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Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Buy Legal Game ROMs?

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PktLoss writes “I’m interested in building an arcade machine, following the footsteps of Cmdr Taco among many others. Not being all that interested in piracy, I need to find somewhere to buy games. StarROMs used to be the kind of thing I was looking for, though with an incredibly short catalog. The MAME people have a few available for free (non-commercial), but this isn’t going to sate my needs. There’s an entire cottage industry supporting this goal. People are ready to sell me plans, kits, buttons, joy sticks, glass marquees, and entire machines. That’s fantastic, but where can I get the games? I refuse to believe that this entire industry is built on piracy.”

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30th Anniversary of Donkey Kong

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Classic Games (Games)

An anonymous reader writes “30 years ago this month, Nintendo released Donkey Kong — an iconic arcade machine that put the company on the video game map and introduced Mario. Technologizer’s Benj Edwards celebrated the anniversary by rounding up some of the game’s odder sidelights. For instance, it was originally going to be a game about Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl — and among its stranger offshoots was a pocket-sized game in which Donkey Kong and Mario faced off in hockey.” Gamasutra has a more detailed article about the game’s development.

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Bringing Old Arcade Machines Into the Internet Age

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An anonymous reader writes “To celebrate the opening of their hackerspace, Sprite_tm of SpritesMods hacked an old 1943 arcade machine to record its high scores, as well as post them on Twitter, via a newly added TCP/IP stack. The bus-tapping module he added to the machine lets him read the full contents of the Z80 logic board’s memory, allowing him to store high scores for posterity as well as add an Ethernet interface. The device should work on any Z80-based machine, which makes it easy to add these same capabilities to any old arcade cabinet.”

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Looking Back At Dungeons & Dragons

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An anonymous reader sends in a nostalgic piece about Dungeons & Dragons and the influence it’s had on games and gamers for the past 36 years. Quoting:
“Maybe there was something in the air during the early ’70s. Maybe it was historically inevitable. But it seems way more than convenient coincidence that Gygax and Arneson got their first packet of rules for D&D out the door in 1974, the same year Nolan Bushnell managed to cobble together a little arcade machine called Pong. We’ve never had fun quite the same way since. Looking back, these two events set today’s world of gaming into motion — the Romulus and Remus of modern game civilization. For the rest of forever, we would sit around and argue whether games should let us do more or tell us better stories.”

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ASCAP Seeks Licensing Fees For Guitar Hero Arcade

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Self Bias Resistor writes “According to a post on the Arcade-Museum forums, ASCAP is demanding an annual $800 licensing fee from at least one operator of a Guitar Hero Arcade machine, citing ASCAP licensing regulations regarding jukeboxes. An ASCAP representative allegedly told the operator that she viewed the Guitar Hero machine as a jukebox of sorts. The operator told ASCAP to contact Raw Thrills, the company that sells the arcade units. The case is ongoing and GamePolitics is currently seeking clarification of the story from ASCAP.”

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