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Book Review: Terrible Nerd

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tgeller writes “It’s hard to believe that today’s nerdier children will one day bore their grandkids with stories of primitive mobile access, household robotics, and 3-D printers. Some will become rich and famous by latching onto tomorrow’s winners; others will find themselves irrelevant as the objects of their obsessions fail in the marketplace. But all with the energy to remember will come away with stories from the dawn of creation. One such witness is Kevin Savetz, a 41-year-old technology journalist and entrepreneur whose new book Terrible Nerd recounts ‘true tales of growing up geek’ during the ’80s computer revolution. It’s a rich chronicle that deftly mixes details of his beloved technologies with the zeitgeist a particular time and space. As such, it’s an entertaining read for technologists and non-techies alike.” Keep reading for the rest of tgeller’s review.

Terrible Nerd
author Kevin Savetz
pages 256 pages
publisher Savetz Publishing
rating 7/10
reviewer Tom Geller
ISBN 978-1939169006
summary Kevin Savetz’ biography of personal computing, gaming, and online adventures as a child in the ’80s

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Ask Slashdot: Rectifying Nerd Arrogance?

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An anonymous reader writes “Like some Slashdot users, I began attending university last month for computer science. The experience represents my first time away from home and I’m almost constantly with my peers, many of whom are also computer science students. Recently, I have become cognizant of the many negative opinions associated with a ‘normal’ person’s perspective of what a nerd is like. Conversing with my college computer science peers (many of whom are quite nerdy), I have noticed that many of them are extremely arrogant. Upon introspection, I have come to the realization that I am also very similar to them and am very curious, but worried. I have noticed similar personality characteristics on Slashdot. Where does this nerd arrogance come from? How can it be rectified? I am concerned that, if I do not abolish these annoying tendencies, I may have trouble later on in life with my career and relationships. Has anybody run into problems in life with the arrogance that seems to be so prevalent with nerds? If so, how did you handle the situation?”

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Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Found Calculators?

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First time accepted submitter Covalent writes “I’m a science teacher and have, over the years, accumulated a number of lost graphing calculators (mostly TI-83s). After trying to locate the owners, I have given up and have been loaning them out to students as needed. I want to something more nerd-worthy with them, though. I would feel wrong for selling them. What is the best use for bunch of old calculators?”

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Upcoming Changes To ‘Ask Slashdot’

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We’re pleased to announce that changes are coming to the Ask Slashdot section. Ask Slashdot is a place to get your technical questions answered, show off your big brain by helping others, debate products and practices, and occasionally talk directly to companies about their offerings. Over the years, we’ve posted more than 7700 questions, on everything from workplace relations to home networking to evading censorship from unfriendly regimes. Starting today, you’ll see that some Ask Slashdot questions have their own sponsors; the sponsors don’t pick the questions, but experts from each sponsor will stick around for the discussion. Next up: we’re making it easier for you to submit questions. Our goal is to make Ask Slashdot your “go-to” place for answers to your pressing nerd questions. So please post your questions, put on your answering hats, and come along for the ride.

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Is the Maker Movement Making It Cool For Kids To Be Nerds?

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blackbearnh writes “For many adults into technology, childhood was an alienating experience, pigeon-holed as a nerd and relegated to the A/V, Computer or Gaming club in high school. But according to a Christian Science Monitor article that looks at young Makers, the next generation of tech geeks are social and are gaining increasing support from corporate America. Radio Shack is stocking Arduinos, Autodesk bought Instructables, and teens are flocking to local Hackerspaces to learn how to create their own gear. Wired GeekDad David Giancaspro thinks the desire to create things is natural. ‘As we’ve moved further and further away from that, towards what people call “knowledge work,” as opposed to producing something physical, that urge is starting to come back,’ he says.”

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How Do You Keep Up With Science Developments?

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malraid writes “As a nerd who used to love science back in high school (specially physics), I now find myself completely disconnected from any and all scientific developments and news. How do you try to stay up to date with scientific developments? Science journals? Whatever makes it into Slashdot’s front page? Books? Magazines? I’m looking for something engaging and informative, for not something that will require me to go and get a PhD just to be able to comprehend.”

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Fond Memories of Nerd Camp

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Slate’s “Summer Camp” issue has revived a piece from a few years back recounting author Meghan O’Rourke’s experience as a student at “nerd camp.” O’Rourke was a student at Johns Hopkin’s CTY program (bias alert: so was I, and remain a fan), but I suspect there’s a lot in common with the various Governor’s Schools and programs like Duke’s TIP. What’s been your experience with such programs? Are you going to one now? Are your kids?

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World’s Smallest Wedding Rings Made of DNA

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fangmcgee writes “Nerd love alert: German researchers have just created the world’s smallest wedding rings, measuring less than a thousandth of the width of a human hair. Goethe University professor Alexander Heckel and his doctoral student Thorsten Schmidt made the artificial structures from two interlocking loops of DNA —known as catenane, in a single drop of water.”

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Looks Like BoingBoing Got Hacked (NSFW)

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Something is definitely up at uber nerd site and “Directory of Wonderful Things” A trip to the front page brings up the charming image above, which seems to be some sort of vulgar message from someone called “the lone” to site founder Cory Doctorow.

Die hard fans have found a workaround URL for now. And the official BoingBoing Twitter account seems to have a sense of humor about it, tweeting stuff like “So much for the 100,000 Hours Without a Hack T-shirts.”

Via Frauenfelder

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Oz Pirate Party Tells the Elderly How To Bypass the Net Filter

April 9th, 2010 04:46 admin View Comments

mask.of.sanity writes “You’re reading Slashdot. So it’s fair to assume you’re likely a nerd. A nerd who could traverse an Internet filter like side-stepping a puddle. But when Exit International discovered it was earmarked for Australia’s Internet filter blacklist, it wanted to ensure its members could access its pro-euthanasia material. But its members share an average age of 70. Not exactly from the tech generation. So Exit International turned to the filter-hating Pirate Party of Australia which supplied a ‘hacker,’ who then taught a crowded room of grandmas and grandpas how to use proxies and advanced VPN tunnels to access Exit Internation’s material — which the Australian government thinks breaches the moral compass of society. Computerworld has the presentation.”

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