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Mouse Sperm Cells Grown In Vitro

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smitty777 writes “In what is being hailed as a breakthrough in male infertility, researchers from Muenster and Ben Gurion Universities were able to actually grow mouse sperm cells in a petri dish. Researchers feel this is just a short step away from human in vitro sperm cell production. The details of how this will be accomplished are still being worked out. FTA: ‘[According to Professor Richard Sharpe], “What this research shows is that it will be possible to make human sperm outside the body. The germ cells just need the right environment. That’s the tricky part getting them to think they are in the testes.” Professor Sharpe believes that one novel way may make.it possible. He proposes using a live mouse as a “host” to make human sperm. He said: “What you would do is take some human testicular tissue with germ cells and place that under the skin of the mouse and use it to incubate the cells. You could then extract any sperm and use it in fertility treatment. But we would have to demonstrate that there were no mouse cells present in the extracted sperm if we were to use this technique and I believe that’s possible.”‘”

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