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Aussie Network Engineers Form Members-Only ISP

July 21st, 2012 07:07 admin View Comments


schliz writes “A group of Australian network engineers is planning to launch a not-for-profit internet service provider that will provide access to the nation’s high-speed NBN fibre network for like-minded people. The cooperative, dubbed ‘No ISP,’ has no staff or add-on services to keep costs down. Members will be able to ‘trade’ excess download quota for a market-based price, depending on supply and demand.”

Source: Aussie Network Engineers Form Members-Only ISP

Ask Slashdot: What Will IT Look Like In 10 Years?

August 21st, 2011 08:18 admin View Comments


An anonymous reader writes “The IT industry is a lot different than it was 10 years ago; it underwent a huge boom in terms of labor and services required to keep up with the times. Now, we are entering a consolidation phase. The cloud makes it easier for companies to host e-mail, so now instead of organizations having their own Exchange guy, they will outsource it to the cloud. Instead of having a bunch of network engineers, they will deploy wireless and no longer need cabling or current levels of network engineering services. What do you think the long-term consequences of this will be? What skills do you think will be useful in 10 years? Is IT going to put its own out of work, like we did with the post office and libraries?”

Source: Ask Slashdot: What Will IT Look Like In 10 Years?

Fix To Chinese Internet Traffic Hijack Due In Jan.

December 8th, 2010 12:05 admin View Comments

alphadogg writes “Policymakers disagree about whether the recent Chinese hijacking of Internet traffic was malicious or accidental, but there’s no question about the underlying cause of this incident: the lack of built-in security in the Internet’s main routing protocol. Network engineers have been talking about this weakness in the Internet infrastructure for a decade. Now a fix is finally on the way.”

Source: Fix To Chinese Internet Traffic Hijack Due In Jan.

Antarctica Needs a Network Engineer

January 27th, 2010 01:40 admin View Comments

littlekorea writes “It’s a little underpaid, but network engineers with a fetish for very cold weather might be interested to know that the Australian Government’s Antarctic Division is seeking network engineers to manage its telephony, satellite and radio comms in Antarctica. According to the job FAQ, summer temperatures aren’t a lot colder than your average data centre. But winters of -30 degrees celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) might make the morning jog a little challenging.”

Source: Antarctica Needs a Network Engineer