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Ex-MS GM Can’t Work ‘Anywhere In the World’ For Salesforce

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theodp writes “Be careful before you sign a Microsoft non-compete agreement, kids. GeekWire reports that King County Superior Court Judge Kimberley Prochnau has enjoined former Microsoft General Manager Matthew Miszewski from ‘working in a marketing role in salesforce.com’s public or commercial sector anywhere in the world.’ So what did onetime Wisconsin State CIO Miszewski do to warrant the global ban? ‘He was a major evangelist for Microsoft,’ explained Judge Prochnau, who added that the ‘thrust of the order is to preclude him from being the evangelist for Salesforce.com that he was for Microsoft.’ Microsoft, which has warned Congress that restricting the flow of talent is ruinous to America, said in a statement that the company is pleased with the ruling.”

Source: Ex-MS GM Can’t Work ‘Anywhere In the World’ For Salesforce

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