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UK Cookie Consent Banners Draw Complaints

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nk497 writes “Earlier this year, the UK’s data watchdog the ICO started enforcing an EU rule that means websites must ask visitors before dropping cookies onto their computers. However, it was willing to accept “implied consent” — telling visitors that cookies are used on the site, and assuming they were fine with that if they keep using the site. That led to banners popping up on every major website, including the ICO’s site, warning users about cookies. Now, the ICO has revealed that many of the cookie-related complaints it’s received in the past six months are actually about those banners — and the law itself. The ICO said people “are unhappy with implied consent mechanisms, especially where cookies are placed immediately on entry to the site”, adding “a significant number of people also raised concerns about the new rules themselves and the effect of usability of websites.”"

Source: UK Cookie Consent Banners Draw Complaints

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