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North Korea Claims Archaeologists Have Found ‘Unicorn Lair’ In Pyongyang

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It's funny. Laugh.

eldavojohn writes “NPR pointed out a press release claiming that North Korean archaeologists have found a ‘unicorn lair’ in Pyongyang. The members of the History Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences have “reconfirmed” that this site was used for King Tongmyong’s unicorn where the unicorn would concoct his unicorn schemes and do his unicorn things if anyone ventured too closely. The last line is, perhaps, the most important line of the article, ‘The discovery of the unicorn lair, associated with legend about King Tongmyong, proves that Pyongyang was a capital city of Ancient Korea as well as Koguryo Kingdom.’ Fear not that North Korea is surpassing the world in cryptozoology, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum of Nacogdoches, TX has claimed to have recently sequenced Bigfoot’s DNA and he’s part human.”

Source: North Korea Claims Archaeologists Have Found ‘Unicorn Lair’ In Pyongyang

Rybka Solves the King’s Gambit Chess Opening

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New submitter smarq2 writes “Chessbase reports that chess programmer IM Vasik Rajlich has solved the King’s Gambit chess opening with technical means. 3000 processor cores, running for over four months, exhaustively analyzed all lines that follow after 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 and came to some extraordinary conclusions.”

Source: Rybka Solves the King’s Gambit Chess Opening

What The DHS Is Looking For In Your Posts

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New submitter lister king of smeg writes “As we all know The Department of Homeland Security monitors social networks,in an attempt to expose ‘Items Of Interest.’ As it turns out many terms including seemingly benign words such as flu, agent, response, cops drill, etc are on the list of words that set off warning bells for the government spooks. Many of the terms make sense …, but there are some real stupid ones on the list to like ‘social network’ … [according to a] list of key words provided to a DHS contractor that were released by EPIC

Source: What The DHS Is Looking For In Your Posts

Spam King Wallace Indicted For Facebook Spam

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itwbennett writes “Notorious spam king Sanford Wallace is facing federal fraud charges for allegedly breaking into the Facebook accounts of 500,000 victims in 2008 and 2009 and using the stolen credentials to post 27 million spam messages. The charges are outlined in an indictment, filed July 6 but made public Thursday after Wallace turned himself in to federal authorities. If convicted, Wallace could get more than 16 years in prison.”

Source: Spam King Wallace Indicted For Facebook Spam

Court Filing On How 2004 Ohio Election Hacked

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chimpo13 writes “A new filing in the King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell case includes a copy of the Ohio Secretary of State election production system configuration that was in use in Ohio’s 2004 presidential election when there was a sudden and unexpected shift in votes for George W. Bush.”

Source: Court Filing On How 2004 Ohio Election Hacked

US Citizen Visiting Thailand Arrested For Blog Posting

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societyofrobots writes “A US citizen, upon visiting Thailand for medical treatment, was arrested for lese majeste (insulting the king) and computer crimes (‘entering false information into a computer system’). He is charged for posting a link on his blog to a banned book, The King Never Smiles, and for translating excerpts of it. He made the posting four years ago in 2007, while in the US. Trials for lese majeste are traditionally held in secret, for reasons of ‘national security’. AFP has more information.”

Source: US Citizen Visiting Thailand Arrested For Blog Posting

‘Spam King’ Released From Prison, Now Lives In Seattle

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dmmiller2k writes “Apparently, after ‘nearly four years in prison, the man dubbed the ‘Spam King’ by federal prosecutors, is allowed back online.’ I wonder if there’s some variation of Megan’s Law requiring him to register with the local police department and notify all his neighbors with computers?” I sure hope any potential employers google “Robert Soloway” and find “Spam king” high on the results list.

Source: ‘Spam King’ Released From Prison, Now Lives In Seattle

King’s Quest III Remake Released

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Classic Games (Games)

Beetle B. writes “Not being content with remaking Sierra’s King’s Quest I, King’s Quest II and Quest for Glory II, the Anonymous Game Developers Interactive have released a remake of King’s Quest III. Sure, the graphics may not appeal to the young’uns out there, but it’s the gameplay that matters, right? Last year, after several legal battles, another game in the King’s Quest series made by fans was released (with more episodes to come). And did I mention that they’re all free? What other remakes of old adventure games are floating around out there?”

Source: King’s Quest III Remake Released

Radiohead’s Day Early Release Of ‘The King Of Limbs’ Goes Viral

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It’s as if Radiohead got the lion’s share of Internet awareness, leaving the rest of the music industry completely clueless. Pretty much all anyone can talk about right now is Radiohead’s The King of Limbs, for a number of reasons (not least of which is because it’s amazing) but primarily because Radiohead mirrored the patterns of digital album leaks, generating major buzz.

On the Internet everyone expects everything a day early.

The band surprised everyone this morning by tweeting out “It’s Friday… It’s almost the weekend…You can download ‘The King of Limbs’ now if you so wish,” which led to coverage from Pitchfork to tech blogs , over 2000 retweets and #thekingoflimbs hashtag surpassing Queen Gaga to an impressive position at the top of Twitter trending topics. Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is also trending.

The Rolling Stone explains the um, premature release “They chose to push up the release because everything was ready on their website and so, hey, why not?.”

Having primed the digital sales pot with”the pay what you will” model of 2007 release In Rainbows, which “sold” 3 million copies, this time fans have to pony up a fixed amount of cash, $9.00 for MP3s and $14.00 for higher quality WAV files. Further driving in the nail in the coffin of physical music sales, Radiohead is releasing what it is calling a “Newspaper Album” three months from now which will include 625 pages of artwork, a MP3 ($48) or WAV ($53) version of the album and two, 10-inch vinyls — More a collector’s item than anything else.

The album is backed by TBD Records in North America, Hostess Entertainment in Asia and XL records in the UK.

In testament to the times we live in, already there are three torrents of the album up on file-sharing service The Pirate Bay. But, in a glimmer of hope for the burgeoning online music industry, one reads “This is for your consideration only. If you like it, buy it.”

Watch the video for ‘Lotus Flower’ below.

Source: Radiohead’s Day Early Release Of ‘The King Of Limbs’ Goes Viral

The Royal Me

February 6th, 2011 02:00 admin View Comments

The King’s Speech is worthy of the Best Actor award Colin Firth will likely garner at this year’s Academy Awards as a proxy for Best Picture going elsewhere. The Oscar voters are younger these days and will overlook the story of Queen Elizabeth’s stuttering father and how the reluctant prince reached the throne. They’ll vote for King Mark of Facebook instead.

But this isn’t about the Oscars; it’s about the remarkable scene late in the film when King George makes his way down rows of huge metal machines to a small shrouded room where he is to deliver a speech to the British Empire on its entry into war with Hitler and Germany. For those on Facebook, Twitter, or Quora, Hitler was a really bad man who looked a lot like Robert Downey in his Charlie Chaplin biopic. Charlie Chaplin was a …. Oh never mind.

Anyway, the King marched past these machines marked Canada, Australia, and the other colonies. For the Facebook, Twitter, Quora crowd, we here in the United States used to be subjects of the King or Queen and therefore required to bow and curtsy as he or she passed by. Another synonym for curtsy is to scrape, as in grovel but not as in scrape Google search results. Anyway, these machines were all connected by huge cables to the main control console where the King’s microphone was turned into radio waves. In turn, each machine sent the signal to each country. sort of like Seesmic or Tweetdeck, where each stream has its own column.

The speech came at a point in England’s history where the monarchy was fading in relevance but not in its importance. As the King said in the film, he had none of the power to form a government or start a war but was expected to lead his subjects through the darkest of times. For Facebook, Twitter, and Quora subjects, it was like being Google with all the money in the world but no clue about how to get social.

Being a true story, the King’s speech was obviously destined to be a triumph over adversity. This being Hollywood or something akin to it, we weren’t about to see the King fail and quit in ignominy like Nixon or go on hiatus like Charlie Sheen. As the speech wound its way through strangled stutters and hilarious obscenity-laced silences, the filmmakers cut from scene to scene of ordinary people listening around the radio in living rooms and leaning on the bar in pubs. Like a series of paintings, the emotion of the common bond of king and subject resonated in the faces of the assembled. A nation clicking the Like button.

Today our royalty takes the form of Brangelina and Buzz Lightyear. Instead of giant machines paging down a long hallway, we carry our radios in our pockets and foment revolutions in an instant on Twitter. We are no longer subjects but followers, and our royalty are no longer born to the crown but IPOed. Pretenders to the throne are no longer upstarts but startups. Public flogging no longer takes place in the town square but on TechCrunch and Gawker.

Have you seen my favorite commercial, the one where Honest Abe Lincoln squirms as he attempts to wriggle out of his wife asking whether her new dress makes her backside look big? That’s the magic of The King’s Speech, an elaborate fiction designed to show us how common the royals are and how royal the rest of us are. For those of us on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora, it’s time to party like it’s 1939.

Source: The Royal Me