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Judge To Newspaper – Reveal Name of Commenter

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First time accepted submitter Andy Prough writes “A Kansas judge has ordered a Topeka newspaper to release the name of a commenter on one of its stories about the trial of Anceo D. Stovall for the murder of Natalie Gibson. Using the name ‘BePrepared,’ the commenter posted the following in response to a story about the ongoing trial on July 21 at 1:45pm: ‘Trust me that’s all they got in their little world, as you know, I have been there. Remember the pukes names they will do it for ever.’ The problem? The court is convinced that ‘BePrepared’ was a juror, and was not supposed to be accessing news about the trial before it ended on July 24th. The court wants BePrepared’s name, address and IP address. The jury was ultimately unable to find Stovall guilty of 10 of the 11 charges against him — including murder. Both defense and prosecution lawyers appear to want a new trial, and if it turns out that BePrepared was a juror, they are more likely to get their wish.”

Source: Judge To Newspaper – Reveal Name of Commenter

Sprint Finally Joins 4G LTE Wireless Race

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Wireless Networking

alphadogg writes “Sprint, which has been building up its LTE smartphone lineup this year, Monday finally turned on a 4G LTE network in 15 cities to support those devices. Sprint, which is entering the LTE network race well behind AT&T and Verizon, has initially launched 4G LTE in cities across Georgia, Texas, Missouri and Kansas. Sprint says it will add markets throughout the rest of 2012 and expects to have largely completed its 4G LTE build-out by the end of 2013 (along with enhanced 3G coverage) to address the wireless voice and data needs of 250 million people across the United States. Sprint has some major catching up to do on the 4G LTE network rollout front, though the fact that LTE adoption by customers has been slow at least gives the carrier a bit of breathing room. LTE network demand is expected to surge later this year, assuming Apple rolls out an iPhone 5 with LTE support.”

Source: Sprint Finally Joins 4G LTE Wireless Race

Audacious Visions For Future Spaceflight

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New submitter nagalman writes “There is a very powerful video out that takes the audio of words from Neil deGrasse Tyson, receiver of the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, and meshes it with powerful images of the history and successful outcomes of NASA. Through Penny4NASA, Dr. Tyson is pressing for the budget of NASA to be doubled from 0.5% to 1% of the federal budget in order to spur vision, interest, dreams, public excitement, and innovation into science and engineering. With Kansas stating that ‘evolution could not rule out a supernatural or theistic source, that evolution itself was not fact but only a theory and one in crisis, and that Intelligent Design must be considered a viable alternative to evolution,’ and North Carolina’s legislature circulating a bill telling people to ignore climate science, maybe it’s time we start listening to experts who have a proven record of success, rather than ideology that has only been ‘proven’ in the mind of elected politicians.”

Source: Audacious Visions For Future Spaceflight

TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl

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cosm writes “With public outcry against the TSA continuing to spread, the TSA is defending a recent episode in which a four-year-old was patted down while kicking and screaming at Wichita Airport in Kansas. From the AP article: ‘The grandmother of a 4-year-old girl who became hysterical during a security screening at a Kansas airport said Wednesday that the child was forced to undergo a pat-down after hugging her, with security agents yelling and calling the crying girl an uncooperative suspect.’”

Source: TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl

Hoover Dams For Lilliput: Does Small Hydroelectric Power Have a Future?

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New submitter MatthewVD writes “Boing Boing’s Maggie Koerth-Baker, author of Before The Lights Go Out, writes that the era of giant hydroelectric projects like the Hoover Dam has passed. But the Department of Energy has identified 5,400 potential sites for small hydro projects of 30 MWs or less. The sites, in states as dry as Kansas, represent a total 18,000 MW of power — enough to increase by 50 percent America’s hydro power. Even New York City’s East River has pilot projects to produce power from underwater turbines. As we stare down global warming and peak oil, could small hydroelectric power be a key solution?”

Source: Hoover Dams For Lilliput: Does Small Hydroelectric Power Have a Future?

Facebook Faces Nationwide Class-Action Lawsuit

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Thumbnail image for shutterstock_lawsuit.jpgA Baltimore law firm filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against Facebook Friday, claiming the social network illegally tracked user activity on the Internet.

In its claim, the law firm Murphy P.A. said the company “repeatedly ignored” warnings from a user who noticed Facebook continued to track users’ activities on the Internet even after they had logged off. Facebook finally confirmed the practice in Septmeber and promised to make corrections within 24 hours.

Facebook is in a quiet period ahead of its initial public offering.

“The days when online service providers can run roughshod over the privacy rights of their customers are over,” said Murphy, P.A. Founding Partner William Murphy, Jr. said in a statement. “Companies that operate commercial websites, such as Facebook, need to realize the public is increasingly concerned about its privacy rights. Perhaps even more importantly, there is a growing community of security experts and bloggers that is extremely savvy about internet technology and committed to ensuring that people’s privacy rights are respected and protected.”

The company faces similar claims in Mississippi, Kansas and other states, but this is the first that seeks to bring a nationwide class against Facebook which could potentially involve every U.S. user who signed up for the service before Facebook updated its cookies and privacy policy. All of the lawsuits claim Facebook violates state and federal wiretap laws, among other accusations.

Murphy P.A. partnered with the San Francisco office of Girard Gibbs LLP to file the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Source: Facebook Faces Nationwide Class-Action Lawsuit

Google Begins Building 1-Gigabit Internet Service in Kansas City

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shutterstock_fiberoptic.jpgGoogle breaks ground today on the super-fast fiber optic network it plans to build for the lucky residents of Kansas City, Kan. They’ll get a 1 gigabit-per-second Internet connection, which will offer downloads 100 times faster than what most Americans get. Uploads will be a thousand times faster than average.

Kansas City won this privilege over 1,100 other cities in March 2011. Since then, Google and the city have been surveying, planning, and eating “way too much barbecue,” says Google’s manager, Kevin Lo. Today, they start laying cable. A few months behind the Kansas side, neighbors on the other side of the river in Kansas City, Mo. will get the hook-up as well.

How Fast Is Fiber?

google_broadband_logo.jpgFiber optic cable contains a bundle of glass fibers about the width of a human hair. The fastest Internet connection on record was established by researchers at the SuperComputing 2011 conference in Seattle. They were testing ways to share the enormous amounts of data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Center for Nuclear Research. That connection reached 186 gigabits per second. Google Fiber is just 1 gigabit.

That’s not too shabby, though. Verizon’s FiOS network, which is among the fastest commercially available in the U.S., gets only 150 megabits per second. Google Fiber will be almost 7 times faster than that.

How Will Kansas City’s Fiber Work?

Lo says the network will use “thousands of miles” of cable. The backbone of the network will be built first, and then Google Fiber will be connected to homes around Kansas City. The cable work starts today after months of surveying and measuring, as well as some negotiations around how to use the city’s utility poles.

The Kansas City Star reports that Google and the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities had some disagreement over how the network would be hung on the city’s utility poles.

The Wyandotte County government wrote the plan with an unusual stipulation that Google would be allowed to hang its cables for free, using part of the poles typically reserved for utility companies to hang their own communication cables, not for third parties. Phone and cable companies typically use a lower part of the pole, and they pay a fee to do so.

The special installation for Google would also have required more specialized crews, so it would be more costly. The Star’s source says that Google will opt to pay the regular fees like any third-party provider.

Google says the later stages of this experiment will reach over 500,000 people. Google has promised competitive prices for residential Internet service, but it hasn’t been specific yet.

Why Is Google Becoming An ISP?

The cities that applied to receive Google Fiber


Google’s not just doing this to collect Internet bills from homes. When the Internet gets faster, Google’s whole business benefits. Google wants to test new, bandwidth-intensive “killer apps” to see what kinds of future services it can provide. But even for normal Web services, speed benefits Google. Put bluntly, the faster your Internet, the more Google ads you can see. That’s why Google search and the Chrome browser are so dang fast.

Google refers to this Google Fiber project as an “experiment,” so don’t get too excited about 1-gigabit fiber in your neighborhood just yet (unless you’re in Kansas City). But as Google said in its initial announcement, there are big implications for testing this out in the U.S. The country isn’t even in the top 10 for average connection speed. Google wants to push U.S. Internet infrastructure forward.

As for Kansas City, with these kinds of speeds, there’s sure to be a boom in next-generation Internet start-ups.

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Source: Google Begins Building 1-Gigabit Internet Service in Kansas City

Google Starts Running Fiber In Kansas City

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New submitter Kiyyik writes “After weeks of wrangling over shared space on utility poles, Google and the KC Board of Public Utilities have gotten their act together and Google is starting to wire Kansas City, Kansas today. They will be paying attachment fees and hanging the fiber optic lines in the space on the poles reserved for telecommunications. The Kansas City, Missouri side is still on track to begin a few months behind the Kansas side.”

Source: Google Starts Running Fiber In Kansas City

Hard Up for the Holidays? Amazon is Hiring Temp Workers

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amazon150150.jpgAs the holiday season approaches, Amazon has opened thousands of temporary positions for workers at its fulfillment centers in Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Nevada. These are hourly openings in picking, packing and receiving/shipping across multiple shifts. Eligible applicants must be able to stand and walk for 8-12 hour shifts and lift up to 50 pounds.

“We’re looking to hire smart and motivated people across the U.S. to help us deliver a great experience for our customers during the holiday season,” says Dave Clark, vice president of Amazon’s North American Operations. Each year, Amazon hires thousands of people to manage the variation in customer demand during busy seasons. It also uses these positions as a way to find full-time employees. Amazon says that more than 4,700 temporary workers have been hired full-time over the past year.

Here is the contact information to find out about these holiday positions:


“Amazon operates fulfillment centers in Whitestown, Plainfield and Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, contact Integrity Staffing Solutions at 317-829-0032 or online at”


“For more information, contact Staff Management at 1-800-394-6468, ext. 095-S21, or online at (Media Code: 095, Job Code: S21).

Amazon’s Coffeyville, Kan. fulfillment center is operated by LLC.”


“For more information on positions, candidates should contact the local staffing agency:

Campbellsville: Staff Management at 1-800-966-4813, ext. 090-S25 or (Media Code: 090, Job Code: S25)

Hebron: SMX at 1-877-980-5627, ext. 203S or (Media Code: BCR, Job Code: 203S)

Lexington: Integrity Staffing Solutions at 859-963-3753 or

Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Kentucky are operated by LLC.”


“For more information on positions in Fernley, contact Integrity Staffing Solutions at 775-562-3705 or online at

For information on positions in Las Vegas, contact Integrity Staffing Solutions at 702-824-9353 or online at

Amazon’s fulfillment center in Fernley, Nevada is operated by, Inc. Amazon’s fulfillment center in Las Vegas is operated by LLC.”

Happy holidays from everyone at ReadWriteWeb!

Source: Hard Up for the Holidays? Amazon is Hiring Temp Workers

Kickanotch Raises $500,000 For Its Mobile Marketing and App Monetization Platform

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Kickanotch Mobile, a mobile marketing services startup based in the outskirts of Kansas City, announced today that it has raised $500,000 in seed funding. The round was led by six angel investors and “incentivized by” Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation, a private/public partnership created by the state of Kansas to promote technology-based economic development and support local entrepreneurship. The startup plans to use this infusion of capital to continue expanding its cloud-based technology and services, as well as its mobile platform, and to ramp up hiring efforts.

Kickanotch, formerly known as PRONTO! Mobile, launched its mobile application and mobile marketing platform services back in May to offer TV broadcasters, radio stations, publishers and corporations a way to increase brand exposure and better utilize mobile revenue channels and consumer engagement opportunities. The startup works with media companies and small-to-medium-sized businesses to design a custom mobile strategy, assisting businesses in the design and implementation of mobile apps and features that enable them to make customized (and engaging) advertising campaigns and mobile apps.

More specifically, Kickanotch allows its corporate customers to optimize and manage banner advertisements, as well as enhance their mobile presence and user experience with daily deal alerts, social media integration, QR codes, SMS and email marketing, analytics, and lead generation.

As mobile advertising is growing like wildfire and is expected to hit $20 billion in revenue by 2015, Kickanotch aims to not only help businesses design a great mobile app, but to also give them the tools to monetize and create an addictive mobile experience for their customers. Essentially, the startup wants to offer businesses a turn-key mobile monetization solution as well as a mobile marketing manager. Its “Platform Mobile Manager” is designed to do just that. The cloud-based software allows startups and corporations to manage ads, SMS and email advertising, and coupons — all from a single dashboard.

Of course, the startup has plenty of competition in the mobile advertising space, but its solution has already drawn more than 50 broadcast, publishing and corporate brands into the fold in only a few months, so there’s plenty of room for optimism. It’s great to see Kansas supporting and growing local technology companies. That’s just good policy.

For more, check out the site here and meet the Kickanotch team here.

Source: Kickanotch Raises $500,000 For Its Mobile Marketing and App Monetization Platform