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In-Depth Look At the Xperia Play

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Eurogamer has done an extensive evaluation of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play device, a smartphone that’s also a dedicated gaming platform complete with controller-style buttons. Here’s some of what they had to say: “On the subject of internal parts, gadget fiends are certain to feel aggrieved by the lack of a dual-core processor. Although the Xperia Play’s 1GHz CPU performs admirably in general tasks, it lacks the future-proofing of a more advanced chip. … The negativity quickly dissipates once you slide open those glorious PlayStation-style controls, however. Although we’ve seen gaming interfaces on mobiles before (on the N-Gage and the under-appreciated Sagem MyG-5), they pale into insignificance next to what’s presented here. … One aspect of the Xperia Play’s gaming portfolio that so far hasn’t been bellowed from the rooftops by Sony Ericsson’s PR is emulation. Such reluctance is perfectly understandable, given the shady nature of ROM-sharing and the like. … However, the fact remains that retro gaming emulators are freely available on the Android Market, and they open up an entire world of gaming brilliance.”

Source: In-Depth Look At the Xperia Play

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