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Blender 2.57 Released — and It’s Easy To Use!

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An anonymous reader writes “Past Blender releases, as capable as they were, had learning curves somewhere between straight up and down and 90 degrees. The release of Blender 2.57 changes all that. No longer are simple features ‘non discoverable.’ It has more or less a completely redesigned user interface that is clean, sensible and newbie friendly (hey, I’m using it!). It has a handy tab interface for Actions/Properties such as Render, Scene, World and Object etc. Plus, it’s fast and CPU friendly. I’m running the official Blender standalone binary on Fedora 14, with 2GB RAM , Radeon X1300 (free drivers) and a cheap CPU Intel duel e2200. No more more slow GUI, no more 100% unexplained CPU, just great stuff. Kudos to all who made this possible.”

Source: Blender 2.57 Released — and It’s Easy To Use!

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