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Rivals Mock Microsoft’s ‘Native HTML5′ Claims

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CWmike writes “Mozilla and Opera are mocking browser rival Microsoft’s use of the term ‘native HTML5′ to describe Internet Explorer 9 and the in-development IE10 as an oxymoron, an attempt to hijack an open standard and a marketing ploy. On Tuesday, Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovitch, the executive who runs the IE group, used the term several times during a keynote at MIX, the company’s annual Web developers conference, and in an accompanying post on the IE blog. Hachamovitch claimed in his keynote that, ‘The only native experience of the Web of HTML5 today is on Windows 7 with IE9.’ Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s director of community development, replied mockingly in Bugzilla: ‘I’m pretty sure Firefox 5 has “complete native HTML5″ support. We should resolve this as fixed and be sure to let the world know we beat Microsoft to shipping *complete* native HTML5.’”

Source: Rivals Mock Microsoft’s ‘Native HTML5′ Claims

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