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Former Flickr Product Chief Lands At Bitly

March 16th, 2011 03:36 admin View Comments

Flickr’s recently departed product chief Matthew Rothenberg is landing in a new job in New York City. He was just hired by bitly to become its new VP of Product. He will be moving from California. Score another one for the New York startup scene.

Rothenberg’s decision to leave Flickr, which he says has more to do with personal reasons, is nevertheless seen as yet another sign that Flickr is ailing under Yahoo. As MG noted:

He made a “personal decision” — Yahoo clearly wants avoid the impression that he’s leaving a sinking ship. But there’s a reason we’ve kept hearing rumors about his imminent departure: the situation is not great inside the once proud service.

On the bright side, the fact that Bitly is hiring him says a lot about its ambitions to build out more consumer-facing services. Flickr is still arguably one of Yahoo’s best products, and the man who was in charge of making them an enjoyable experience will now be bringing his talents to bitly. You might think of bitly as just a URL shortener, but stay tuned. Theres a lot more coming.

Bitly CEO John Borthwick tells us that the company is “about the real time link data stack,” and a handful of services will launch in the coming months, including, that illustrate the value of this data stack. He also revealed a few impressive stats regarding Bitly’s business and link-sharing. Last month, Bitly saw 7 billion clicks on its links and currently supports 8500 white label partners.

Source: Former Flickr Product Chief Lands At Bitly

Flickr Head of Product Steps Down: Is It an Omen?

March 14th, 2011 03:26 admin View Comments

While Yahoo has said that it is “absolutely committed” to social picture sharing site Flickr, the same might not be said for the folks at the top of the company. Today, Flickr head of product Matthew Rothenberg announced that he would be “stepping away from Flickr,” the third such departure since Flickr co-founders Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake left in 2008.

Can Flickr hang on in the photo sharing realm or will other niche social photo sharing services and Facebook – the biggest photo sharing site on the Internet – take its place?

Rothenberg made the announcement on his Twitter account today, writing “Here goes: after 5 years, I will be stepping away from Flickr. Will miss working with such a talented, hard-working, and hard-drinking team.”

A number of products at Yahoo have been on shaky ground lately, with the company announcing last fall that it would shutter Delicious, MyBlogLog and Buzz. Now, as Facebook continues to dominate social photo sharing on the Web, and photo sharing apps like Instagram and PicPlz take off, confidence in Flickr’s ability to stay afloat could be waning as well.

Professional photographers may also be abandoning the site, as it has had troubles lately with censorship and even accidentally deleting thousands of photos and telling the owner they were gone forever.

Does Rothenberg’s departure spell serious trouble for Flickr? It could, but it doesn’t sound like it does for Rothenberg. “And yes, I know what I’m doing next,” he later tweeted, “but not announcing it just yet.”

Source: Flickr Head of Product Steps Down: Is It an Omen?

Flickr Burning As Yahoo Fiddles: Head Of Service Walks Away

March 14th, 2011 03:28 admin View Comments

When you ask Yahoo who is in charge of Flickr, they always point to one man: Matthew Rothenberg. Well, technically, there are people at Yahoo above him in charge of the group of products that Flickr is in (Applications Division). But it’s Rothenberg, as head of product, who they’ll tell you is leading the day to day.

Not anymore.

Rothenberg is out as head of product for Flickr. He tweeted the news himself earlier today. He had been on the team for five years, dating back to when original co-founder Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake were still running the ship. They left long ago, but Rothenberg stuck around.

One funny thing here is that we had been hearing for weeks that Rothenberg was leaving. But Yahoo kept denying it until the bitter end. But it’s hard to deny a public tweet, I guess.

Here’s their official statement:

Matthew Rothenberg has made the personal decision to move on to a new endeavor.  In the interim, Markus Spiering will be stepping in as head of product management. Flickr continues to have an innovative, energetic and creative leadership team that is dedicated to its community of members. Flickr remains a key priority for Yahoo! and we are fully committed to making it the best photo-sharing experience on the Web.

More to come.

Source: Flickr Burning As Yahoo Fiddles: Head Of Service Walks Away