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How Education Is Changing Thanks To Khan Academy

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An anonymous reader writes “Wired reports on how freely-available lectures from Khan Academy are affecting both teaching methods and learning methods in classrooms across the country. From the article: ‘Initially, Thordarson thought Khan Academy would merely be a helpful supplement to her normal instruction. But it quickly become far more than that. She’s now on her way to “flipping” the way her class works. This involves replacing some of her lectures with Khan’s videos, which students can watch at home. Then, in class, they focus on working problem sets. The idea is to invert the normal rhythms of school, so that lectures are viewed on the kids’ own time and homework is done at school. … It’s when they’re doing homework that students are really grappling with a subject and are most likely to need someone to talk to. And now Thordarson can tell just when this grappling occurs: Khan Academy provides teachers with a dashboard application that lets her see the instant a student gets stuck. “I’m able to give specific, pinpointed help when needed, she says. The result is that Thordarson’s students move at their own pace. Those who are struggling get surgically targeted guidance, while advanced kids … rocket far ahead; once they’re answering questions without making mistakes, Khan’s site automatically recommends new topics to move on to.’”

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