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Weekend Giveaway: An Authentic Darth Vader Costume

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Spring is upon us and a young geek’s mind turns to thoughts of love. And what better way to win the heart of the guy (or girl) of your dreams than to dress up like Darth Vader in a completely authentic Sith Lord costume (saber not included). People will be able to sense your confidence along with your off-the-charts midichlorian count as you stride up to the bar and, in your deepest, smokiest voice, say to the bartender “I find your lack of MGD 64 disturbing.” You will be, as they say, unstoppable.

How do you win? Comment below explaining what drew you, personally, to the dark side. Was it the robots? The choke holds? The cookies? Comment only once and include your email in the proper field. If you don’t include an email I can’t contact you and then you’ll scream in anguish like Anakin falling into the lava. I’ll pick one winner at noon on Monday.

Thanks to HalloweenCostumes.com for the excellent prize.

John Biggs is a Brooklyn-based writer. You can Tweet him here and email him at john at crunchgear dot com.

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