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Want a Security Pro? Get Politically Incorrect and Learn Geek Culture

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coondoggie writes “While complaints can be heard far and wide that it’s hard to find the right IT security experts to defend the nation’s cyberspace, the real problem in hiring security professionals is the roadblocks put up by lawyers and human resources personnel and a complete lack of understanding of geek culture, says security consultant Winn Schwartau. Take Janet Napolitano, U.S. secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, who has said the country can’t find the right people for network defense. The real problem is a misunderstanding of computer geeks, their personalities, habits and their backgrounds, said Schwartau today during his talk at the Hacker Halted information security conference”

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Ask Slashdot: Ideas For a Geek Remodel?

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An anonymous reader writes “What would you do to ‘go geek’ if you had a major remodel on your hands? My wife and I are re-modeling my in-law’s 3000 sq foot single-level house, and we’re both very wired, tech-savvy individuals. We will both have offices, as well as TVs in the bedroom and dining room. My question to the community is: What would you do if you had 10-20,000 to spend for this kind of remodel project? What kind of hardware/firmware would you install? I’d love to have a digital ‘command center’ to run an LCD wall-calendar for the family, and be able to play my PS3 from anywhere in the house (ie, if everyone wants to watch Netflix while I’m in the middle of some Borderlands). What else have geeks done/planned to do? This is a test run for a much, much nicer house down the road, so don’t be overly afraid of cost concerns for really great ideas. We will be taking most of the house down to studs, so don’t factor demolition into costs. For culinary-minded geeks, I’d love any ideas you have to surprise my wife with cool kitchen gadgets or designs.”

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Ask Slashdot: Where Should a Geek’s Charitable Donations Go?

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An anonymous reader writes “I’m in the position to direct (or at least suggest the direction of) a fairly large amount of charitable donation on behalf of a foundation interested in promoting education. As a lifelong geek, I’d like to see some of this money directed toward organizations involved in things geeks-like (e.g. spreading technology in education to those without it, improving the use of technology for those who have it, etc.). If it was up to you, what charitable organizations would you support and why?”

Source: Ask Slashdot: Where Should a Geek’s Charitable Donations Go?

Samsung Expected To Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 LTE Networking

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An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from “The courtroom battle between Apple and Samsung seems to be far from over, and come tomorrow Apple is in for a major headache as soon as it makes the iPhone 5 official. That’s because Samsung is poised to sue the company over patents it owns relating to LTE connectivity the new smartphone is expected to use. All Samsung needs to confirm is that the iPhone 5 is shipping with 4G LTE and it can then apparently set its lawyers into action. As is typical with these patent lawsuits, Samsung will most likely seek an import ban meaning the iPhone 5 may not be able to leave its manufacturing plants and make it to the US to fulfill pre-orders. If such a thing ruling was made, Apple would most likely do a deal that meant it no longer pursued Samsung product bans, and might even forget about that billion dollar payout.” Samsung’s not the only one hoping to gain some leverage: itwbennett writes “Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 may violate a pair of patents bought by HTC back in April 2011 that cover methods used in 4g devices for faster downloads. International Trade Commission judge Thomas Pender said it would take ‘clear and convincing’ evidence to renounce the U.S. patents.”

Source: Samsung Expected To Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 LTE Networking

Best Buy Cuts 650 Geek Squad Techies

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tripleevenfall writes “Best Buy has cut approximately 650 jobs from its Geek Squad division, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The cut represents about 4% of Geek Squad’s total workforce. The consumer electronics giant said the workers primarily service televisions and appliances in consumers’ homes. Best Buy’s performance has struggled to keep up with changes in consumer electronics , as the weight of its big-box format inhibits it from fending off competitive pressure of online retailers.”

Source: Best Buy Cuts 650 Geek Squad Techies

Grilling For Geeks

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A lot of us are going to be standing over a grill today cooking for friends and family. Here’s an article that lists some of the best gadgets to help you grill like a geek. Whether you want some high-tech tongs, thermometers you can monitor from your phone, or a complete grilling station with wi-fi, there is bound to be a tool here that will make your day easier and a lot more fun.

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Geeks In the Public Forum?

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cedarhillbilly writes “In his new book The Geek Manifesto, Mark Henderson ‘pleads for citizens who value science to force it onto the mainstream political agenda and other main walks of life.’ There are some important questions that need answers: ‘Do you have to give up your tech practice to undertake a public role?’ Also, ‘Is political life (compromise, working by consensus, irrationality) antithetical to the “geek” values?’” The Guardian’s coverage sums up the idea nicely: “What I desperately want is a move toward an evidence-based culture in politics. Politicians are free to say: ‘I think people on drugs should be punished because drugs are immoral.’ That’s a moral call, albeit a rather stupid one in my opinion. What they shouldn’t do is say: ‘I want to reduce drug use, and sending all users to prison is the most cost-effective way to achieve that.’ That’s not at moral call, it’s a factual statement; as such it should be evidence-based, or else the person making it should shut the hell up.”

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Wil Wheaton: BitTorrent Isn’t Only For Piracy

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itwbennett writes “Geek advocate Wil Wheaton has written a blog post on the (legal) usefulness of BitTorrent, saying that the speed of his recent download of Ubuntu 12.04 should serve as a reminder that BitTorrent fills an important niche. Wheaton compares blocking BitTorrent to closing freeways because bank robbers could get away.”

Source: Wil Wheaton: BitTorrent Isn’t Only For Piracy

‘G20 Geek’ Byron Sonne Cleared of Explosives Charges

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New submitter davegravy writes “Byron Sonne, the Toronto-based security consultant, chemistry hobbyist, and geek who was arrested leading up to the Toronto G-20 for alleged plans to bomb the event, has been found not guilty of all charges. Sonne was held in prison for 11 months without receiving bail, and the ruling comes two years after his arrest. Sonne is considered by many in the Toronto security community as a champion of civil rights and a sharp critic of security theatre.”

Source: ‘G20 Geek’ Byron Sonne Cleared of Explosives Charges

Wil Wheaton’s New Show: Tabletop

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xwwt writes Wil Wheaton is working with Felicia Day on a new show called Tabletop, which will air on the YouTube Channel Geek and Sundry. The show will be about board games and gaming in general. This is how he describes it: ‘My ulterior motive with Tabletop is to show by example how much fun it is to play boardgames. I want to show that Gamers aren’t all a bunch of weirdoes who can’t make eye contact when they talk to you, and that getting together for a game night is just as social and awesome as getting together to watch Sportsball, or to play poker, or for a LAN party, or whatever non-gamers do with their friends. I want to inspire people to try hobby games, and I want to remove the stigma associated with gaming and gamers.’ The first show airs April 2nd.”

Source: Wil Wheaton’s New Show: Tabletop