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Android On HP TouchPad

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NicknamesAreStupid writes “As fast as you can say ‘$99 blowout sale,’ PC World reports an Android port to the now defunct HP TouchPad. ‘Of course, it will turn out to be the best Android pad ever, making the iPad stink by comparison,’ reports Muphy’s Law Reports.”

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(Founder Stories) Gilt Groupe’s Kevin Ryan Says There Is No Bubble (TCTV)

May 21st, 2011 05:56 admin View Comments

Heading into TechCrunch Disrupt, New York, we pulled a couple excerpts from Chris Dixon’s freshly shot Founder Stories interview with Gilt Groupe’s CEO & Founder, Kevin Ryan. Ryan, who will be speaking at the conference dismisses talk of the so-called “tech bubble” and dives into the “renaissance” of the New York Tech scene.

Responding to a recent “Economist” article which cautions of a tech bust, Ryan, the former DoubleClick CEO says, “They are completely wrong.”

Ryan and Dixon break it down above. (Note that this was filmed before LinkedIn’s blowout IPO on Thursday).

In the below exchange Dixon and Ryan discuss the emergence of the New York Tech scene. Ryan tells Dixon, “I could not be more bullish about what is happening in New York.” Going on to say, “the core fundamentals in New York are fantastic.”

Ryan also explains why New York is a pipeline for talent, and why Boston is hardly mentioned in the same breath.

Source: (Founder Stories) Gilt Groupe’s Kevin Ryan Says There Is No Bubble (TCTV)

Gulf Bacteria Quickly Digested Spilled Methane

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masterwit writes “From an AAAS news release: ‘Bacteria made quick work of the methane released by the Deepwater Horizon blowout, digesting most of the gas within the four months after its release, according to a new study published online at ScienceExpress.’ This study, however, did not deal with other chemicals (oil) from the disaster’s fallout. A glimpse of good news from the disaster’s aftermath.” Reader iamrmani points out a related article suggesting that things may be looking up for BP after the Presidential Commission said blame for the disaster should be shared with service contractors and government regulators.

Source: Gulf Bacteria Quickly Digested Spilled Methane