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Precision Espionage MiniFlame Malware Tied To Flame

October 15th, 2012 10:42 admin View Comments


Gunkerty Jeb writes “Initially thought to be merely a module of the now-infamous Flame malware, MiniFlame, or SPE is, in reality, a secondary surveillance tool deployed against specially identified targets following an initial Flame or Gauss compromise. MiniFlame/SPE was one of three previously unseen pieces of malware discovered during a forensic analysis of Flame’s command and control servers. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab and CERT-Bund/BSI determined that the program, which has compromised somewhere between 10 and 20 machines, can stand alone as an independent piece of malware or run as a plug-in for both Flame and Gauss.”

Source: Precision Espionage MiniFlame Malware Tied To Flame

Gamers May Get a Charge Out of the Gauss Rifle

September 5th, 2012 09:11 admin View Comments

Hardware Hacking

Zothecula writes “Well, Patrick Priebe might have outdone himself with this one. In the past, the German cyberpunk weapons-maker has brought us such creations as a wrist-mounted mini-crossbow, a laser-sighted rotary-saw-blade-shooting crossbow, and a flame-throwing glove. His latest nasty futuristic device? A video game-inspired electromagnetic weapon, called the Gauss Rifle.”

Source: Gamers May Get a Charge Out of the Gauss Rifle

Researchers Seek Help Cracking Gauss Mystery Payload

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An anonymous reader writes “Researchers at Kaspersky Lab are asking the public for help in cracking an encrypted warhead that gets delivered to infected machines by the recently discovered Gauss malware toolkit. They’re publishing encrypted sections and hashes in the hope that cryptographers will be able to help them out.” Adds reader DavidGilbert99: “The so-called Godel module is targeting a specific machine with specific system configurations, and Kaspersky believes the victim is likely a high-profile target. The decryption key, Kaspersky believes, will be derived from these specific system configurations, and so far it has been unable to find out what they are.”

Source: Researchers Seek Help Cracking Gauss Mystery Payload

New State-Sponsored Malware “Gauss” Making the Rounds

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EliSowash writes “A newly uncovered espionage tool, apparently designed by the same people behind the state-sponsored Flame malware that infiltrated machines in Iran, has been found infecting systems in other countries in the Middle East, according to Kaspersky researchers. Gauss is a nation state sponsored banking Trojan which carries a warhead of unknown designation. Besides stealing various kinds of data from infected Windows machines, it also includes an unknown, encrypted payload which is activated on certain specific system configurations. Just like Duqu was based on the ‘Tilded’ platform on which Stuxnet was developed, Gauss is based on the ‘Flame’ platform.”

Source: New State-Sponsored Malware “Gauss” Making the Rounds