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University Networks Block Student Project

June 6th, 2010 06:00 admin View Comments

An anonymous reader writes “A computer science student at University College London put together FitFinder as a bit of a joke — it’s been described as a cross between Twitter and personal ads, and it rapidly became very popular. The university took exception to this and started by blocking the site from being accessed on campus. Not content with this, a few weeks later they fined the student £300 and had him take the site down completely. Currently, the site is still offline, although there is a petition with several thousand signatures requesting its return. In the meantime, a site called PhitFinder has appeared, claiming to have no link to the original.”

Source: University Networks Block Student Project

Chinese Researcher Says US Power Grid Is Vulnerable, Strategist Overreacts

March 21st, 2010 03:17 admin View Comments

An anonymous reader writes with a story about Wang Jianwei, a grad student in China who recently released a paper detailing a vulnerability in the US power grid. Despite the paper being rather typical for security research, its origin set off alarm bells for military strategist Larry M. Wortzel, who testified before Congress that the student was a threat, despite the fact that the published attack wasn’t really feasible. Quoting:
“‘We usually say “attack” so you can see what would happen,’ [Wang] said. ‘My emphasis is on how you can protect this. My goal is to find a solution to make the network safer and better protected.’ And independent American scientists who read his paper said it was true: Mr. Wang’s work was a conventional technical exercise that in no way could be used to take down a power grid. The difference between Mr. Wang’s explanation and Mr. Wortzel’s conclusion is of more than academic interest. It shows that in an atmosphere already charged with hostility between the United States and China over cybersecurity issues, including large-scale attacks on computer networks, even a misunderstanding has the potential to escalate tension and set off an overreaction. ‘Already people are interpreting this as demonstrating some kind of interest that China would have in disrupting the US power grid,’ said Nart Villeneuve, a researcher with the SecDev Group, an Ottawa-based cybersecurity research and consulting group.”

Source: Chinese Researcher Says US Power Grid Is Vulnerable, Strategist Overreacts