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Study Compares IQ With Browser Choice

July 31st, 2011 07:27 admin View Comments

The Internet

rennerik writes “A recent study of 100,000 people taking IQ tests compared the scores with which browser the person uses on a regular basis. On average, Internet Explorer users fared the worst, with IE6 users at the bottom of the pile and IE8 users performing slightly better. Firefox, Chrome and Safari fell in the middle with little difference between them. IE with Chrome Frame and Camino landed on top, along with Opera, whose users scored the highest”

Source: Study Compares IQ With Browser Choice

Microsoft Adopts SVG For Internet Explorer 9

March 26th, 2010 03:48 admin View Comments

An anonymous reader writes SVG has been a published standard for almost a decade. Microsoft has had nothing to do with it, even while every other major browser adopted SVG as a supported format and interface. Just in the last few weeks, though, Microsoft has thrown a surprising amount of its weight behind SVG.” This means for IE 9, but it’s a start.

Source: Microsoft Adopts SVG For Internet Explorer 9

Firefox 3.5 Now the Most Popular Browser Worldwide

December 20th, 2009 12:36 admin View Comments

gQuigs notes a graph up at StatCounter Global Statistics, which shows that in the last few days Firefox 3.5 became the most used browser version worldwide, edging ahead of IE7. IE8 is rising fast (along with Windows 7), but over the last few months the slope of Firefox’s worldwide curve has been steeper. (In the US, IE8 has always been ahead of Firefox 3.5; in Europe Firefox has led since late summer.) The submitter suggests using the time when Firefox rules the roost, globally speaking, to put the final nail in the coffin of IE6, which still has a 14% global share (5%-7% in the US and EU; China and Korea are holding up IE6′s numbers).

Source: Firefox 3.5 Now the Most Popular Browser Worldwide

Major IE8 Flaw Makes "Safe" Sites Unsafe

November 24th, 2009 11:32 admin View Comments

After this weekend’s report of a dangerous flaw in IE (which Microsoft confirmed today), intrudere points out an exclusive report in The Register on a new hole in IE8 that could allow an attacker to pull off cross-site scripting attacks on Web sites that ought, by rights, to be safe from XSS. This is according to two anonymous sources, who told El Reg that Microsoft had been notified of the vulnerability a few months ago.