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All Languages Linked To Common Source

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Old Wolf writes “A New Zealand evolutionary psychologist, Quentin Atkinson, has created a scientific sensation by claiming to have discovered the mother of all mother tongues. ‘Dr Atkinson took 504 languages and plotted the number of phonemes in each (corrected for recent population growth, when significant) against the distance between the place where the language is spoken and 2,500 putative points of origin, scattered across the world (abstract). The relationship that emerges suggests the actual point of origin is in central or southern Africa, and that all modern languages do, indeed, have a common root.” Reader NotSanguine points out another study which challenges the idea that the brain is more important to the structure of language than cultural evolution.

Source: All Languages Linked To Common Source

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  • Klauer

    Unsuspected origin of the human language
    Atkinson’s research is really important. But I want you to know that his conclusions about the origin of human language in central Africa are identical to those in my book “Gua, unsuspected origin of the human language” (“Gua, el insospechado origen del lenguaje”, in Spanish) published by Editorial Seneca (Cordoba – Spain) in 2009. My book even precise the place in Africa where the human language began: Nigeria, in subsaharian Africa.
    Although Atkinson arrives at the same conclusions, I reached them by studying the different places names around the world, which also allowed me to postulate that /ua/ (now written “Gua”, “Wa “, “Hua” and other variants) would have been the first voices which ruled on the face of the earth. Secondly /ua-ua/ and so on as further explained in my book.
    Clearly, Atkinson and I have reached the same conclusions by different paths.
    On several websites my book can be downloaded free in PDF format.
    Alfonso Klauer
    Lima – Peru


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