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Apple Unlikely To Launch iPad 3 This Year

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Even before iPad 2 was unveiled, we had heard rumors that Apple will launch iPad 3 in September.

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reports that it seems very unlikely that Apple will introduce iPad 3 this year based on their sources, which should be good news for users who have just bought their shiny new iPad.

DigiTimes reports:

The sources pointed out that they have not yet received any notice for next generation iPad products and do not believe iPad 2 is a transitional product. With iPad 2′s strong shipment order forecast from Apple, the sources believe iPad 3 will not appear in the short term.

In our opinion, Steve Jobs had squashed the iPad 3 rumors at the ‘Come See What 2011 Will Be the Year Of’ media event when he announced that 2011 will be clearly the year of iPad 2 just like 2010 was the year of the iPad.

However, few hours before iPad 2 was unveiled, CNN reported that iPad will get ‘Dual Operating Systems so you can do more’, which as we know didn’t turn out to be true. But we wonder if the ‘Surprise’ that Apple is rumored to announce in September is the dual operating system for iPad, which in many ways will give iPad a new lease of life. If Apple doesn’t launch iPhone 5 at WWDC 2011 then it is very likely to launch it at the media event in September so iPhone 5 can’t be the surprise.

We like the idea of touch based Mac OS X Lion running on iPad 2. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

[DigiTimes via MacRumors]

Source: Apple Unlikely To Launch iPad 3 This Year

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