art world, wherever they are. Dubbed “Foursquare meets Timeout for the art world”, users can not only see what’s going on near them, but also add to the map as they discover new spaces and art. For the galleries it now gives them the ability to have a better insight into who visited which exhibition, when, where else they went, where they’re from, etc. Now the art world has a way to engage beyond the paper map.” Previously covered on TechCrunch here.

Blink Collective

“Contemporary consumerism is shifting toward the ‘Experience Economy’ where people want to ‘do’ rather than ‘have’. Blink Collective is an online global community where anyone can offer their skills, knowledge or services as an authentic, ‘non guidebook’ experience. Listings on the website are curated and user-generated. Bookings are managed by Hosts via the website and reviews offer trust and social proof. We solve a marketing problem for small businesses and offer a unique platform for individuals to monetize their passions. The market opportunity is significant. In 2010 UK residents spent £44 billion on day trips and niche sectors such as eagle watching in Scotland generated £8 million. Founder Peter Kindness has four years travel community start-up experience, 16 years business experience, is a European Business graduate and has lived in seven different countries. He’s supported by a developer, a sales executive and an online social media and PR specialist.”


“90% of people never engage with content-rich websites beyond reading an article or watching a video. Many will discuss the content they consume elsewhere on the internet, in forums and via their social graph. Blooie is a random chat platform that works with the publishers of content-rich websites and converts passive consumers into actively engaged users, with content acting as a prompt to the discussion. The data generated allows content providers to monitor real-time trends in conversation and content.”

Crowd IPR

“CrowdIPR is an online network of technology and intellectual property experts that utilizes the collective knowledge of its members to provide easily accessible and affordable IP services. The platform enables crowdsourced patent and technology searches as well as trademark and design searches. The services are targeted at startup companies, universities and patent firms. The team brings together experience from the fields of intellectual property, marketing, business development and software engineering. Mikk is an Estonian patent attorney, an active IP blogger and the founder of an IP professionals’ network IPInsiders. Taavet is a software engineer with 9 years of experience and has previously founded and ran a software development agency. Taavi has previously co-founded a new media marketing agency and headed a business consulting unit. Our vision is to improve the effectiveness of the intellectual property system by introducing crowdsourced IP services to the mainstream market.”


“Givey is a social giving platform that currently lets you give to over 6000 UK charities instantly via SMS and Twitter. We have 20,000 US non-profits ready to integrate and 20,000 unregistered charities vetted by CFN ready to integrate Q1 2012. We launched with the Prime Minister David Cameron and Nick Hurd MP in May 2011 at the Giving White Paper Launch. We are aiming to be the world’s largest donation platform by January 2014. We believe that through making giving FUN with Mobile, Social Donations and Real-Time Feedback, Givey will provide the platform to explosively drive much needed innovation in the archaic Third Sector. With £750 Million currently being lost in unclaimed Gift Aid this problem alone requires an immediate solution and Givey is ready to provide it.”


“Odimax™ is the first of its kind end-to-end Social Media Intelligence Suite that enables marketing and PR agencies to manage all their social media activity from a single platform leading them to actionable strategies. Odimax™ is the first to provide industry benchmarking metrics such as Brand Health Score and Brand Equity as well as offering key functionalities like crisis management. This makes Odimax™ not only progressive in the field of social media intelligence but also unique. Odimax™ aspires to be the partner of choice in the field of social media intelligence systems. The Odimax™ team consists of its founding members Atal Malviya, Punam Sandal and Sandy George who are supported by key advisors Tim Rea and Di Gates. The team consists of a well balanced mix of technical, commercial and strategic expertise.”


“PinorPeg started from the idea of curating the tremendous number of products that are available online. We believe that online shopping should be personalized for each user and products should be recommended by consumers. That’s why PinorPeg started building a tool that can deliver the best suggestions for everyone. It’s like Amazon meets Quora, where you have the strength of ecommerce recommendations combined with the power of social curation by a community. Users create their own profile, refine it by adding products they like and follow users with similar interests. The site then creates shopping profiles for users in order to deliver the best suggestions possible.”


“There are more than 25, 000 independent small and medium car rental businesses in the EU alone, all competing with just 10 main international car rental companies who control 70% of the entire car rental market. These independent car rental companies are losing customers every day due to their weak internet presence. We have created a solution – RentMama! RentMama aims to revolutionise the car rental market by uniting small and medium-sized independent car rental businesses and providing them with a simple tool that allows renters to discover more flexible and personalised deals to suit their needs. We provide a user friendly internet platform to car renters, which allows for a more flexible and personal service from their local independent car rental businesses. All of us have great experience in our individual fields of expertise, as well as a highly skilled IT development team supporting us.”


“Usable builds exceptionally usable online project management tools. We want to change the way people think about projects, stop projects failing, and save companies time and money. Usable’s first product, Usable Requirements, is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that makes teams focus on what their project really is. Requirements is an innovative application that enables every stakeholder in a project to communicate and collaborate around a set of requirements that will then keep goals at the centre of the project, eliminate “scope creep”, and drive day-to-day tasks. Alex, Alistair and Chris joined forces in 2011 to form Usable after meeting in Newcastle a few years ago. We all have a long history of software application development and project management in a variety of fields.”

Source: Ignite100 Showcases Nine Teams To Investors — Here’s A Quick Rundown

Running Great Britain? There’s an App For That!

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judgecorp writes “Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron will get a personalised iPad app to help him run the country. The ‘government dashboard’ will include health waiting list figures, crime statistics, economic statistics and a real-time news feed. Cameron is a committed Apple user — but British members of Parliament have only been allowed iPads in the House of Commons since March 2011.”

Source: Running Great Britain? There’s an App For That!

UK Entrepreneurs Launch StartupBritain With Government Backing, But Not Money

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This morning in London, the UK’s answer to Startup America launches, titled – guess what? – Startup Britain. That similarity aside, the initiative has been put together by a number of existing UK entrepreneurs and is not being backed by any government money, unlike the Obama initiative. Instead, we have here a ground-up entrepreneur-led initiative which is seeing over 60 leading brands offer services to up-and-coming startups in the UK. This is not specifically about tech startups – but it may well appeal to that sector.

The campaign is being launched by Prime Minister David Cameron, who is known to be very pro-enterprise. In a statement he said: “We need to see a country where new businesses are starting up on every street, in every town; where entrepreneurs are everywhere. We put out a call to business to rise up and help us drive the recovery and Startup Britain is part of the answer to that call.”

The UK has 270,000 businesses that start up every year but many fail due to a lack of support. Businesslink was widely seen as an expensive failure, where government civil servants tried to advise real business people on business. In the end it turned into a joke.

So in effect the Startup Britain initiative is doing a few things much more differently. It’s offering a package of discounts and free trial on business services like insurance, broadband, advertising, office space and more. The claim is that this amounts to over £1,500 in value for every startup company in Britain. Startup Britain is a portal site to a package of these services.

Also, not right now, but “in the future” it aims to offer “a living market place for the wide range of enterprise support that is already available. The aim is not to replace current provision, but to give it a higher profile, and complement existing provision with further offers of support.” They also want to build a “Mentor Marketplace, a “Masterclass Platform” (Deliver or sign up for a masterclass near you), “Pledge matchmaker”, a curated selection of links and a calendar of enterprise related events, into which you can suggest your own. A sort of free, business-led, crowd-sourced Businesslink if you will.

It looks well intended. The only issue is that startups usually need more than a month’s discount on broadband when they are getting going. Another criticism is that it ‘looks’ slightly political. A large image of David Cameron adorns the front page of the site, just a few days after a huge anti-government demonstration in London. Perhaps it would have been better to push the real entrepreneurs backing this which are

Jamie Murray Wells (Glasses Direct), Duncan Cheatle (The Supper Club), Emma Jones (Enterprise Nation), Richard O’Connor (Ambergreen), Rajeeb Dey (, Oli Barrett (Make Your Mark with a Tenner, now Tenner Tycoon), Michael Hayman (Seven Hills PR) and Lara Morgan (Pacific Direct).

Comments sent to me on email and Twitter include “I can tell you what it could do without.. a big headshot of David Cameron. Instant turn off,” and by @tom_15gifts “We need some startup help in the UK but isn’t this just big companies giving away freebies to get business?”

Others said:

@jonfish “A fantastic initiative, let’s hope there is community-level network building as well – a website isn’t enough”

@katiemoffat “The idea has real value esp decent mentoring but as it is, it’s not the most groundbreaking of websites.”

@DuaneJackson “Too early to judge, but has a lot of potential I think.”

David Peto, CEO, Aframe: “It’s a very good idea to finally have somewhere decent to find out how to start – there really hasn’t been anywhere else – Businesslink was less than useless and is a dog that ought to be put down. However – again – this initiative runs the risk of being something that we – the existing startup and tech community all know about – and no-one else who actually needs to know will. We are the last people who need to help on starting – it’s keeping going we all need. I bet you fifty quid that when I go up to the north east next week to see our team and go to an event most will not have heard it. The pack is ok – but things like 10% off an HP product aren’t useful particularly. The Experian offer is the main useful one.”

Corporate pledges to Startup Britain include:

• AXA will offer 10 per cent off business insurance
• BlackBerry will offer 1,000 free “Start Up Guides”
• Microsoft will train 5,000 start-ups in how to use technology to drive their business and marketing activities, including free technology resources worth up to £400 per company
• Google will support start ups, initially by providing them with a limited amount of free advertising (not clear how much yet)
• Regus will offer one month free businessworld membership (normally £15 a month at its cheapest)
• O2 to offer one months free line rental
• PayPal will offer three months free fees for new accounts when signing up to a website
• Fujitsu offers a 30-day free trial and/or 10% off the annual costs of IT storage/processing requirements via its online “Cloud” service
• McKinsey & Co will join with leading employers to launch Entrepreneur First to encourage our most innovative graduates to start up their own business
• YouGov and UCL, working with StartUp Britain and in collaboration with Imperial College London will lead the development of a pilot Start-up Summer to stimulate, encourage and support student entrepreneurs.

Company supporters of StartUp Britain

1. Alibaba
2. AXA
3. Barclays
4. Bitsy
5. BlackBerry
6. Brightword Publishing
7. Browser Creative
8. Co-Sponsorship Agency
9. Coutts
10. Deloitte
11. eBay
12. eConsultancy
13. Enterprise Nation
14. Enternships
15. Ernst & Young
16. Euro RSCG
17. Experian
18. Fujitsu
20. Global Entrepreneurship Week
21. Gloople
22. Google
23. GoResponse
24. GoToMeeting
25. HP
26. HSBC
27. Intel
28. Instant Offices
29. Irwin Mitchell
30. King & Allen
31. KPMG
32. Lloyds TSB
33. MADE Festival
34. McKinsey
35. Microsoft
37. Mother
38. MyKindaCrowd
39. O2
40. PayPal
41. PayPoint
42. Powa
43. Powwownow
44. PWC
45. Reed
46. Regus
47. RBS
48. Santander
49. Seko Synergy
50. Seven Hills
51. Sign Up To
52. Simply Business
53. Standard Chartered
54. Staples
55. The Supper Club
56. UnLtd
57. Virgin Media
58. Virgin Trains
59. Vistaprint
60.. WorldFirst
61. Yell
62. Yo! Sushi

Source: UK Entrepreneurs Launch StartupBritain With Government Backing, But Not Money

UK Reviewing Copyright Laws

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Uebergeek writes “It looks like the UK is going to be reviewing its copyright laws. Prime Minister David Cameron specifically cites to the U.S.’s fair use doctrine as something they wish to incorporate into their own laws… apparently they wish to ‘encourage the sort of creative innovation that occurs in America.’ One can only assume that they’ve been missing the continual assault on the Fair Use doctrine here in the States.”

Source: UK Reviewing Copyright Laws

Obama Won’t Intervene Over British Hacker McKinnon

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CWmike writes “President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he can’t intervene in the long-running case of a British hacker charged with breaking into US military computers. Gary McKinnon’s case came up during discussions with British Prime Minister David Cameron in Washington. The UK Home Office is reviewing whether McKinnon’s medical condition is grounds to block his extradition to the US, which was approved in 2006. McKinnon has yet to stand trial in the US, where he was indicted by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in 2002 for hacking into 97 military and NASA computers between February 2001 and March 2002. Obama said during a press conference with Cameron that by tradition US presidents do not get involved in extraditions or prosecutions. ‘I trust that this will get resolved in a way that underscores the seriousness of the issue, but also underscores the fact that we work together and we can find an appropriate solution,’ Obama said.”

Source: Obama Won’t Intervene Over British Hacker McKinnon

UK Gov’t Spending Details Now Online

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krou writes “The UK government has released a treasure trove of public spending data in an effort to lift what Prime Minister David Cameron calls the government’s ‘cloak of secrecy.’ ‘The first two tranches of data are from 2008/09 and 2009/10. The Combined Online Information System (Coins) includes what departments were authorised to spend, what they actually spent and what they are forecast to spend in future.’ Since the government admits that ‘some degree of technical competence’ will be needed to use the files, they have asked the Open Knowledge Foundation to help make it ‘more accessible,’ and have also promised ‘more accessible formats’ by August. The datasets can be downloaded from”

And on a similarly happy note, reader mccalli writes “Bletchley Park’s archive is to be digitised and put online. It seems HP made an offer to help out with scanners and expertise, and the result is that these texts will be made available to all.”

Source: UK Gov’t Spending Details Now Online