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FTC Offers $50,000 For Best Way To Stop Robocalls

October 19th, 2012 10:01 admin View Comments


coondoggie writes “It’s not clear if the Federal Trade Commission is throwing up its hands at the problem or just wants some new ideas about how to combat it, but the agency is now offering $50,000 to anyone who can create what it calls an innovative way to block illegal commercial robocalls on landlines and mobile phones.”

Source: FTC Offers $50,000 For Best Way To Stop Robocalls

‘Cellphone Effect’ Could Skew Polling Predictions

November 2nd, 2010 11:33 admin View Comments

Ponca City writes “A good deal of polling data suggest that Republicans may win the House of Representatives in today’s mid-term elections. However, Nate Silver writes in the NY Times that there are several factors that could skew the election, allowing Democrats to outperform their polls and beat consensus expectations. Most prominent is the ‘cellphone effect.’ In 2003, just 3.2% of households were cell-only, while in the 2010 election one-quarter of American adults have ditched their landlines and rely exclusively on their mobile phones, and a lot of pollsters don’t call mobile phones. Cellphone-only voters tend to be younger, more urban, and less white — all Democratic demographics — and a study by Pew Research suggests that the failure to include them might bias the polls by about 4 points against Democrats, even after demographic weighting is applied. Another factor that could skew results is the Robopoll effect, where there are significant differences between the results shown by automated surveys and those which use live human interviewers — the ‘robopolls’ being 3 or 4 points more favorable to Republicans over all. It may be that only adults who are extremely engaged by politics (who are more likely to be Republican, especially this year) bother to respond to robocalls. Still, when all is said and done, ‘more likely than not, Republicans will indeed win the House, and will do so by a significant margin,’ writes Silver. ‘But just as Republicans could beat the consensus, Democrats could too, and nobody should be particularly shocked if they do.’”

Source: ‘Cellphone Effect’ Could Skew Polling Predictions

Google Officially Brings Voice To Gmail

August 25th, 2010 08:44 admin View Comments

siliconbits writes “Google has finally added voice support to its popular Gmail email service which means that users will soon be able to call landlines and mobiles worldwide for free or for extremely low prices. The announcement was made at a press conference in San Francisco in front of a few selected press members.”

Source: Google Officially Brings Voice To Gmail

Best Phone For a Wi-Fi-Only Location?

June 28th, 2010 06:14 admin View Comments

bendodge writes “I am planning on heading to a university in a remote area with very poor cellular service (the only signal is spotty Verizon voice, no data). However, the entire campus is thoroughly blanketed in Wi-Fi. I am trying to find the best and most economical ‘Wi-Fi phone’ or else hack one together. Belkin/Netgear sell what is essentially a portable Skype device for $180. These folks recommend outfitting an iPod Touch with a mic and VoIP apps. I am looking for something that can make and receive calls to and from landlines with incoming call notification. What experiences have Slashdot readers had and what would you recommend?”

Source: Best Phone For a Wi-Fi-Only Location?

AT&T Readying For the End of Analog Landlines

December 31st, 2009 12:50 admin View Comments

nottheusualsuspect writes “AT&T, in response to a Notice of Inquiry released by the FCC to explore how to transition to a purely IP-based communications network, has declared that it’s time to cut the cord. AT&T told the FCC that the death of landlines is a matter of when, not if, and asked that a firm deadline be set for pulling the plug. In the article, broadband internet and cellular access are considered to be available to everyone, though many Americans are still without decent internet access.”

Source: AT&T Readying For the End of Analog Landlines

India To Have Automatic Communications Monitoring

November 26th, 2009 11:37 admin View Comments

angry tapir writes “India plans to set up a centralized system to monitor communications on mobile phones, landlines and the Internet in the country, a minister has told the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Parliament. Indian laws allow the interception and monitoring of communications under certain conditions, including to counter terrorism. A pilot of the new Centralized Monitoring System (CMS) is to be started by June next year, subject to clearances by other government agencies.”