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Microsoft Blasts Google For False Claims In Court Documents

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recoiledsnake writes “Microsoft writes in a blog post that Google knowingly lied to the court while suing the US government over its consideration of only Microsoft implementations. We previously discussed Google winning an injunction against the Department of the Interior over this. According to Microsoft Deputy General Counsel David Howard, ‘Google filed a motion for a preliminary injunction telling the court three times in a single document that Google Apps for Government is certified under FISMA. Google has repeated this statement in many other places as well. Indeed, for several months and as recently as this morning, Google’s website states, “Google Apps for Government – now with FISMA certification.” … So imagine my surprise on Friday afternoon when, after some delay, some of the court papers were unsealed, at least in part. There for all to see was a statement by the Department of Justice contradicting Google on one of its basic FISMA claims.’ Howard goes on to quote the DoJ brief (PDF), which says, ‘… it appears that Google’s Google Apps for Government does not have FISMA certification.’”

Source: Microsoft Blasts Google For False Claims In Court Documents

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