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Death of Printed Books May Have Been Exaggerated

January 5th, 2013 01:19 admin View Comments


New submitter razor88x writes “Although just 16% of Americans have purchased an e-book to date, the growth rate in sales of digital books is already dropping sharply. At the same time, sales of dedicated e-readers actually shrank in 2012, as people bought tablets instead. Meanwhile, printed books continue to be preferred over e-books by a wide majority of U.S. book readers. In his blog post Will Gutenberg Laugh Last?, writer Nicholas Carr draws on these statistics and others to argue that, contrary to predictions, printed books may continue to be the book’s dominant form. ‘We may be discovering,’ he writes, ‘that e-books are well suited to some types of books (like genre fiction) but not well suited to other types (like nonfiction and literary fiction) and are well suited to certain reading situations (plane trips) but less well suited to others (lying on the couch at home). The e-book may turn out to be more a complement to the printed book, as audiobooks have long been, rather than an outright substitute.’”

Source: Death of Printed Books May Have Been Exaggerated

Adobe and Apple Didn’t Unit Test For “Forward Date” Bugs. Do You?

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llamafirst writes “As the year flipped to 2013, we learned that Adobe and Apple don’t test for “forward date” bugs. Adobe prevented any copy of FrameMaker 10 from launching and Apple broke Do Not Disturb for the first week of 2013. Surely some more critical and safety systems also have lurking issues. Got tips for catching time/date bugs “from the mysterious future”? (also, oblig link to Falsehoods programmers believe about time)”

Source: Adobe and Apple Didn’t Unit Test For “Forward Date” Bugs. Do You?

World Governments Object To New gTLDs

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hypnosec writes “ICANN is receiving more and more requests for new generic top level domains, and governments around the world are busy registering their complaints and objections with the proposed names. To date, more than 200 objections have been raised against proposed gTLDs, with Australia leading the pack with over 120 objections. Some of the other countries which are at the forefront of registering their objections include France, Germany and India. US and UK are near the bottom of the list. ICANN’s “early warnings” about national objections to gTLDs serves as formal objections but it doesn’t mean that these domains will never be signed off. There is always room for discussions and mediation that would allow prospective registrants to keep on pursuing their claims. Australia has objected to names such as ‘.baby,’ ‘.app,’ and ‘.beauty’ among other. It has also objected to names such as ‘.sucks’ and ‘.wtf,’ stating that these names have ‘an overtly negative or critical connotation.’”

Source: World Governments Object To New gTLDs

Nintendo WiiU Price and Release Date Announced

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YokimaSun writes Nintendo have revealed the release date of the WiiU, in Japan it will launch on the 8th December. The console will ship in 2 versions a Basic version with 8GB of internal memory and a Premium version that has 32GB of internal memory and comes with a stand and docks. Both versions have 1GB of Main and the same for Game Memory. Nintendo claim the console is 20 times more powerful than the Wii and supports 1080p visuals out the box and comes with an hdmi cable. All existing Wii accessories will work with the WiiU but the new Tablet Gamepad will set you back around £100/$173 when you convert yen over. The price of the Premium SKU converts to £250/ $405 but expect that to change when each region announces their release date and price.”

Source: Nintendo WiiU Price and Release Date Announced

Windows 8 Release Date: October 26th

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Several readers sent word that Microsoft has selected a release date for Windows 8: October 26th. Steven Sinofsky made the announcement today at the company’s annual sales meeting. The new version of the operating system will be sent to manufacturers next month, giving them plenty of time to prepare for general availability.

Source: Windows 8 Release Date: October 26th

Full Upgrades To Windows 8 Only From Windows 7?

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CWmike writes “Microsoft will support full upgrades to Windows 8 only from the three-year old Windows 7, according to a report Thursday by ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley. Citing unnamed sources, Foley said that Microsoft has informed select partners of the upgrade paths to Windows 8. While Microsoft may be revealing upgrade paths to some partners, it has been much more reticent to keep customers informed than three years ago when it rolled out Windows 7. Among the details the company has not disclosed are the on-sale date and the pricing of the two retail editions. By this time in 2009, Microsoft had revealed both: On June 2 that year, it pegged a launch date for Windows 7, and by June 25 had not only posted prices for the operating system but had also kicked off a pre-sale that discounted upgrades by as much as 58%. The increased secrecy from the company was demonstrated best last week, when it unveiled its first-ever tablet, the Surface, but left many questions unanswered, including the price, sales date, and even the hardware’s battery life.”

Source: Full Upgrades To Windows 8 Only From Windows 7?

Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced

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Role Playing (Games)

New submitter Woldry writes “After five years in development, Guild Wars 2 has been given a launch date: August 28, 2012. ArenaNet’s aim is to provide ‘a living, breathing online world that challenges convention, that’s designed for fun instead of grind.’ There’s a beta weekend planned for July 20-22 for those who have pre-purchased the game (and for those who have gotten legitimate beta keys in advance).” Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a good write-up of some hands-on time during one of the earlier beta weekends, saying, ‘Time after time, Guild Wars 2 impressed me with just how carefully no, how smartly everything has been thought out. Those things that annoy us in other games are simply banished here.’

Source: Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced

Ask Slashdot: Security Digests For the Home Network Admin?

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New submitter halcyon1234 writes “I’m currently cutting the webhost cord, and setting up a simple webserver at home to host a couple hobby websites and a blog. The usual LAMP stuff. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous; I know how to get everything set up and get it up to date, but not enough to be sure I’m not overlooking common, simple security configurations. And then there’s the issue of new vulnerabilities being found that I’m not even aware of. The last thing I want is to contribute to someone’s botnet or spam relay.
What readings/subscriptions would you recommend for security discussions/heads up? Obviously I already read (too much) Slashdot daily, which I credit for hearing about some major security issues. Are there any RSS feeds or mailing lists you rely on for keeping up to date on security issues?”

Source: Ask Slashdot: Security Digests For the Home Network Admin?

SpaceX Dragon Launch To ISS Set For April 30th

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Spy Handler writes “NASA announced today a tentative April 30th date for SpaceX launch to the International Space Station on an unmanned cargo mission. ‘Everything looks good as we head toward the April 30 launch date,’ said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for Human Exploration and Operations. If successful, SpaceX will become the first private company to launch a space vehicle and dock with the ISS.”

Source: SpaceX Dragon Launch To ISS Set For April 30th

Australian Scientists Discover ‘Oldest Living Thing On Earth’

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New submitter offsafely writes “Scientists in Australia have discovered the oldest living life-form to date: a small patch of Ancient Seagrass, dated through DNA sequencing at 200,000 years old.” Says the linked article: “This is far older than the current known oldest species, a Tasmanian plant that is believed to be 43,000 years old.” What I want to know is, How does it taste?

Source: Australian Scientists Discover ‘Oldest Living Thing On Earth’