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Australia’s National Broadband Network Officially Open For Business

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sydneyhype writes “The Australian National Broadband Network is open for business. The 14,000 residents on the first roll-out will be able to order an NBN service (current ISP contract permitting). Internode, Exetel, and iiNet have released their commercial pricing. iiNet has undercut Internode with prices starting at $49.95 per month for 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up with 20gb on-peak and 20gb off-peak.”

Source: Australia’s National Broadband Network Officially Open For Business

IBM Unseats Microsoft As Second Most Valued Tech Company

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First time accepted submitter FlatEric521 writes “The BBC is reporting that for the first time since 1996 IBM’s market value has exceeded Microsoft’s. The values cap a sustained period in which IBM’s share price has moved steadily upward as Microsoft’s has generally been in decline. Of course, Apple is still the #1 company by far.”

Source: IBM Unseats Microsoft As Second Most Valued Tech Company

Apple Planning To Add Video Stabilization To iOS Cameras In The Future

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Apple's Video Stabilisation Patent

A newly published Apple patent titled “Accelerometer/Gyro-Facilitated Video Stabilization” reveals the company’s plans to offer a video stabilization system to iOS users utilizing the wide array of sensors available on iOS devices. This would eliminate the shakiness in a video when shot while moving and result in much better video captures.

Presently all video stabilising algorithms hog up a lot of system resources which reduces the overall performance of the device, especially mobile devices. The filing says that some algorithms might even generate incorrect estimates which would hamper the quality of a video instead of improving it. An excerpt from the patent reads:

“Increasingly, consumer capture devices are provisioned with motion detection devices such as accelerometers and/or gyroscopes. The motion detection devices can provide metadata that indicates motion effects of a camera during video capture, however, even though the motion detectors provide data relating to global motion of the camera, the level of shakiness between frames often is comparable to the noise level of the motion detector data. Such high level of the noise in data prohibits directly use of accelerometer data in video stabilization.”

Apple’s solution proposes the use of the on-board accelerometer and gyroscope present on most iOS devices to allow the algorithm to kick in only when determined to be necessary thus saving up on battery life. Based on continuous input from these sensors it would also suspend the algorithm when stabilisation isn’t required.

The patent says that such a system could be implemented in hardware, software or a combination of both. The images below describe the flow of events in such an algorithm:

Video Stabilization Patent 1

Video Stabilization Patent 2

Video Stabilization Patent 3

It remains to be seen if or when this technology would make it to Apple products. We have our fingers crossed.

[via Apple Insider, Patently Apple]

Source: Apple Planning To Add Video Stabilization To iOS Cameras In The Future

Help Liberate the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

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First time accepted submitter buxy writes “Roland Mas and me [Raphael Hertzog] are the authors of a French Debian bestseller. We want to translate this book into English and publish it under a license compatible with the Debian Free Software Guidelines. That would be the first free and up-to-date book about Debian that can be integrated into Debian. But we need your support to make this happen. Pledge some money [toward the translation effort] and get a copy of the book once it’s done! As a special bonus, you can alternatively support the project and have about 12% of the donated money given back to the Debian project.”

Source: Help Liberate the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

Foxconn’s Brazil Plan Stalled

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hackingbear writes with an article from Reuters about Foxconn’s plans to move iPad production to Brazil. From the article: “A much-hyped $12 billion plan for Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn to produce iPads in Brazil, announced in April by President Dilma Rousseff during an official visit to China, is ‘in doubt’due to stagnant negotiations over tax breaks and Brazil’s own deep structural problems such as a lack of skilled labor and bad infrastructure, government sources tell Reuters. ‘(Foxconn) is making crazy demands’ for tax breaks and other special treatment, the official added. Local media have reported that Foxconn is also seeking priority treatment at Brazilian customs, which is notoriously slow even by the standards of emerging markets.”

Source: Foxconn’s Brazil Plan Stalled

Nokia Consolidating Locations, Laying Off 3500 More Employees

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angry tapir writes with an excerpt from a Techworld article: “Nokia is planning to lay off an additional 3,500 employees, as the company continues to restructure after announcing its decision to focus on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. The affected employees work in manufacturing, location and commerce, and supporting functions.”

Source: Nokia Consolidating Locations, Laying Off 3500 More Employees

Ask Slashdot: Trustworthy Proxy Services?

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gusoline writes “Since I’m now living in Brazil (originally from the U.S.), I’m looking for a reliable, trustworthy proxy service I can use to both access services I’ve used for a long time (Pandora, Netflix, etc.) and services I want to try out (Spotify). Since I’m not looking for illegal downloads or to hide what I’m doing, I’m less concerned about anonymity than I am about region restrictions, reliability, latency, and security of passwords and traffic through their network. I’m OK paying for services that deliver what I want (including the Proxy service itself). Any suggestions from the Slashdot crowd?”

Source: Ask Slashdot: Trustworthy Proxy Services?

A Game of Thrones RTS Game Released, RPG On the Way

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Game development studio Cyanide launched their real-time strategy interpretation of George R. R. Martin’s acclaimed fantasy series A Game of Thrones yesterday. You can see a trailer and a few screenshots if you’re so inclined. Cyanide also confirmed one of their other offices is working on a completely different RPG based on the series as well. It’s still a ways out, but they say it will be “Mass Effect-style,” and will pick up at the start of the first book. “True to the style of Martin’s books, it will tell the story of two different characters, switching back and forth between them as their tales move alongside the events of the first book (and occasionally intersect with one another). None of the characters from the book will be playable, though the game’s protagonists will cross paths with plenty of familiar faces over the course of the game.”

Source: A Game of Thrones RTS Game Released, RPG On the Way

The (Mostly) Sad Fates of 32 First-Generation iPad Rivals

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harrymcc writes “Back in August of 2010, I rounded up 32 tablets — existing, announced, and rumored — that weren’t the iPad. So much has happened to tablets since then that I decided to revisit my list and look at what happened to all 32 contenders. The results aren’t pretty, but they do provide plenty of evidence that competing with Apple was far harder than most companies expected.”

Source: The (Mostly) Sad Fates of 32 First-Generation iPad Rivals

Dutch Usenet Provider Ordered To Remove Infringing Content

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dutchwhizzman writes “Amsterdam-based Usenet wholesale provider News Service Europe has been mandated by a court to remove all copyright-infringing content on their servers, or face severe financial penalties. Dutch copyright organization BREIN has won a court case making the Usenet provider responsible for the content posted on platforms other than their own. Could this be the end of Usenet as we know it, or will an appeal be won by NSE? Why didn’t the judge make the provider that allowed the posts responsible? Why didn’t the judge honor the ‘cancel message’ procedure that technically exists in the NNTP protocol?”

Source: Dutch Usenet Provider Ordered To Remove Infringing Content