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Apple Could Still Launch iPhone 5 In June Or July

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It is widely speculated that Apple will delay the launch of iPhone 5 to fall this year.

However, analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities believes that Apple could still launch iPhone 5 in June or July based on the “pattern of activity in motion with the supply chainâ€.

White writes in a note to investors:

Apple is keeping its iPhone 5 cards extra close to the vest on this launch to avoid a falloff in iPhone 4 demand ahead of a refresh, especially given the February launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with Verizon.

Although we do not have a smoking gun that definitively rules out a delayed autumn unveiling or one that supports a launch this summer, there is a pattern of activity in motion with the supply chain that makes us question a delayed launch.

Apple announced that it will unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS X at the WorldWide Developer Conference 2011 to be held from June 6th to June 10th. But since it did not mention anything about the next generation iPhone, it is being widely speculated that Apple may not launch iPhone 5 this summer.

We’ve also heard rumors that Apple won’t unveil iPhone 5 at WWDC 2011 but will hold a special event to launch it.

White has a point, it makes sense for Apple to be secretive about its plan for iPhone 5 launch as it ends up directly impacting the sale of its current generation iPhone.

Since the launch of the iPhone, Apple typically unveils the next generation at the WWDC Keynote address. However, it has never announced that it will unveil the next generation iPhone at the event so there is still a possibility that Apple will give us a glimpse of iPhone 5 at the event though we find it odd that iOS 5, which is expected to be released later this fall won’t come pre-installed on the new iPhone 5.

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Source: Apple Could Still Launch iPhone 5 In June Or July

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