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Google Glass and Surveillance Culture

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Nerval’s Lobster writes “Tech journalist Milo Yiannopoulos asks the question lurking in everyone’s mind about Google Glass. ;It’s an audacious product for a company no one trusts to behave responsibly with our data: a pair of glasses that can monitor and record the world around you,’ he writes. ‘But if Glass becomes as ubiquitous as the iPhone, are we truly to believe that Google will not attempt to abuse that remarkable power?’ With each new eyebrow-raising court judgment and federal fine levied against Google, he adds, ‘it becomes ever more clear that this is a company hell-bent on innovating first and asking questions later, if ever. And its vision, shared with other California technology companies, is of corporate America redefining societal privacy norms in the service of advertising companies and their clients.’ He feels that Google will eventually end up in some sort of court battle over Google Glass and privacy. Do you agree? Does Google Glass deserve extra scrutiny before it hits the market?”

Source: Google Glass and Surveillance Culture

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