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Crowdsourcing the Censors: A Contest

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Frequent contributor Bennett Haselton is back with an article about how sites with huge amounts of user-generated content struggle to deal with abuse complaints, and could benefit from a crowd-sourced policing system similar to Slashdot’s meta-moderation. He writes “In The Net Delusion, Evgeny Morozov cites examples of online mobs that filed phony abuse complaints in order to shut down pro-democracy Facebook groups and YouTube videos criticizing the Saudi royal family. I’ve got an idea for an algorithm that would help solve the problem, and I’m offering $100 (or a donation to a charity of your choice) for the best suggested improvement, or alternative, or criticism of the idea proposed in this article.” Hit the link below to read the rest of his thoughts.

Source: Crowdsourcing the Censors: A Contest

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