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New Chili Is World’s Hottest

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bazzalunatic writes “The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T chili is grown and harvested by an Australian company, and not by the inmates of an Australian insane asylum as rumored. The chili is claimed to be the world’s hottest (1,463,700 SU), surpassing the current Naga Viper chili at 1,382,118 SU . From the article: ‘”They’re just severe, absolutely severe,” says Marcel de Wit, The Chili Factory co-owner. “No wonder they start making crowd-control grenades now with chilies. It’s just wicked.” The chili is so scorching that Marcel and his team have to wear protective gear when handling the new variety. “If you don’t wear gloves your hands will be pumping heat for two days later,” he says.’”

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