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Buffalo Bills Going the Moneyball Route With Analytics

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Nerval’s Lobster writes “Can data-analytics software win a Super Bowl? That’s what the Buffalo Bills are betting on: the NFL team will create an analytics department to crunch player data, building on a model already well established in professional baseball and basketball. ‘We are going to create and establish a very robust football analytics operation that we layer into our entire operation moving forward,’ Buffalo Bills president Russ Brandon recently told The Buffalo News. ‘That’s something that’s very important to me and the future of the franchise.’ The increased use of analytics in other sports, he added, led him to make the decision: ‘We’ve seen it in the NBA. We’ve seen it more in baseball. It’s starting to spruce its head a little bit in football, and I feel we’re missing the target if we don’t invest in that area of our operation, and we will.’”

Source: Buffalo Bills Going the Moneyball Route With Analytics

Israeli Infrastructure Proves Too Strong For Anonymous

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Mephistophocles writes “Ever since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense, hackers have been working overtime to strike a blow against the Israeli government’s computer systems, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said Sunday. No fewer than 44 million attacks have been recorded since the operation began five days ago — with nearly all of them failing, thanks to the recent strengthening of computer defense systems in Israel. Speaking at a special press conference at the Government Computing Center in Jerusalem about the cyber war against Israel that has accompanied Hamas’s rocket attacks, Steinitz said that hackers ‘are trying to disable the symbols of Israeli sovereignty, to enter web sites and install anti-Israel content, thus compromising information and data and damaging the government’s ability to serve the public.’ Most of the attacks, he said, were against government sites, like the Prime Minister’s Office site, and security-related sites, such as that of the Home Front Command, the body charged with informing Israelis on how to protect themselves in the event of an attack. Out of those 44 million-plus attacks on government and defense related sites, said Steinitz, only one succeeded – partially. One site, which he did not name, was ‘wobbly for a few minutes,’ but quickly recovered. Even though the government has been successful in warding off hack attacks, Steinitz said that government sites were fully backed up and mirrored, meaning that they could be replaced by a duplicate site instantly if the original site were compromised.”

Source: Israeli Infrastructure Proves Too Strong For Anonymous

Regulators Smash Global Phone Tech Support Scam Operation

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The Internet

SternisheFan sends this excerpt from ZDNet: “Regulators from five countries joined together in an operation to crack down on a series of companies orchestrating one of the most widespread Internet scams of the decade. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other international regulatory authorities today said they shut down a global criminal network that bilked tens of thousands of consumers by pretending to be tech support providers. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, speaking during a press conference with a Microsoft executive and regulators from Australia and Canada, said 14 companies and 17 individuals were targeted in the investigation. In the course of the crackdown, U.S. authorities already have frozen $188,000 in assets, but Leibowitz said that would increase over time thanks to international efforts.”

Source: Regulators Smash Global Phone Tech Support Scam Operation

Creeping Government Surveillance Now Without Warrants

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CuteSteveJobs writes “The Age reports on creeping Australian government surveillance, beginning with the first operation launched on a baseless rumor. Six decades later the still-unaware victim read five months of transcripts with deep distress. Two decades ago few Australians would have consented to carrying a government-accessible tracking device, but phone and tablet data accessible without a warrant includes historic and real-time location data. In 2010-2011 there were 250,000 warrantless accesses by Federal agencies including ASIO, AFP, the Tax Office, Defence, Immigration, Citizenship, Health, Ageing, and Medicare. This is 18 times the rate of similar requests in the U.S.”

Source: Creeping Government Surveillance Now Without Warrants

F-Secure Report: Another SCADA Attack in Iran — This Time With AC/DC

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The Military

An anonymous reader writes “F-Secure antivirus company of Finland has reported receiving e-mails from an Iranian nuclear scientist, who says Persian uranium-235 isotope refining efforts have just been hit with yet another cyber strike. (Stuxnet, Duqu and Flamer-Skywiper being the previous iterations of the same Operation Project Olympic attack plan.) Last month, President Obama’s staff has admitted to the New York Times that there is a joint Israel-U.S. cybermilitary operation was behind the mishaps Iranians have recently been suffering with their UF6 gas refining centrifuge systems in the Natanz and Fordo plants. This time, the unverified e-mail claims, a new Metasploit-based malware owns iranian VPNs, causes fault in the nuclear plants’ Siemens-based industrial control systems, and randomly starts to play AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ aloud via the infected computers’ speakers.”

Source: F-Secure Report: Another SCADA Attack in Iran — This Time With AC/DC

Kinect In the Operating Room

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colinneagle writes with an excerpt from Network World: “Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London began trials of a Kinect-driven camera last week that would sense body position, and by waving his or her hands, the surgeon can sift through medical images, such as CT scans or real-time X-rays, while in the middle of an operation. During surgery, a surgeon will stop and consult medical images anywhere from once an hour to every few minutes. So the surgeon doesn’t have to leave the table, the doctor will work with assistants, but sometimes, if you want things done to your satisfaction, you have to do it yourself. Dr. Tom Carrell, a consultant vascular surgeon at Guy’s and St Thomas’, described an operation on a patient’s aorta earlier this month to New Scientist. ‘Up until now, I’d been calling out across the room to one of our technical assistants, asking them to manipulate the image, rotate one way, rotate the other, pan up, pan down, zoom in, zoom out.’ With the Kinect, he says, ‘I had very intuitive control.’”

Source: Kinect In the Operating Room

Amazon Pays No UK Income Tax, Under Investigation

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New submitter artciousc writes with news that Amazon is dodging taxes in the UK. From the article: “Regulatory filings by parent company with the U.S. securities and exchange commission show the tax inquiry into the UK operation, which sells nearly one in four books sold in Britain, focuses on a period when ownership of the British business was transferred to a Luxembourg company.” Clever trick there: “The UK operation avoids tax as the ownership of the main business was transferred to a Luxembourg company in 2006. The UK business is now owned by Amazon EU Sarl and the UK operation is classed only as an ‘order fulfilment’ business.” The HMRC is investigating the legality.

Source: Amazon Pays No UK Income Tax, Under Investigation

Microsoft Leads Sting Operation Against Zeus Botnets

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wiredmikey writes “Today, Microsoft announced in what it called its ‘most complex effort to disrupt botnets to date,’ the company in collaboration with partners from the financial services industry, have successfully taken down operations that fuel a number of botnets that make us of the notorious Zeus family of malware. In what Microsoft is calling ‘Operation b71,’ Microsoft and its co-plaintiffs, escorted by U.S. Marshals, seized command and control (C&C) servers in two hosting locations on March 23 in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Lombard, Illinois. The move was to seize and preserve data and evidence from the botnets for the case. In addition to seizing the C&C servers, the group took down two IP addresses behind the Zeus command and control structure, and secured 800 domains that Microsoft is now monitoring and using to help identify computers infected by Zeus. “

Source: Microsoft Leads Sting Operation Against Zeus Botnets

Report: Amazon Cloud Backed By 450,000 Servers

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1sockchuck writes “How many servers does it take to power Amazon’s huge cloud computing operation? A researcher estimates that Amazon Web Services is using at least 454,400 servers in seven data center hubs around the globe. The analysis suggests up to 70 percent of those servers may be in Virginia.”

Source: Report: Amazon Cloud Backed By 450,000 Servers

25 Alleged Anonymous Hackers Arrested By Interpol

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PatPending sends this quote from an AFP report: “Interpol has arrested 25 suspected members of the Anonymous hackers group in a swoop covering more than a dozen cities in Europe and Latin America, the global police body said Tuesday. Operation Unmask was launched in mid-February following a series of coordinated cyber-attacks originating from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain,’ Interpol said. The statement cited attacks on the websites of the Colombian Ministry of Defense and the presidency, as well as on Chile’s Endesa electricity company and its National Library, among others. The operation was carried out by police from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain, the statement said, with 250 items of computer equipment and cell phones seized in raids on 40 premises in 15 cities. Police also seized credit cards and cash from the suspects, aged 17 to 40.”

Source: 25 Alleged Anonymous Hackers Arrested By Interpol