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Computer Marries Texas Couple

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cultiv8 writes “When Miguel Hanson and his fiancee, Diana Wesley, got married on Saturday, a computer program Hanson wrote served as the minister. During the wedding, held in the Houston home of Hanson’s parents, the couple stood before a 30-inch monitor in the backyard. In a robotic voice, the computer greeted the guests, and told how the couple met.”

Source: Computer Marries Texas Couple

UK Police Charge Suspected Anonymous Spokesman

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An anonymous reader writes “Scotland Yard has tonight charged 18-year-old Jake Davis, who was arrested in the Shetland Islands last week, with five offenses including unauthorized computer access and conspiracy to carry out a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack against the SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency) website. When announcing his arrest on Wednesday, police said that they believed Davis used the online nickname ‘Topiary’ and acted as the spokesperson for the Anonymous and LulzSec hacking groups. Topiary’s final twitter message said ‘You can’t arrest an idea’ just before his arrest.”

Source: UK Police Charge Suspected Anonymous Spokesman

iPhone 5 Design Mockups: Thinner, Longer And Wider With Edge-To-Edge Screen

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iPhone 5 design mockups

The purported iPhone 5 cases suggest that Apple’s next generation iPhone will be thinner, longer and wider compared to iPhone 4.

MacRumors points us to two iPhone 5 design mockups based on the recent rumors that give us an idea what the next iPhone may look like.

The first one (which you’ve probably seen before) is thinner, wider, and longer with a sloped/curved back and a larger home button.

As mentioned earlier, it is based on the purported iPhone 5 cases, which we’re hearing are everywhere in China.

The second iPhone 5 design mockup was created by folks at CiccareseDesign, which is also thinner, wider, and longer. But they’ve taken some of the design cues from iPhone 4 such as squared off design, retained the size of the home button etc. They’re calling it the iPhone Air.

Let us know what you think about these iPhone 5 mockups. Which one would you buy?

[via MacRumors, CiccareseDesign]

Source: iPhone 5 Design Mockups: Thinner, Longer And Wider With Edge-To-Edge Screen

Radio Energy Harvested With Inkjet-Printed Antenna

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judgecorp writes “Everlasting green energy for RF tags and other low-power devices could be possible as scientists have harvested energy from ambient radio waves using cheap antennas printed by an ordinary inkjet. The scientists, from Georgia Tech, started at 100MHz but have now produced systems which scavenge power at up to 60GHz, allowing them to draw power from most of today’s major radio technologies.”

Source: Radio Energy Harvested With Inkjet-Printed Antenna

Purported iPhone 5 Cases Are Everywhere In China

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iPhone 5 cases in abundance in China

According to the latest report from the folks at Chinese blog MIC Gadget, the purported iPhone 5 cases are now “everywhere” in China.

They have posted a number of pictures of these cases in various colours. These cases are very similar, if not the same, to the purported iPhone 5 cases we published few days back.

So this doesn’t really give us any new information about Apple’s next generation other than what we’ve heard before, which is, it will be thinner, longer and wider. It however tells us that Chinese manufacturers are so sure of the new iPhone with a larger screen that they have already started producing cases based on this design.

As MacRumors points out, making these cases available on launch date can mean huge revenues for manufacturers, but at the same time they have to be very sure about the accuracy and the source of the design. They are already distributing these cases according to MIC Gadget, which says:

“What we are hearing now is that the Chinese case makers are distributing their iPhone 5 cases. Anyone dares to take direct order from them? Distribution price starts from 2 yuan (about $0.30), and you need to buy at least 500 of them!”

In the past a lot of Apple products including the iPad 2 have been the victim of case leaks. Chinese courts had in fact sentenced three Foxconn employees to prison for leaking case designs of the iPad 2.

One thing to be thought about is, how will Apple address fragmentation issues if the iPhone 5 does include a larger screen. Would it again tell developers to optimise their apps for the iPhone 5 like it did with the Retina Display? Or would it tweak the pixel density of the screen so as to make images and graphics appear normally without any special efforts from the developers’ side?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

[MIC Gadget via MacRumors]

Source: Purported iPhone 5 Cases Are Everywhere In China

Volunteer Towns Sought For Nuclear Waste

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Hugh Pickens writes “Brian Wingfield writes in Bloomberg that the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future has sent a draft report to Energy Secretary Steven Chu recommending that US communities should be encouraged to vie for becoming a federal nuclear-waste site as a way to end a decades-long dilemma over disposing of spent radioactive fuel and says this ‘consent-based’ approach will help cut costs and end delays caused when the federal government picks a site over the objections of local residents, ‘This means encouraging communities to volunteer (PDF) to be considered to host a new nuclear-waste management facility,’ says the commission. Chu named the panelists after Obama canceled plans to build a permanent repository at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain after the Yucca site was opposed by politicians from the state. ‘The United States has traveled nearly 25 years down the current path only to come to a point where continuing to rely on the same approach seems destined to bring further controversy, litigation, and protracted delay,’ says the report. The Blue Ribbon Commission cited as a ‘success’ the US Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, New Mexico, which has accepted and disposed of some defense-related nuclear waste for more than a decade demonstrating that that ‘nuclear wastes can be transported safely over long distances and placed securely in a deep, mined repository.’ With the right incentives, ‘there will be a great deal of support’ for a waste site near the New Mexico facility, says former Senator Pete Domenici.”

Source: Volunteer Towns Sought For Nuclear Waste

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. iPad 2 Review

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DeviceGuru writes “DeviceGuru’s 10-inch tablet smackdown pits Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 against Apple’s iPad 2. At price parity the iPad 2 is probably a better bet for the average user since it’s a more stable, near-perfect device with a rich assortment of apps for nearly every possible function you’d like to perform on a tablet, reasons the post. However, with the Samsung tablet’s cost of goods rumored to be around $215 versus $260 for the iPad 2 for comparable models, Samsung could drop its 10-inch tablet’s price to $425 and pose a serious challenge to Apple’s device. But will they…?”

Source: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. iPad 2 Review

Ubuntu One Hits the Million Users Mark

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dkd903 writes “Roberta Nilerud of Canonical has announced that their cloud storage service – Ubuntu One – has hit the one million users mark. Ubuntu One is a cloud storage service from Canonical that is very tightly integrated into Ubuntu. Although Ubuntu One is installed by default in Ubuntu, it is also available on Windows and Android.”

Source: Ubuntu One Hits the Million Users Mark

Study Compares IQ With Browser Choice

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The Internet

rennerik writes “A recent study of 100,000 people taking IQ tests compared the scores with which browser the person uses on a regular basis. On average, Internet Explorer users fared the worst, with IE6 users at the bottom of the pile and IE8 users performing slightly better. Firefox, Chrome and Safari fell in the middle with little difference between them. IE with Chrome Frame and Camino landed on top, along with Opera, whose users scored the highest”

Source: Study Compares IQ With Browser Choice

Windows XP PCs Breed Rootkit Infections

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CWmike writes “Machines running the decade-old Windows XP make up a huge reservoir of infected PCs that can spread malware to other systems, a Czech antivirus company said. Windows XP computers are infected with rootkits out of proportion to the operating system’s market share, according to data released Thursday by Avast Software, which surveyed more than 600,000 Windows PCs. While XP now accounts for about 58% of all Windows systems in use, 74% of the rootkit infections found by Avast were on XP machines. Avast attributed the infection disparity between XP and Windows 7 to a pair of factors: The widespread use of pirated copies of the former and the latter’s better security. Vlcek assumed that many of the people running XP SP2, which Microsoft stopped supporting with security patches a year ago, have declined to update to the still-supported SP3 because they are running counterfeits.”

Source: Windows XP PCs Breed Rootkit Infections