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Man Arrested For Photo of Burning Poppy On Facebook

November 12th, 2012 11:16 admin View Comments


Barence writes “A British man has been arrested for posting a picture of a burning poppy on Facebook. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance for those who died in war, and the arrest was made on Remembrance Sunday. ‘A man from Aylesham has tonight been arrested on suspicion of malicious telecommunications,’ Kent police said in a statement after the arrest. ‘This follows a posting on a social network site of a burning poppy. He is currently in police custody awaiting interview.’ The arrest has been criticized by legal experts. ‘What was the point of winning either World War if, in 2012, someone can be casually arrested by @Kent_police for burning a poppy?’ tweeted David Allen Green, who helped clear the British man who was prosecuted for a joke tweet threatening to blow up an airport.”

Source: Man Arrested For Photo of Burning Poppy On Facebook

Brazilian Judge Orders 24-hour Shutdown of Google and Youtube

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_Sharp’r_ writes “Judge Flavio Peren of Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil has ordered the arrest of the President of Google Brazil, as well as the 24-hour shutdown of Google and Youtube for not removing videos attacking a mayoral candidate. Google is appealing, but has recently also faced ordered fines of $500K/day in Parana and the ordered arrest of another executive in Paraiba in similar cases.” Early reports indicated that the judge also ordered the arrest of the Google Brazil President, but the story when this was written is that the police haven’t received any such order (and an earlier such order was overuled recently). The video is in violation of their pre-election laws.

Source: Brazilian Judge Orders 24-hour Shutdown of Google and Youtube

Photographing Police: Deletion Is Not Forever

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Geoffrey.landis writes “The courts have now ruled that the public has the right to videotape the police in the performance of their duties. Of course, that doesn’t stop the police from harassing people who do so — even journalists, who sometimes have their cameras confiscated. As it turns out, though, they’re not always very knowledgeable about how deletion works. I would say that erasing, or attempting to erase, a video of police arresting somebody illegally (How can a journalist be charged with ‘resisting arrest’ when he was not being arrested for anything other than resisting arrest?) is a clear case of destruction of evidence by the officers. Destroying evidence is obstruction of justice. That’s illegal. Why haven’t these police officers been arrested?”

Source: Photographing Police: Deletion Is Not Forever

Mass. Court Says Constitution Protects Filming On-Duty Police

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Even in a country and a world where copyright can be claimed as an excuse to prevent you from taking a photo of a giant sculpture in a public, tax-paid park, and openly recording visiting police on your own property can be construed as illegal wiretapping, it sometimes seems like the overreach of officialdom against people taking photos or shooting video knows no bounds. It’s a special concern now that seemingly everyone over the age of 10 is carrying a camera that can take decent stills and HD video. it’s refreshing, therefore, to read that a Federal Appeals Court has found unconstitutional the arrest of a Massachusetts lawer who used his phone to video-record an arrest on the Boston Common. (Here’s the ruling itself, as a PDF.) From the linked article, provided by reader schwit1: “In its ruling, which lets Simon Glik continue his lawsuit, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston said the wiretapping statute under which Glik was arrested and the seizure of his phone violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights.”

Source: Mass. Court Says Constitution Protects Filming On-Duty Police

UK Police Arrest 12 Over Facebook Use Inciting Riots

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An anonymous reader writes “Scotland Yard vowed to track down and arrest protesters who posted ‘really inflammatory, inaccurate’ messages on Facebook, but it didn’t stop at just two people. While two teenagers were arrested earlier this week in connection with messages posted on Facebook allegedly encouraging people to start rioting, 10 more have now joined them.”

Source: UK Police Arrest 12 Over Facebook Use Inciting Riots

UK Police Charge Suspected Anonymous Spokesman

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An anonymous reader writes “Scotland Yard has tonight charged 18-year-old Jake Davis, who was arrested in the Shetland Islands last week, with five offenses including unauthorized computer access and conspiracy to carry out a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack against the SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency) website. When announcing his arrest on Wednesday, police said that they believed Davis used the online nickname ‘Topiary’ and acted as the spokesperson for the Anonymous and LulzSec hacking groups. Topiary’s final twitter message said ‘You can’t arrest an idea’ just before his arrest.”

Source: UK Police Charge Suspected Anonymous Spokesman

Assange Back In Court For Sex Crimes Appeal

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The Courts

kaptink writes “Julian Assange is back in court today to appeal his extradition to Sweden. So far the court has heard more on the incompatibility between UK and Sweden sex crime laws and that the arrest warrant used was essentially flawed. — ‘Ben Emmerson QC told Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Ousely that the European arrest warrant under which Assange is being held was flawed because it failed to provide a “fair, accurate and proper” description of the alleged sexual misconduct.’”

Source: Assange Back In Court For Sex Crimes Appeal

Authorities Closing On LulzSec

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mask.of.sanity writes The noose is tightening on hacker group LulzSec, according to a coordinated group of like-minded users, some from LulzSec-Exposed that claim to have uncovered the identity of LulzSec members and supplied them to the FBI. An arrest Monday of a UK teenager was rumoured to be former hacker scene member Ryan Clearly, and the trackers, which includes a former FBI agent, say this arrest is the first of many. They refused to disclose the identities of LulzSec chief, saying it would cause the members to burn the evidence of attacks and scatter.”

Source: Authorities Closing On LulzSec

LulzSec Debunks UK Census Hack

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Earlier this morning we reported that an arrest had been made relating to the hacker group LulzSec. mask.of.sanity notes “Hacking group LulzSec has poured cloud water on claims that it had stolen UK Census data and was preparing to release the records. ‘Just saw the pastebin of the UK census hack. That wasn’t us — don’t believe fake LulzSec releases unless we put out a tweet first,’ the group said from its official Twitter account.”

Source: LulzSec Debunks UK Census Hack

Cisco Accused of Orchestrating Engineer’s Arrest

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alphadogg writes “Cisco Systems orchestrated the arrest of Multiven founder Peter Alfred-Adekeye last year in order to force a settlement of Multiven’s antitrust lawsuit against Cisco, a Multiven executive said on Wednesday. Multiven, an independent provider of service and support for networking gear, sued Cisco in 2008, alleging that the company monopolized the market for its software. Cisco countersued, charging that Alfred-Adekeye hacked into Cisco’s computers and stole copyrighted software. n May 2010, Alfred-Adekeye was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, on 97 counts of intentionally accessing a protected computer system without authorization for the purposes of commercial advantage, according to his arrest warrant. He could be sentenced to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. The arrest came to light only this week after local Vancouver press reported it.”

Source: Cisco Accused of Orchestrating Engineer’s Arrest