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Scary Toothbrush Prompts Shutdown of World’s Busiest Airport

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McGruber writes “The big buzz for travelers today is the story of how a scary toothbrush prompted the closure of Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport: ‘Airport officials told Channel 2 Action News that an electric toothbrush began vibrating inside a bag checked onto an AirTran flight, causing workers to alert airport officials to the strange noise.’ The terminal and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) subway were both temporary closed ‘out of an abundance of caution.’ ATL has been the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998, and by number of landings and take-offs since 2005.”

Source: Scary Toothbrush Prompts Shutdown of World’s Busiest Airport

Man Arrested At Oakland Airport For Ornate Watch

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First time accepted submitter mbeckman writes “A man was arrested at Oakland airport for having bomb-making materials. The materials? An ornate watch and extra insoles in his boots. Despite the bomb squad determining that there was no bomb, The Alameda county sheriffs department claimed that he was carrying ‘potentially dangerous materials and appeared to have made alterations to his boots, which were Unusually large and stuffed with layers of insoles.’ The man told Transportation Security Administration officers that he’s an artist and the watch is art.”

Source: Man Arrested At Oakland Airport For Ornate Watch

Boeing 787 Makes US Debut

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thomas.kane writes “After years of delays, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is set to take off from Bush Intercontinental Airport this morning bound for O’Hare. Designed to make the flying experience ‘revolutionary,’ it is constructed from composite materials, has larger windows than previous jetliners, and high efficiency engines. United Airlines became the first U.S. carrier to take delivery; they’ve ordered 50, but due to processing delays, they only have 2 right now. Start looking for more to take to the skies early next year.”

Source: Boeing 787 Makes US Debut

Boston Airport Replacing X-ray Body Scanners

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OverTheGeicoE writes “Boston’s Logan International Airport is in the process of replacing its X-ray body scanners with millimeter-wave ones. According to the article, nine of the new scanners have been installed already, and ultimately 27 of these scanners will replace the 17 X-ray backscatter scanners that were installed in March of 2010. The new devices are ‘being installed come with software that replaces “passenger-specific images” — or nearly naked views of travelers — with generic outlines that highlight only anomalies such as belts, jewelry, wallets — or guns or bombs.’ Perhaps this will help TSA workers avoid being part of a cancer cluster. Some speculate that TSA will ultimately eliminate all of its X-ray body scanners.”

Source: Boston Airport Replacing X-ray Body Scanners

When Flying Was a Thrill

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Hugh Pickens writes writes “Bob Greene writes that flying, with jammed-to-the-groaning-point cabins and torture-rack legroom; fees for everything from checking your bags to being handed a paltry package of food; and the endless, we’ll-X-ray-you-to-within-an-inch-of-your-dignity security lines, is too often such a dreary, joy-sapping slog that it’s difficult to remember that it was ever any other way. But back in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s — even the 60s, flying was a big deal. When a family went on vacation by air, it was a major life event. ‘Traveling by air in those years wasn’t like boarding a flying bus, the way it is today,’ says Christopher Lynch, author of “When Hollywood Landed at Chicago’s Midway Airport,” a celebration of the golden years of commercial air travel in the United States. ‘People didn’t travel in flip-flops. I mean, no offense, Mister, but I don’t want to see your toes.’ The trains were still king in those years and the airlines wanted to convince people that flying was safe. ‘People were afraid to fly,’ Lynch says. ‘And it was expensive. The airlines had to make people think it was something they should try.’ That’s where Mike Rotunno came in, photographer-for-hire at Midway Airport in Chicago where cross-country flights in those years had to stop to refuel. His pictures of Hollywood stars as they got off the planes made air travel seem to be glamorous, sophisticated, civilized, and thrilling. ‘Think of his photos the next time you’re shoehorned into a seat next to a fellow who’s dripping the sloppy innards of his carry-on submarine sandwich onto your sleeve,’ writes Greene. ‘Air travel was once a treasured experience, exciting, exotic, something never to be forgotten. You, too, could travel like Elizabeth Taylor.’”

Source: When Flying Was a Thrill

Is Our Infrastructure Ready For Rising Temperatures?

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Hugh Pickens writes “Megan Garber writes that last weekend, a US Airways flight taxiing for takeoff from Washington’s Reagan National Airport got stuck on the tarmac for three hours because the tarmac had softened from the heat, and the plane had created — and then sunk into — a groove from which it couldn’t, at first, be removed. So what makes an asphalt tarmac, the foundation of our mighty air network, turn to sponge? The answer is that our most common airport surface might not be fully suited to its new, excessively heated environment. One of asphalt’s main selling points is precisely the fact that, because of its pitchy components, it’s not quite solid: It’s ‘viscoelastic,’ which makes it an ideal surface for the airport environment. As a solid, asphalt is sturdy; as a substance that can be made from — and transitioned back to — liquid, it’s relatively easy to work with. And, crucially, it makes for runway repair work that is relatively efficient. But those selling points can also be asphalt’s Achilles heel. Viscoelasticity means that the asphalt is always capable of liquefying. The problem, for National Airport’s tarmac and the passengers who were stuck on it, was that this weekend’s 100+-degree temperatures were a little less room temperature-like than they’d normally be, making the asphalt a little less solid that it would normally be. ‘As ironic and as funny as the imgur seen round the world is, it may also be a hint at what’s in store for us in a future of weirding weather. An aircraft sinking augurs the new challenges we’ll face as temperatures keep rising.’”

Source: Is Our Infrastructure Ready For Rising Temperatures?

Full-Body Airport Scanners Downsizing For Doctors/Dentists

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An anonymous reader writes “Cheap handheld terahertz scanners that do the same thing as those big bulky full-body scanners at the airport could be in your doctor’s and dentist’s office soon+. The Semiconductor Research Corp. has successfully sponsored chip maker Texas Instruments in making cheap CMOS chips that do the same thing as those refrigerator sized full-body scanners at the airport. The resulting handheld versions can be tuned to look inside your teeth in the dentist chair and under you skin at the doctor’s office. The best part is that terahertz rays are completely safe, unlike the X-rays used today by dentists and doctors which can cause cancer. Count me in!”

Source: Full-Body Airport Scanners Downsizing For Doctors/Dentists

Canadian Government Backs Down On Airport Recording

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New submitter ryanakca writes “In a followup to a story we discussed on Sunday, Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has ordered a halt to the installation of eavesdropping equipment at Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport until a privacy review could be completed. Although ‘similar audio-video equipment has been operating at other Canadian airports and ports of entry for “many years,”‘ the Canadian Border Safety Agency failed to complete the Privacy Commissioner’s required ‘privacy impact assessment’ before the Ottawa airport installation.”

Source: Canadian Government Backs Down On Airport Recording

TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl

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cosm writes “With public outcry against the TSA continuing to spread, the TSA is defending a recent episode in which a four-year-old was patted down while kicking and screaming at Wichita Airport in Kansas. From the AP article: ‘The grandmother of a 4-year-old girl who became hysterical during a security screening at a Kansas airport said Wednesday that the child was forced to undergo a pat-down after hugging her, with security agents yelling and calling the crying girl an uncooperative suspect.’”

Source: TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl

Man Protests TSA With Nudity

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New submitter blindbat writes “John E. Brennon ‘said he was fed up with being harassed by airport security stripped to his birthday suit while in an airport screening lane Tuesday evening and was arrested.’”

Source: Man Protests TSA With Nudity