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Kim Dotcom Alleges Studios Wanted to Work With Megaupload

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Fluffeh writes “In a recent story that is beating around the nets, Kim Doctcom has fired back at studios with emails that make for some interesting reading: ‘A Disney executive e-mailed Megaupload in 2008. He said he was interested in having Megaupload host Disney content, but said he would need Megaupload to tweak its terms of service to make it clear Disney retained ownership of files uploaded to the site. He sent Megaupload a proposed alternative to the standard Megaupload TOS. Fox emailed “Please let me know if you have some time to chat this week about how we can work together to better monetize your inventory,” in an attempt to promote their newly launched ad network. And finally, this gem: a Warner Brothers executive e-mailed Megaupload seeking to expedite the process of uploading Warner content to Megaupload. “I would like to know if your site can take a Media RSS feed for our syndications,” he wrote. “We would like to upload our content all at once instead of one video at a time.”‘ Pot calling the kettle black anyone?” Torrentfreak is running the full interview with Kim Dotcom.

Source: Kim Dotcom Alleges Studios Wanted to Work With Megaupload

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