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Game Genres — Descriptive Or Restrictive?

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An opinion piece at Rock, Paper, Shotgun questions whether the way we classify video games limits creativity and innovation in game development. “If the next Modern Warfare introduced dramatically different themes, there would be uproar. Sure, set it on the moon, but make sure I’m a grunt following the NPCs who get to play the game, or I’ll swear at you on the internet.” The author suggests that the rise of casual games may in part be attributable to their creators’ willingness to break with established themes and blend together different types of play. “There’s huge risk to blurring. It makes the game more difficult to market, it defies customers’ expectations, and it requires educating the public. It’s safe to make yet another COD clone, because we all know them and what they do. And they’re what we want! But like the child who’s never tried a new food, refusing to eat it because it’s different leads to a very limited and dull palate.”

Source: Game Genres — Descriptive Or Restrictive?

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