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Ask Slashdot: Tablets For Papers; Are We There Yet?

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An anonymous reader writes “When I was younger, engineering and science offices didn’t have computers yet. It was the tradition: Piled Higher and Deeper desks, and overloaded bookcases. I ended up doing other things, and haven’t been in a regular office for a couple of decades. Now I’m older, spending a lot more time with the screen, and finding my aging butt and back aren’t as pliable for the long hours of reading papers. And while looking at rather expensive chairs, etc for a solution, what I’m remembering is we used to be able to lean back, feet up, while reading the stapled print-outs — makes a change from hunched-over writing and typing. So I’m what wondering is this: Are We There Yet with tablets? You guys would know — What makes a good tablet for reading, sorting, annotating, and searching PDFs, etc? Hardware and software — what tablets have gotten this really right?”

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