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Google Outs 3D Maps For iOS Ahead of Apple

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hypnosec writes “Apple announced during WWDC 2012 that it is going to ditch Google maps and bring out its own under iOS 6. So, Google started working and in fact raced ahead of Apple in providing 3D maps for iOS. Through a blog post, Google announced that it has now made 3D imagery available on its Google Earth for iOS app. Users of iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or new iPad, while using Google Earth for iOS app, will feel that they are virtually flying over cities.The feature, as of now, works only for 12 regions. Cities for which the 3D imagery is provided are from US with an expectation of a city in Rome. The U.S. cities include: Boulder, Colo., Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Lawrence, Kan., Long Beach, Calif., Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., San Diego, Santa Cruz, Calif., Tampa, Fla., Tucson, Ariz., and San Francisco, plus its East Bay and Peninsula neighbors notes the blog post.”

Source: Google Outs 3D Maps For iOS Ahead of Apple

How Instagram Imagery Is Transforming

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In the world of social media, “celebrity” is a combination of social status and social media presence. The more likes you receive, the more “popular” you appear to friends and followers.

Up until its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram was the current site of social media celebrity. As it becomes yet another Facebook app, the photography will most likely change from what was once street photography, landscapes and architecture of early users, to the social, people-oriented imagery that floods Facebook on a daily basis.

“Early Instagram users were more production-oriented,” says Zachary McCune, a researcher in social and mobile platforms whose early work on Instagram dug into the types of imagery that users shared. “It was more of an art practice rather than a camera utility.”

He notes that at this time last year @instagram‘s popular page images had 30-60 likes. Today, they have 500-3,500 likes.

Interestingly, the big genre that hasn’t gone away – and which pioneered early Instagram user communities – is #streetphotography. “All the people who had early followers on Instagram had that style of photography,” McCune says.

These photos are the candid, authentic-feeling images shot with an iPhone while strolling through New York, Chicago, Paris. And before the other week, Instagram was available on iPhone only.

“The iPhone is flâneurial,” McCune says. “It’s in your hand, it’s multipurpose, you can be responding to a text message while snapping a photo, so it’s also the surreptitiously arresting, incredible moment. The mobile phone wants to take the quick and quotidian image.”

One can liken the early Instagram images to those of 20th-century French photographer Eugène Atget. Those once-striking images of the city alive are turning into socially focused shots of young parents and their children.

Not all of these early Instagram communities will disappear, however.

The proliferation of most popular tags such as #iphoneonly and #nofilter point to the retention of a high-art oriented crowd that doesn’t need a filter to make their photos feel fresh.

But where there is purity, there is also popularity – and more specifically, celebrity.

Justin Bieber Recreates Kazimir Malevich, Becomes the Most Popular Instagrammer of All Time

Best known for his 1915 painting “Black Square,” Kazimir Malevich founded Supermatism, a movement about geometric forms, especially circles and squares. Such imagery has seen a resurgence in modern-day tattoo culture and, apparently, the Instagram feed of Justin Bieber In fact, it is the most-liked photo, according to Webstagram.

“So pure fame is still the straightest shot to popularity on the 30 million-user service, even though the general perception of Instagram – until it got bought by Facebook – was that it as this indie thing, where a certain kind of aesthetic or brilliant capture of an OMG moment might achieve a kind of triumphant popularity on its own merits in this rarefied little world,” writes Matt Buchanan of Buzzfeed. “What are the self-portraits of Bieber and Gomez but icons of fame itself, after all, affirmed by their armies of likers?”

Over on, an app made by @mislav, visitors can search the most popular images on Instagram by filter type and keyword. Similarly, filters out the app’s most popular images. This popular image from user exapstagram has a total of 401 likes. The most popular location is Jakarta, Indonesia, which hosts 713 photos on Populagram alone. On Webstagram, the current most popular photo has received 9,424 likes and 469 photos. It is an image of a woman’s hand with pink nails, leopard print bows and geometric shapes. Users are in love, posting hearts, thumbs up and expressions like “Cute :)”.

Images via Wikipedia and Web.stagram.

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Google Street View Moves Indoors

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Hugh Pickens writes “Google is taking its Street View mapping service indoors with plans moving ahead for 360-degree Business Photos, a program that would send Google photographers to various businesses to snap professional photos for their Places Page. ‘This experience, using Street View technology, includes 360-degree imagery of the business interior and storefront,’ says Google. ‘With this immersive imagery, potential customers can easily imagine themselves at the business and decide if they want to visit in person.’ Photographs are taken by ‘trusted’ photographers, though businesses can also upload their own images via Google Places. It’s starting with businesses ‘that we know are searched for most regularly,’ like restaurants, hotels, retail shops, gyms, salons, and repair shops. Taking internal photos and posting them online brings up some security questions, but Google says its photographs will ‘capture nothing different to what a customer would see by visiting the business in real life.’”

Source: Google Street View Moves Indoors

Google Earth Builder Allows Companies To Process And Store Geospatial Data In The Cloud

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Google Maps and Earth are both massively popular consumer products produced by Google. In fact, Google Earth has been downloaded over 700 million times and Maps has become one of the most popular cross-platform online mapping applications in the world. Today, Google is blending the capabilities of the backend of these mapping products into an enterprise oriented application—Google Earth Builder.

The product allows users to upload, process and store geospatial data in the Google Cloud. Many government agencies, environmental companies and more have massive amounts of geographic data and maps that need to be organized, stored and categorized for use. There are traditional on-premise products that help companies do this, but Google is hoping to enter this space with a cloud-based product that brings the ease of sue of Maps and Earth to the enterprise.

With Google Earth Builder, users actually use Google Maps and Google Earth to share and publish mapping data. No technical expertise or GIS training is required, says the search giant. Besides being able to use Maps and Earth within the application, you can also add imagery, roads, points of interest from Google to complement your data. And because the application is cloud based, you can tap into a wealth of real-time features including the ability to scale, obtain detailed analytics, increase storage space, ensure data backup, and push features more quickly.

From the blog post, here are the various types of uses for companies: Whether you have terabytes of imagery or just a few basemap layers, now you can create multiple map layers from your data, such as shapefiles of demographic data, spreadsheets of worldwide customer locations and files of your recently acquired imagery for a new development. You can also integrate the map layers with our own imagery basemap, road data, Google Street View, Terrain View, or Directions in order to find your next best store location.

Australian energy giant Ergon Energy is currently using Google Earth Builder to manage and share geospatial data. And Google anticipates that many more companies and government agencies will find the product ideal for shifting this data to the cloud. Google Earth Builder will be made publicly available in Q3 2011.

Source: Google Earth Builder Allows Companies To Process And Store Geospatial Data In The Cloud

Finding Art in Science: See the Dazzling Winners of the Wellcome Awards

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From across the pond comes a ravishing collection of scientific imagery. The Wellcome Collection, a London museum, has just announced the winners of its Wellcome Image Awards.

The 21 award winners, selected from images acquired by the Wellcome Collection over the last 18 months, were chosen both for their ability to enhance scientific understanding and for their aesthetic appeal. Many use colour to better illustrate hard-to-see features. [New Scientist]


Source: Finding Art in Science: See the Dazzling Winners of the Wellcome Awards

Informative Shuttle Ascent Video

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minterbartolo points out this video, produced by Matt Melis at the Glenn Research Center, excerpting from its description: “Photographic documentation of a Space Shuttle launch plays a critical role in the engineering analysis and evaluation process that takes place during each and every mission. Motion and Still images enable Shuttle engineers to visually identify off-nominal events and conditions requiring corrective action to ensure mission safety and success. This imagery also provides highly inspirational and educational insight to those outside the NASA family. This compilation of film and video presents the best of the best ground-based Shuttle motion imagery from STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124 missions. Rendered in the highest definition possible, this production is a tribute to the dozens of men and women of the Shuttle imaging team and the 30yrs of achievement of the Space Shuttle Program.”

Source: Informative Shuttle Ascent Video

Google Maps Adds Drone Imagery

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joshuadugie writes “Slashdot carried a story a while ago that Google had purchased drones for unknown purposes. Google Maps has now added new non-satellite imagery (at UT Austin, for example) when you zoom in close enough. Mystery solved!” I’d like to think that there really are (or were) drones over Austin, but would also like to see Google’s explanation for the close-up images.

Source: Google Maps Adds Drone Imagery

Future of 3D Street View To Include Live Video

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An anonymous reader writes “3D textured cityscapes are nothing new to Google Earth users: international cities such as New York have displayed this type of imagery for a while now. But now Google has made a critical change to Google Earth — adding high-resolution Street View imagery to existing city textures, effectively creating a semi photo-realistic 3D sim city you can fly through on your PC. As this article and videos show, it’s only the tip of some very fancy features coming to online maps, with Microsoft demonstrating the ability to see Flickr images of your surroundings as you fly through cities (including the bizarre possibility of seeing horses and carriages on the streets), look up at the sky and see the stars through Worldwide Telescope, the ability to go inside buildings thanks to backpack cameras, and see live video streams from a friend’s phone, turning the static map image into a live video.”

Source: Future of 3D Street View To Include Live Video

Fill in the Blanks: Algorithm Makes Something Out of Nothing

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A technique known as compressed sensing may change everything from medical imagery to astronomy.

Source: Fill in the Blanks: Algorithm Makes Something Out of Nothing

Ambitious ‘Forty-Five’ Probes Superheroes’ Psyches

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Interviews with superpowered individuals — some crime fighters, some criminals — make up the meat of this graphic novel. Stunning imagery by 45 different artists skins the project. Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of Forty-Five.

Source: Ambitious ‘Forty-Five’ Probes Superheroes’ Psyches