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Microsoft Takes Down No-IP.com Domains

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An anonymous reader writes For some reason that escapes me, a Judge has granted Microsoft permission to hijack NoIP’s DNS. This is necessary according to Microsoft to thwart a “global cybercrime epidemic” being perpetrated by infected machines running Microsoft software. No-IP is a provider of dynamic DNS services (among other things). Many legitimate users were affected by the takedown: “This morning, Microsoft served a federal court order and seized 22 of our most commonly used domains because they claimed that some of the subdomains have been abused by creators of malware. We were very surprised by this. We have a long history of proactively working with other companies when cases of alleged malicious activity have been reported to us. Unfortunately, Microsoft never contacted us or asked us to block any subdomains, even though we have an open line of communication with Microsoft corporate executives. … We have been in contact with Microsoft today. They claim that their intent is to only filter out the known bad hostnames in each seized domain, while continuing to allow the good hostnames to resolve. However, this is not happening.”

Source: Microsoft Takes Down No-IP.com Domains

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